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Happy Mothers’ Day

Today is Mothers’ Day.  To all the mothers out there, I hope you have a wonderful day.


I won’t be getting any cards from my children so I thought I’d try to imagine what I would like for one to say.

This is how I hope it would read:


Dear Mom,

Thank you for always being there when we were growing up.  We know you didn’t get to do much when you were young because you had to take care of us.  We know you never got to go anywhere because you had to babysit, while dad traveled all over the country and all over the world.

We remember that you made all of our dresses when we were young.  We remember how you used to smile every time we put them on.  We remember how you used to smile every time you said our little brothers’ name.

We remember how you used to sing while you were ironing and how you used to hum when you were sweeping or mopping the floors.

We remember how you made sure that we got everything we wanted for our birthday and for Christmas.  We remember how special you made us feel.

We remember how you used to make us laugh.  We remember how you told us everything was alright when we were sick or scared.  We remember how you used to play tricks on us and how you giggled when you did.

You were strict and we resented it but now we know that you were only trying to protect us.

You praised all of us equally.  You told all of us that we were beautiful.  You told all of us that we were valuable.

We want to thank you for getting in front of us when we didn’t sweep the pool like dad had asked and he was getting ready to slap us.
We want to thank you for slipping us money when we misjudged our bank account and bounced a check because you knew that dad would be furious if he found out.
We remember that you lied for us when we had promised to call, forgot and dad was ready to slap us.

Thank you for always getting us to soccer practice and games on time.  You were our biggest cheerleader.  We loved how you dressed and how you were the mom that all of our friends used to call “pretty woman.”

Thank you for telling us there was nothing we couldn’t do.  Thank you for showing us that you could do anything.  Thank you for teaching us how to sew.  Thank you for teaching us how to make your “famous macaroni and cheese.”

We’re proud of you for becoming an EMT when you were fifty-three.  We’re proud of you for being first in your class and being one of only three people who passed.

We know that you are so proud of us and what we do.  We know that you brag about us and call us your “gentle heroes” and “go-getters.”  We know that you would never diminish us or our professions, just because we didn’t measure up to dads’ expectations.

We know how hard it must have been on you to be bashed by our grandma, who couldn’t stay away from alcohol.  We know how hard it must have been for you to watch dad sit there and say and do nothing.  We are proud of you for not falling into the bottle to escape a lifetime of being ignored.

We understand how you got frustrated sometimes when you didn’t have any help.  We understand how lonesome you must have been.  We know how much you wanted to get dressed up and go somewhere but dad didn’t have time to pay any attention to you because he was always “working” or doing something that interested him.

We understand the strength that you had to have…to be able to do what you had to do, especially when you were sick or hurt.  You never complained or cried or blamed us.  You just did it.

We want to thank you for bailing us out when we were in trouble and never calling us a piece of shit or making us feel like we were worthless.

Above all, thank you for having honor and integrity.  Thank you for being a true and loyal friend.  We know that you have never betrayed us and never will.

You may have stumbled…but in our eyes, you have never fallen.  You are our Steel Magnolia.

Happy Mothers’ Day, Mom.


46 thoughts on “Happy Mothers’ Day

  1. If I type longwise here, I can see it.
    But I usually type sideways
    It’s faster, but I can’t see squat. Only about 1/4 ( less even! )
    And it takes forever
    Sorry about that.


  2. Shit. I sound like a drunk. Mayne I ought to do that for a hobby. Lol… then I might be able to.chill out.
    I hate this cell touchpad….


  3. Yep, I would mail it to them. You did a lot. You sacrificed a lot and you should be celebrated every day not just Mother’s Day. You showed them that you could be strong and do anything you set your mind to.

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  4. A little late but Happy Mothers Day Laurel. It’s such a shame when our children forget the little things we did for them and concentrate on their own lives forgetting us in the process. I’m sure that one day you will have them call round to see how you are. Peace and love to you my dear friend we love you, who never met you. That makes your children doubly blessed to know you and to be able to call you mom xo


      • Thank you, I was brought up that way. My mum always told me to say nothing if you couldn’t find anything nice to say. I can generally find nice things to say, on occasion that proves impossible but sometimes you still have to speak out. After all it only takes good people to do nothing for evil to flourish. God knows there are a lot of evil bees in the world today. Here’s hoping your week got off to a great start yesterday and gets better on your journey, love and peace Laurel, always xoxo

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    • Thank you. I did try but I’m sure (in their eyes) I fell short many times. At least they have their father…who was SO attentive in the pat. LOL I guess getting to know him and getting some acknowledgement of their existence when they’re in their late thirties is better than never.

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  5. Mom…..thank you for still loving us when we act like ungrateful sacks of shit……That would be added to mine. Happy Mother’s Day laurelwolfelives.

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  6. Hopefully One day your children will come to realize the wasted years they have spent without communicating with you. Life is too short. And if it wasn’t for you, they wouldn’t be here in this world.
    Happy Mother’s Day to you Laurel, you are one very very strong lady. Much love to you 😘

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  7. OH Laurel. You are a good mom. I’m so sorry Loser’s dysfunction colored all the relationships with your kids. I can only say….the story may not be over yet. You are one gracious, real, and warm loving person. I’m so glad we are friends. xo


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