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Interesting Day

Today, despite the monstrous heat, I decided that I needed to mow my lawn.  I had put it off for days and the longer I put it off, the higher the grass got.

I always mow my neighbors’ lawn after I mow mine and I was trying to finish because I was burning up.  I noticed a car driving around the neighborhood a few times.  Strange cars are always noticeable because I live on a big horseshoe and the only people who drive down the street either live here, are lost or…something else.

A silver Nissan SUV stopped and two men were inside.  One of them rolled the window down and motioned for me to come there.  I reluctantly got off of my mower and went over to them but I didn’t get too close.  Since I left my mower running, I had to strain to hear what they were asking.

The driver asked me if I knew “pastor Bill.”  I told him I didn’t but I knew a pastor lived down the street.  I asked him if he knew the pastors’ wifes’ name.  He said he didn’t know.  I asked him what the pastors’ last name was.  He said he didn’t know.  I asked if the pastor had a daughter.  He said he didn’t know.

I immediately went into lock-down mode and thought “if he’s looking for a pastor, wouldn’t you think he would know his last name?”
I started backing up, the whole time for some reason, clutching my gold St. Jude necklace but he kept asking me more questions so I had to get closer.  He asked me if I owned some property in ******* County.  I asked him why he wanted to know.  He said he was interested in getting permission to fish on the property.  He said he had “searched the county records and it led him here.”

I quickly started “covering” myself by saying that I was just mowing my neighbors’ lawn.  Then the driver said “oh…so you don’t live here?”  I said “nope.  I just mow her lawn for her.”

The driver asked me if that was HER car.  I said “I believe it is.”  Then the passenger said “oh…so that’s not your car?”  I just looked at him while simultaneously trying to see what the emblems on their shirts said.  Then he said “where abouts do YOU live?”  I momentarily froze and the driver asked “do you mind if I ask your name?”  Fortunately, one of my neighbors came driving down the street and since she had to slow down to make the curb, she waved to me.

I stopped the conversation by saying “the pastor lives three houses down” and started walking back to my mower.  They yelled out the window…”thank you.”

I watched them drive down the street, turn into the pastors’ driveway, back up and drive away.

As soon as I parked my mower into my garage, I called my neighbor and told her about the two men.  All she said was “somebody’s trying to get information about somebody.”

Here’s the question.  Were they trying to get information about my neighbor…or were they trying to get information about me?

34 thoughts on “Interesting Day

    • Or…stupidity. I still just cannot believe that pig-shit Loser would stoop to something like that…even though my youngest daughter does…or thinks it’s that WTC.
      He knows I’m not an idiot. …but he also knows that he fooled me for forty years…so….


  1. regardless of everything…you made a great impression….you mowed the lawn of your neighbours….even the prophet Abuvian-or what’s his name is going to reward you!

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  2. Laurel as I was reading this I was hoping it was just a story. It’s very creepy and I felt more anxious with these guys strange behavior and odd questions. It also seems like your gut was telling you something was off. Please keep your eyes open and be careful.

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    • OMG! I saw that movie. “Say it ain’t so!” LOL
      Nah….I’m not going to spend my life being afraid. If somebody’s trying to “catch me” doing something, they’re not going to have any more luck than they did when they were following me before.

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    • I’m trying not to jump to conclusions. It could have been an innocent “happening” but the fact that he didn’t know this preachers’ last name…worries me.
      The one good thing is….nobody is going to get any information from any of my neighbors. We all look out for each other. I suspect it’s “somebody” trying to find a way to stop paying alimony…..not sure….but I suspect.


  3. They were sent by someone to find you. That’s what it seems like to me.

    This is some creepy stuff. Seems like they only asked about the pastor to get you to start talking –To see if you were in the area long enough to know your neighbors — to put you at ease to make you spill info about yourself by accident.

    I think you handled yourself well. Be careful. They might still be around watching.

    The fact that they were looking at city records means they already have some basic info. That’s why they asked about the car. They may have already made note of it to run the plates.

    A wise move would be to stay off grid as much as you can. The more your name shows up in various databases the easier it is to track u down.

    I’m in the same boat, hiding from a crazy ex husband.

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    • I’ve got my neighbor watching and when the other ones come home, I’m going to put them on alert. This isn’t the first time something creepy has happened….it’s just the first time I have actually been approached.
      I formed a company and bought my house and car under that name. I just recently took my car out of that name and put it in my name. I thought a year was long enough….maybe not.
      There’s always a possibility they were really interested in my neighbor…although I don’t know why. She’s a recluse…never been married and pretty much stays to herself. I think the only person in the neighborhood she even speaks to is me.

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