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The Aftermath

I made it to Florida and saw the condition N, D and Shoe were in.  Mostly soft tissue damage but they had visible scratches and bruises.  Shoe still looks like he has a dirty mouth because his lip is bruised.

I’ve been doing what I can for them.  I’m taking N to work and picked Shoe up from school.  I watch Shoe while D rests.  They wanted my expertise about insurance but unfortunately, it did them no good.

The woman who hit them and drove them into another car, only has a total of ten thousand dollars worth of coverage….for both vehicles.  While Ds’ car was being pushed across four lanes of traffic, he clipped the back bumper of a Honda and it spun around.  Ds’ car ended up facing the opposite direction and so did the Honda.

D was trying to get started with a claim.  He needed a car to drive, obviously, since his was a total loss.  Florida is a no-fault state and through the next few days, we discovered that since they work on “percentages”, the Honda would most likely get the bulk of the money.  It was newer and although the damage it sustained was minimal, the airbags deployed, which made it a total loss as well.
D will have to collect on his own insurance.  His car had a lien-holder so his insurance company will have to pay off the loan.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, aunt Martha has slipped and fallen into a ditch.  (that’s Southern humor injected which means the story is going to get even worse.)

The woman who hit them immediately got an attorney and is now claiming “a medical episode.”  If it can be proven, she will not face charges nor will she be liable for any damages.  In other words, she will walk away Scott free.

When D files with his insurance, he will face deductibles and only percentages of coverage.  Who knows how much it’s going to cost him, just because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

My daughter said “mom, I can’t help but think that this was somehow my fault.  I wonder what I could have done to deserve this?  I must have done something really bad.”  I told her that according to the Bible, “the sins of the father are visited upon the children.”  I told her that she was in no way responsible for the accident.

She didn’t tell me this…D did.  He said while they were at the hospital, she said “you know, every single member of your family has called, offered help, asked us if we need anything, and asked us if we needed a ride home.  I have two sisters who live here and neither one of them offered to come get us.”  N is notorious for saying “I don’t give a shit” when it comes to the family dynamics but obviously, she does.

Neither one of her sisters has come to see them.  They have supposedly texted to ask if they’re alright.  Loser is continuing the pretentious “good daddy” persona to impress that WTC, by texting “how’re you doing?”  Of course, he and that WTC would have never hopped in the car and driven all the way down here to check on them or try to help.

Hell, when I was almost killed in a similar wreck, Loser went to work and on to the bar afterward….just like always.  I was strapped to a chair in a neck brace and he could have cared less.  None of his family members nor mine ever called, came to see me or offered to help.

When I got to Ns’ house, the first thing I saw was a nice “happy Mothers’ Day” card from Loser.  I was outraged.  This from the man who had never in their lives sent them a card.  This man who used me as a secretary when he would ask if “anything was going on with the children.”  This man who used me as his communication device when he would say “tell the kids I said hello.”  This man who wouldn’t take five minutes to talk to his grandson because that WTC was spending the night.

I have to return to Florida one more time to get the crown for that stupid implant.  I don’t think I’ll come back….at least not to the same town where there are so many triggers.  The town where we lived for 15 years.  The town where I lived for 3 years and Loser continued to visit “playing husband.”  The town where my two other daughters live.  The town where my son lives.  The town where, even when I lived here, everybody was a thousand miles away.

I dreamed about Loser and that WTC last night.  We were in the last house we lived in together.  Loser came down the stairs and asked me to iron him 15 shirts, drive him to the airport and of course, come pick him up when he got back.  I asked him where he was going and he said “China.”  I asked him if “she” was going with him.  He smiled and nodded “yes.”
I told him to pack his bags and get out of my house.  He smiled and walked back up the stairs.  I went into my living room and there were all these folding chairs lined up in rows.  People were sitting in them.  That WTC was in an antique childs’ chair and she was sitting sideways in front of everybody.  I asked her if she enjoyed her trip with Loser to Denmark and Norway and she said “oh, yes.  Very much.”  She spoke with an accent.
She was wearing a gold necklace that was wrapped around her neck probably fifteen times.  It had little gold stars every two inches.  I went over and grabbed that necklace and broke it in two places.  I noticed she was wearing a long chain with a filigree cross.  I asked Loser if he bought it for her and he shrugged as he said “yeah, probably.”  I unleashed on her like a rabid banshee and I did it in front of everybody.

