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The Sunshine Blogger Award!

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The Sunshine Blogger Award!

A big thank you to Angelica Kidd for this nomination!  Angelica is a lovely girl who has suffered tremendous abuse and torment.  She writes with such deep emotion and strength and will leave you in awe, wondering how she survived.  If you don’t already follow her, give her blog a visit.  (I believe it’s called “Write On.”)

The rules:

1.  Thank the person who nominated you.

2.  Answer the questions from the person who nominated you.

3.  Nominate other bloggers for this award.

4.  Write the same amount of questions for the bloggers you have nominated.

5.  Notify the bloggers you have nominated.

Questions for me:

1.  What is your favorite thing about blogging?
     My favorite thing is the overwhelming support and encouragement from my fellow bloggies.
I had received
so very little of that in my life and sometimes still, it’s hard for me to wrap my
arms around it but I sure am trying to get used to it!

2.  What is your all time favorite book?
      I’m not a reader.  I have only read one book and that was under pressure from Loser, so I guess
that would be my
favorite.  It was Ambulance Girl.

3.  Do you sleep with your socks on?

4.  In the movie of your life, who would play you?
     Jennifer Lawrence.

5.  What is a favorite pastime that you like to indulge in frequently?
Probably blogging.  All the favorite pastimes I used to indulge in have long since gone away.

6.  What made you laugh this week?
My RBS told me about a conversation between her, her boss and an American Express
representative.  I won’t
divulge the particulars but it was hilarious!

7.  What inspires you to write?
My memories…..my feelings…..my sorrow……my determination to not be a waste.

8.  How did you get started writing?
I don’t remember what prompted me to start writing (although I don’t consider myself a
writer.)  Maybe it
was to keep from dying on my sofa.

9.   How do you stay motivated to write, even when you are feeling uninspired?
      I guess I still need to “bleed” (ala Ernest Hemingway.)

10.  What is your most prized possession and why?
        If it’s a “thing,”  I’d have to say I don’t have one.  Things don’t mean much to me anymore.
Friendships matter.  My bloggies matter.  I guess my friends and my bloggies are my most
prized possessions now.

11.  What is the best advice you’ve ever received in regard to your blogging?
“Keep it up.”

Questions for my nominees:

1.   Have you ever stolen anything?

2.   If you could only eat one vegetable for the rest of your life, which one would it be?

3.   What did you want to be when you grew up?

4.   Do you “picture” what I look like?  If so, describe me.

5.   Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life?

6.   If you couldn’t blog, what would you do?

7.   What do you consider to be an unpardonable sin?

8.   If you could torment anybody, who would you choose and how would you torment them?

9.   What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?

10.  What is your middle name?

11.  Who would you take to a deserted island and would you leave them there if you were rescued?

My Nominees:

1.  RobertGoldstein

2.  Savingshards

3.  Creativerational

4.  Survivednarc

5.  Learningtolivelikewater

6.  makingtimeforme

7.  samlobos

8.  donutsplace

9.  Tikeetha T.

10. myworldshattered


29 thoughts on “The Sunshine Blogger Award!

  1. Oh by the way! I could not find your email in that miserable mailbox with thousands of notifications of new posts. Which is why I created a new email for my blog, that doesn’t receive all that junk! 🙂 It is survived_narc@outlook.com

    You still need to holler though when you email cause I only check it every few days otherwise. Can you send your email there instead? Couldn’t find it in the previous sad excuse for an email inbox haha😉


  2. Gee..you sound kind of like me….
    It is hard to keep my blogging going..but I try…
    And the questions you asked…lol…#8 sounds interesting..hahah…..;)
    Ok.. a dumb question…how do you get the award picture on my page? Do you have a code for it? Lol….
    God I hate to be a Idiot. 😦


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