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What Do You Think? Should I?

I’ve had several comments about getting off that dating site so I was thinking about getting back on.  I was thinking about “creating” two different personas…just to see if these men REALLY don’t bother to read the profiles.

Persona #1.

I am a divorced mother who is looking for a husband.  I have three younguns.  They are good younguns, even though they get up to a little mischief now and then.
I have been divorced for almost a year.  My husband ran off with another woman.  I used to be attractive but through the years, I’ve lost a few teeth and gained a few pounds. (I’m a good cook.)
I live in the country and I love to wake up to the sound of my roosters crowing.
I can read and write and I have a television.

If you would be interested in finding a good woman, send me a message.

Persona #2.

I am a buxom blonde with ice blue eyes.  I am told that I am voluptuous.  I am college educated and have a degree.  I love to walk on the beach in my bikini.  I love to go boating.
I love fine dining and being made to feel like a real woman.  I love to travel, be it across the country or across the world.  I love to have a good time and experience the finer things in life.
If you love the same things, send me a message.

LOL.  I could hardly get this written without cracking up and I would tweak it before I posted it on the website.  The problem is that I would have no pictures so I guess I will have to be a little more descriptive.

So….what do you think?



28 thoughts on “What Do You Think? Should I?

  1. I wish I would have read this post before the “I’m Not Going To…” This would have been so funny doing both. It would have been interesting if the same guys responded to both with answers appropriate for each profile. If I ever thought of seriously dating online that idea is now thoroughly squashed, lol.

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  2. I say just be honest…I’ve been on a few of these sites (tho I’m a lesbian I imagine the same shit happens everywhere) and the first thing missing is honesty, the second is the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation, the third thing missing is money…sooo many are scammers-they r often self-proclaimed über Christians so BEWARE!!!


    • I was honest on the first one….what I was interested in and what I wasn’t. Nobody cared because nobody bothers to look, apparently. It doesn’t matter to me if they are “scammers” because they won’t get beyond the initial message. LOL


  3. You can also add I love messages, I have a bubbly personality with an infectious smile. I have long legs that can walk for miles on the beach, hikes, and drives. I am out looking for a man that can meet the same needs as myself. 😉


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