Too many triggers……I’m going to do what I can and then go back home…..where there are no triggers.  They will be alright.  They are young and healthy and as D said about N….”she’s a tough cookie…..just like her mom.”

48 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. If he would have taken care of my teeth back years ago..I wouldnt need to have dam dentures… sorry. He just really pisses me off. And no one cares here at home. My daughter is mooching too. Lovely.


  2. I havent had dentures in 5 years…they broke and he never replaced it. Had a shitload of money to spend on ham radio rooms , big tool boxes and 1200.00 for a drone to play with…im tired of it.
    I told him I want the dam dentures. So the other day he pulled some money out. But not enoigh I think.
    Now he is asking how much I have left. He wants that too. I am pissed to say the least. Damn im mad.


    • Tell him you don’t have any left. Find a dentist who will replace your dentures and get them. Take the drone and sell it. I wouldn’t put up with that for one second. If he threatens you, call the police. Stand up and be counted!

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      • Im wondering if I should open a account or hide it. If I open a account, they say I have money….
        God..if I sold his drone, he would kill me. Seriously.
        There is a lawyer that is supposed to help abused women. But someone said he wasnt worth much. He is court appointed….
        I wanna know if I can sell some of his other stuff. 😉
        I will have to call and ask the judge that….
        I cant take much more of this crazy stuff….I have had it. And REALLY want to run away. But I know I cant….he bought a new jeep..and I cant pay 650 a month….
        And now..they have dr. Appointments for several.days In a row!!
        He wants me to lose it I know.


      • He knows I have some… im a saver when It comes to money. And he wipes his butt on It like toilet paper and and say we are broke after the first week?????
        Sorry…this is getting to me. 😦


          • A blogger award for what? 🙂
            I found the money hidden…I dont know what to do with it…open an account? I want to be able to make and sell stuff on etsy or ebay. Or..run…lol.
            Today has been a hellish day. And my daughters cat had to go to a er vet…I hope it will be okay.
            God. On the 23rd will be my birthday. One day I never liked. 1980 I miscarried on my birthday. And have dreaded it ever year since…Hopefully it may go ok. I just cringe and wait for s*** to break loose. Lol…
            But I will be okay. 🙂
            Thank you for being there for me. ♡
            You have had enough problems lately. I hope you get to walk on the beach and watch a sunset or sunrise. They are beautiful there. Collect seashells and other wonderful things that may wash up. 🙂


            • I’m glad you found the money. Now, hide it somewhere he can find it. Yes….I would open an account in YOUR name.
              It’s just a blogger award. Read the rules and follow the instructions….it’s fun.
              I understand about birthdays. Mine is coming up and it will be difficult….oh, well.

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  3. Wow..i’m really sorry to hear about the accident. I am glad they were pretty much okay, considering the looks of their vehicle!! Gee. What medical cause is she looking for? Is she a diabetic or what?

    Does your ex know you are moving?
    Does he know what town? I hope he doesn’t know.
    Yep he defiantly sounds like a real ahole alright. And sounds proud of It too!
    Write down numbers and info and buy another cellphone. Dump the old one.
    Get a straight talk phone. For 45 bucks a month, you get everything free….unlimited.
    If you want more private info on Fla. ..let me know…I dont want him to see it on here….

    And yes, welcome to florida..the no fault state…
    My daughter was in a wreck with her boyfriend. Totalled the car. He has insurance..but they didnt pay. He still owed on the car. What a mess. And our insurance ( geico ) paid for my daughters medical. Geico has been pretty good to us till the last year ( we started with them about 16 years ago.) when a bubba claimed my hubby put a dent in his banged up.car…which was a lie. But the people they send out are crooked around here. All friends and kin…go figure…


    • I moved a year ago and no….he doesn’t know where I am (I don’t think.) He would never try to contact me or anything….he just wanted to know where I was so he would have that little bit of control. (Even if he did, that WTC hangs all over him like a cheap suit) I took it from him when I refused to let him know.
      They are recovering. The woman claims to have had a seizure but she has a criminal record. She was driving with a suspended license and has a felony charge against her from last year.
      Don’t know what’s going to happen with their insurance…..it sure is a mess.

