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A Short Story – Chapter Four

Patty had escaped the prison of her mundane existence.  Her whole being had been defined as nothing more than Teds’ wife.
With Michael, she found her true identity.  With Michael, she would learn to laugh again.  She would find true joy and happiness.
She had been trying to fly with broken wings until Michael mended them.  Now, she was soaring above the sorrow and disappointments of her past.

She was experiencing feelings that she had never felt before.  It was almost as if she had been reborn and she had been reborn with Michael.

The warmth of his body, the gentle touch of his hands and the passion in his kisses, all left her hungry for more.  She felt as though she could get lost in his eyes and if she did, she never wanted to be found.  She wanted to inhale him and fill her lungs with his essence.

She had been married to a mercurial man who had left her starving for attention and screaming for affection.  She had settled for numbness.  Poise and perfection had disguised her loneliness.  Ted had given her everything that money could buy but he had never given her the two things she wanted the most…a child and to be loved.

With Michael, she even started to dream that maybe a child would be in her future.  Women were having children later in life now so maybe it could be a possibility for her.

She could give Michael a son.  A son to carry on his name and ensure the survival of his bloodline.  A son who she would cherish as much as she cherished Michael.

They would talk about things that mattered, not about grocery lists or golf games.  They would plan their future together and it would be about them, not just him.  He wouldn’t tell her what they were going to do.  He would ask her what she wanted to do.

When he put his arm around her in public, it wouldn’t be a pretentious gesture.  It would be real.  When he looked at her, he would really look at her, not around her or over her.

This beautiful man had come into her life like a bolt of lightning, searing her soul and welding it to his.

She thought about the times she had and would in the future, lay next to him in bed, watching him sleep.  She knew how it felt to lay next to a man she couldn’t stand to touch.  Now she was going to be laying next to a man she couldn’t touch enough.
His name was the first word she said when she woke up and was the last word she whispered before she went to sleep.

She wanted to know every inch of his body and she wanted him to know hers.  She wanted to bathe in him and have his smell all over her.

When he put his arms around her, she wouldn’t be afraid nor would she be repulsed.  She would beg him to hold her for just a few more moments.
She would listen to the soft cadence of his heartbeat and know that it now belonged to her.  She would treasure it and protect it, for she knew how it felt to have a broken heart.
Her heart would learn how to sing again and she would want everybody to hear the song.

Their lives would be gloriously full and rich with love.  There would be no looking back.  There would be no regrets.  There would only be them and soon they would become one.



21 thoughts on “A Short Story – Chapter Four

  1. Michael remind me of my N and the hopes and dreams I finally felt I find in him….but he was a mercurial as well though like Ted.
    I hope Michael isn’t an asshole….please please 😊
    To find someone who finally sees you, hears you and accepts you and loves you and Impassions you, it feels like a surreal fantasy. Especially after years of numbness and invisibility.
    Fingers crossed for chapter five….
    Wonderful progression of storyline, Laurel xx

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  2. This is a wonderful story and a dream of love. I wonder if the protagonist will get what she wants in the end. She has high expectations for her new love. If she does, that would be beautiful 🙂


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