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Apparently the woman who hit my daughter, her boyfriend and their son, has multiple arrests.  The latest was last year for felony drug possession with intent to sell.  She was driving on a suspended license.  I think they said that was the second time her license had been suspended.
From what I understand, she was charged while she was in the ER but I don’t know what the charges were.

It really doesn’t matter because she was so under-insured.  D is having to collect on his own insurance.  Even if they sued her, you know the old saying…”you can’t get blood from a turnip.”

I tried to keep their spirits up and make them laugh.  I told them about my conversation with my RBS and then told them that my friend had asked if she and her husband could use me as a personal reference.  (I’ll call them Hope and Chuck.)
I told her sure but I really didn’t think anybody would call.  I’ll be doggone!  They called.  Hope asked me what I told them.
I said “I told them I had known you for thirty years.”  I told them you “weren’t hooking as much as you used to because you’re getting some age on you and although Chuck is in prison, he’s up for parole just any day now.”

I think they enjoyed moms’ sense of humor.

They are slowly recovering.  They still have bruises and scrapes.  N’s legs are bruised and scratched.  They still have trouble sleeping and moving their necks.  They’re still pissed off.  But they’re young and healthy so I think they’ll be alright.

Statistics say that one in every six people will be involved in an automobile accident in their lifetime.  Hmmm.  There were six of us in our “family.”

Here are our statistics:

Loser:  3 times.

Me:  4 times.

My oldest:  1 time.

My middle:  2 times.

My youngest daughter:  4 times.

My son:  1 time.

Total:  15 times.

Can somebody say “dark cloud?”  Do we all have a sign on our back that says “hit me….please?”

All of these were a result of drunk drivers, “high” drivers, sleepy drivers and distracted drivers.  We were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

One good note….maybe we have taken the hits for others.


40 thoughts on “Update

  1. I’ve been out of town so I must have missed something. Your middle daughter made contact? Hope it was to beg forgiveness……. Glad your daughter and family are doing better.


  2. Holy crap! Scary stats!

    I’m glad they’re recovering. I’m not surprised the lady that hit them is a mess. I hope it works out financially and health wise for them.

    I am glad you had quality time with them. 🙂


  3. You and your family appear to have won the wrong jackpot. I wish them a speedy recovery. Drivers like the one in this acciednt need to serve time to learn their lesson. Anmd I am not talking about 1 year. If she serves a good 3 to 5 years, her lesson will be learned. I wish a speedy recovery to your family. And as for my cyber wife, please drive safely.


      • You left me shaking my head. I don’t understand how she can be llowed to do this again. She is a menace to society. What are they waiting for? She needs to kill someone before serious action is taken?


        • Probably. The police never even showed up on scene. Only the firefighters.
          Even if they do kill somebody…most often they get off.
          I asked Loser one time…how these drunks kept getting away with murder and destruction. He said “because odds are….everybody on a jury or even the judge has at some time, probably driven drunk.” (And he should know….he drove drunk all the time.)
          It made sense to me, though. This is another one of those times when I wish I knew Tony Soprano! LOL

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          • Well, I think that Loser was right about that. It does make a lot of sense. It would be so cool to know Saprano. You hear about all the of the crime in NY. Sorry to say it, but it doesn’t happen in the Italian neighborhoods. Be safe out on the road.


                • I know. I’m wondering if/when I email my middle daughter, I should ask her if she knows if Loser and that WTC know where I am. Right now….I don’t want to email her…..it will just open up old wounds…and if they don’t know where I am….that would certainly leave me vulnerable.

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                    • Yes. All of my children are triggers….and all of them have listened to Loser and that WTC….I am must not going to let myself step into the middle of another hornets’ nest. I will be “expected” to obey their rules….they’re on this new kick…six way text (K, B, N, J, Loser and that WTC)…because they think there should no longer be any “secrets.” I don’t want them to know where I am or how I am or what I’m doing (Loser and the C)…I don’t want to play the game…which will just reinforce what Loser and the WTC have been telling them….”I’m insane….I’m trying to destroy them”….I can’t even think about it without my blood pressure shooting all the way up to normal.

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                    • See? Every time I think a wound is healing….something or somebody comes along with a razor and opens it back up. I can only bleed so much. I don’t know if I should even respond to her email. I know how I felt when she didn’t respond to mine. I guess at some point, I need to be an asshole….they sure seem to not be bothered by much.
                      It’s like running into a brick wall. I’m addled….it hurts….it pisses me off. It makes me feel like a horrible mama. UGH.


  4. I am glad they are recovering, slowly, but recovering. There are so many drivers out there and then you have the ones that are not paying attention or ‘on’ something or both. Driving can be very scary and as you know hurtful.

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    • Driving is VERY scary…especially now. There are so many drivers on the roads and with the drugs and CELLPHONES….it’s no wonder there are accidents all the time.
      D was so affected that when I was driving, he started getting nervous about a block from an intersection….like I wasn’t going to slow down or stop. LOL
      I went through that fear…and shoot….I still do. 🙂

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  5. Wow, those are crazy statistics for your family. SCARY! But hopefully you’ve now had your full share.. Just curious, and sorry if you answered this in a previous post or comment: What was it that the other driver had hidden or removed from her car so secretively after the accident? That had me curious. I’m glad everyone is recovering.


    • The driver of the Honda went over to look and he thinks it was cocaine. He said it looked like powder and she had mixed it in with the sand….which of course, helps hide it. Apparently, she’s a real piece of work. LOL


        • LOL. I believe that’s what the felony conviction was for last year. She’s in her early thirties….(don’t misunderstand….I’m mad at her for hurting my children) but it’s such a shame to be that young and that “far gone.” I think about my son and his alcoholism….these children are just so lost.

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  6. See this Is why I don’t drive, with my luck I also fear I would have a sign saying Feel free to hit me/ kill me. Lol. 😉
    On a more serious note I am glad that they are relatively unharmed. 😊
    So weird about all the car accidents in the family though!


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