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      • Yep that is florida…
        Criminals.get by with most anything. And they only have two district attorneys for the state If I remember.
        Nice place but the people suck.
        After awhile, I couldn’t stand the nosey people and the crooked justice there. Seriously.

        My ahole husband just had a radio controlled airplane come in by ups… he said it cost 200 bucks..but im.sure it is way more….the windspan is about five feet… damn liar. Im so tired of him lieing and me haveing absolutely nothing.

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  4. As bad as it all is…..they are still around to worry about it. Total blessing. Sorry her sperm donor and siblings are fucktards. It always amazes me that some people are able to breath with their heads so far up their asses. Good thoughts your way.


    • She pays the price for having always been loyal to me. Loser tried to “explain” to that WTC that N was “fiercely loyal to her mama” and that WTC told him to tell her it was “okay…she just doesn’t want N to hate her.” Fucking people.
      I’m just so surprised that her sisters haven’t at least tried to come see the little boy. N says it doesn’t bother her but how could it not?


  5. Hey, so sorry about all the triggers and the shitty dream (but you go girl for getting at her in front of the crowd!), but you are doing the right thing helping your daughter! She is a tough cookie I am sure but we all need support, and an accident is a traumatic event – it hurts to hear she’s blaming herself and I hope she’ll get over that soon. Hang in there, LWL, you are awesome, you tough cookie.


  6. Oh Laurel, I’m sorry that place is so full of triggers for you! Triggers fucking suck! And Florida sucks for being a no fault state. That’s bullshit. California is a “who’s to blame” state, ha, ha. You take care of yourself and if you need to vent, I’m here.


  7. Well, I often think should I let the triggers come until it doesn’t trigger anymore, or should I avoid them. Who knows. I do know it takes me about a week to get over them when I do. Safe travels home.


  8. ok…first, I have to say I laughed at “she will walk away Scott free”. Because that’s him, seeing what he can get away with. But I digress.

    God I’m so sorry about the insurance and the cars, OMG. Living in CT where insurance companies rule, we have to have certain limits on our insurance….Good to know about FL since I’m moving there. But man I feel so bad for your kids. What a f’n nightmare. I’m glad you went and stayed with them. I’m sure it helped them get their bearings.

    And for you. I’m sorry about the triggers. I did too much of that myself this weekend. Bastard men.

    I’ve missed you, I’m glad you’re back. Big hugs….


    • Many years ago, Florida didn’t even require insurance at all. AND….when men wanted to ditch their wives and children, they would move to Florida because they couldn’t be compelled to pay child support or alimony. Talk about a fucked up state. It’s different now, but it’s still a “no-fault” state. (That’s why Loser was so anxious for me to file down here…so he could avoid adultery charges.) Too bad for him when I filed in South Carolina, which is one of the few states that allow adultery charges.
      I’ve got a dilemma….I’ll email you later.

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      • I believe the real incompetent doctors all move there from all over the u.s.
        Seriously….AND…they can make their own degrees to hang on the wall in the offices. True fact.
        Toms of immigrants and cubans. Cubans run a lot of the state and think they will own it eventually. Seriously.
        My daughter dated a cuban. Not good.
        Tampa is full of them. A lot of places are. They have cuban maffia too….it got crazy and I had to get her out of there.
        I really don’t know what part of florida is actually good anymore.
        Everyone seems to want to screw ( financially mostly…;) ) everyone they can down there.
        If you want to get away with things…that is the fav state to do so.
        But..the weather is nice….lol.


  9. I loved the last statement…”N being a touch cookie, just like her mom”, and all of your writing despite the sadness and the issues.
    I really expected you to tell us that in your dream you smothered WTC with her golden necklace. In dreams one can do those things.
    I would love to have a dream in which Dirt Bag (DB) suffocated on her favourite brand of pizza “Dominoes”….how do I know and remember these things?
    Triggers…..F@#$ the triggers…..


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