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Correction And Update

When I was tallying up the number of accidents within our family, I forgot the two times N was hit while riding her bicycle.

One was when she was older and was hit by a patrol car.  N and her bicycle ended up under the car.  N wasn’t cited…and of course, the officer didn’t cite herself, either.

The second time was when N was still in elementary school.  She was riding her bicycle home from school and a man ran over the sidewalk and hit her.  It demolished her bicycle but she was relatively unharmed, aside from being shaken up.

Coincidentally, the man who hit her was insured by the same company who insured our cars.  I didn’t file a claim for the destruction of the bicycle as I felt sure he was going to be charged and that would be enough.
About a week later, my insurance company called and the CSR (customer service representative) and I had the following conversation.

CSR:  We received the information about the incident with your daughter and this man feels terrible.

Me:  I hope so.

CSR:  This mans’ son was hit and killed while he was riding his bicycle.

Me:  I’m sorry.

CSR:  We were thinking that it might be a nice gesture if we paid for the damage to his car.

Me:  Are you serious?

CSR:  Yes ma’am.  He suffered the loss of his son and now his car is damaged…we just thought it would be a nice thing to do.

Me:  You pay one penny to that man and my daughter is going to require psychological as well as physical therapy until she is an adult.  She will require a brand new bicycle and I will require expenses for my time, my gas and my trouble for now having to drive her to school every morning and pick her up every afternoon.  I will also require some sort of counseling to be able to deal with the changes in my life, due to the rearrangement of my schedule to accommodate my daughter.  We will also require punitive damages for emotional distress.  Do we understand each other?

CSR:  Silence

Me:  Hello?

CSR:  Yes ma’am.  We just thought it would be a nice thing to do.  We won’t pursue it.

A few years later, I called the company, asked them to get out the file for that date and read any information attached.  The CSR said “it says, don’t pay any claim…ever.”   ‘Nuff said.


The latest on the woman who hit them is…she’s not in jail.  She had to pay a paltry $165.00 and was charged with “careless driving.”  Had the police arrived in a timely manner, they might have seen her condition, witnessed her burying “something” and also been able to converse with the firefighters on scene who clearly believed she was under the influence of something.  She is probably out on the road even as I type this.  A suspended drivers’ license doesn’t seem to be a deterrent.

The accident has been posted on YouTube.  It’s scary.  In the video, there is a black car that just seconds before they were hit, went zooming by and had she hit them just a few seconds earlier, they would have been broadsided.  You can see them hit the Honda and then they both spin around.

Go to Youtube.com and in the search bar, type luckytobealive/malakaiblade



34 thoughts on “Correction And Update

    • I know I responded to this comment. I guess I forgot to hit send. Yes, she deserves to be in jail but she isn’t. If it was me…or my son…we would be UNDER the jail. My heightened sense of injustice (as Loser made sure to point out to the judge) has kicked in! LOL

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        • It is. Sometimes it seems to me that the laws are there to protect the guilty. This girl….man. I guess if (God forbid) she had killed somebody, she would be facing more serious charges…but she would most likely get off…..due to her “condition.” I remember a young man getting beaten to death at a college in Charleston. Everybody stood around and watched. The guy who killed him, walked away. In South Carolina, there is this great law…called the “passion” excuse. He walked away because he was jealous and that was a reasonable excuse for his rage. Sigh.

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      • It’s Florida. That’s why we moved from there.
        Unless you shit gold goose eggs or bullion. .the average person doesn’t matter. And if you are from cuba… they win. Seriously.
        Did they ever get more than the two attorney generals they had when we left?
        Beautiful place. But idiot people…for the most part.
        I hope your family is doing ok. Maybe…they need a meckbrace from that spin..but I forgot…SHE doesn’t have money and is a druggie. BTW… the police down there will let you do favore for them down there to walk away….anykind. some love the kids to give them drugs too. They wont bust you for that.
        I know all about that from my daughter who ran around with one dumb boy. And another group, that were suppliers. Plus..the ticket writers didnt care about the flat plane that dropped god knows what for the others to pick up. Yes, that info was turned in too. No one cared. And a marina that was a whore house at night…we said something about it and the owner asked us to quietly leave. We left. Idiots.
        You try to do the right thing and you are the one who bears the brunt of it all. Stay quiet.
        We lived down by punta gorda…well..somewhere around that area. We heard way too many conversations with the people who write you tickets…
        The woman who owned the art gallery had a hubby that worked whith them.
        Horror stories. Lame azz stories. And if you have a hurricane…forget getting help. Because one of them said to hell with that, hes going home.
        They are all pretty much crooked. And certain people get privileges. And it goes high up too. Way up.
        We left.


        • I didn’t find that to be the case when we lived down there. We couldn’t buy policemen or politicians…nor would we be interested in doing it.
          My children are firefighters and when they had back to back to back hurricanes down there several years ago, they were serving people in bread lines, clearing roads of fallen trees and working non-stop, digging people of wreckage. Of course, they were firefighters and not politicians.


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