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Just For Fun (To Keep From Posting Something Depressing)

I have four questions.  For the women, it’s about men.  For the men, it’s about women.  Now, spouses are not to be included.

  1.  Who is the most beautiful older man/woman who has ever walked the planet?
  2.  Who is the most beautiful younger man/woman who has ever walked the planet?
  3.  Who is the cutest man/woman who has ever walked the planet?
  4.  Who is the sexiest man/woman who has ever walked the planet?

My answers are:

  1.  Hands down…Robert Redford.  I know he cheated on Lola so I have lost respect for him and wouldn’t want to be married to him, but Goddamn…is he beautiful!
  2.  Wentworth Miller.  He’s not a very well known actor and alas…he’s gay but if I was an undamaged, beautiful, sexual actress, I would be after trying to turn HIM!
  3.  Seth McFarland.  I don’t know why but I’d like to just pinch his little cheeks off.
  4.  Terrence Howard.  I first saw him in “The Brave One.”  I have heard that he’s an asshole and beats his girlfriends so again, I wouldn’t want to be married to him but he is just so fucking sexy.  I could get lost in his eyes because he just reeks of sex.

So, what are your answers?

85 thoughts on “Just For Fun (To Keep From Posting Something Depressing)

    • Elizabeth for sure. I have a beauty mark on my cheek just like hers. (I tried to hide it for years.) I just wish I looked like her. LOL
      And John Derek…yep. I first saw him in the movie “She.”


  1. Um, I will go against the rules 🙂 and make my own 2 titles heheh. I contribute with the most beautiful/sexy bad boy, which is Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard when he is playing the role of Eric Northman in True blood. An image here in this link: https://se.pinterest.com/pin/351562314631244803/

    And the most beautiful/sexy good man, which is Bradley James when he is playing the role of Prince Arthur/(later King Arthur), in Merlin. An image here in this link: https://se.pinterest.com/pin/434878907739919815

    It is strange, cause I don’t usually “fall for” these actors just in the beginning, by looking at them. It is always linked to the character that they play. If I love the character, I start thinking about how they look, and then I start finding them hot/sexy. 🙂 I guess that is a good thing. I don’t only go for looks, it’s a lot about the charisma, for me. 😀


  2. Hmm, I normally don’t do these but today is a gloomy Sunday over here and I thought thinking of sexy and/or beautiful men would be beneficial to upping my mood a notch.
    1. Sean Connery (I was thinking of adding George Clooney but I’m not sure if he’s old enough for this category?)
    2. Ben Affleck, hands down.
    3. Ron Livingston. Those puppy eyes… Too cute.
    4. Patrick Swayze / John Slattery / Jon Hamm / Ryan Gosling. Sorry, in my elongated dry spell I can think of way too many sexy men. Sigh.

    Thanks for this fun exercise!


  3. I think Helen Mirren is a beautiful older woman. She is simultaneously classy and sexy as hell.
    I have a hard time pinpointing just one beautiful younger person, although Zac Efron is a delicious example. Yummy!
    I think Drew Barrymore is absolutely adorable. She’s just so cute!
    I’m an Angelina Jolie fan. Either you hate her or love her. She reeks of sex to me. There’s just a sensual energy about her.


  4. I’d have to say Richard Gere as the beautiful older man, he just gets better with age!
    Most beautiful younger man I’d say is Mark Walberg. He also is kinda in the sexy category! 😉
    Cutest man is definitely Ryan Reynolds, he’s just so funny it makes him cute and I would love to meet him and just give him a hug!
    And the sexiest man on the planet is a toss up for me between Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson! They are just soooooo sexy!!
    Thanks for this! That was fun!!!😊


  5. Since you said “Ever Walked the Planet”, I presume “formerly alive but currently dead” men count? 😉
    I think Cary Grant was beautiful, sexy, adorable. George Clooney is his modern day equivalent, IMHO. I could sit and stare at either one for hours.


  6. Okay, especially since my wife follows no blog other than my own, I’m game!

    Most beautiful older woman who has ever walked the planet? I’d go with Halle Berry. She’s always been my celebrity crush.

    Most beautiful younger woman who has ever walked the planet? I don’t really pay attention to the younger set, but I guess I’d choose Kaley Cuoco. She turned me off with her comments on feminism awhile back, but I do admit to staring at her a little longer I should when we watch the Big Bang Theory. A close second would be Michelle Dockery of Downton Abbey.

    Cutest man/woman who has ever walked the planet? I’ll pick Drew Barrymore. She makes me laugh, and I’d love to just give her a hug and a peck on the cheek.

    Sexiest woman who has ever walked the planet? For me it’s always been Gloria Estefan. To this day she still manages to make me blush.

    A fun post!


  7. Interesting….I cannot answer these questions. I can tell you who I respect, admire, find intriguing, scary, arrogant, false,…..but beauty, cuteness, sexiness…. I honestly cannot come up with anything….I wonder what that says about me?


          • The good: Harrison Ford (1942) for still being believable in the upcoming new Indiana Jones (2019).
            Helen Mirren, for elegance and pose and being real (despite being an actress).
            Sally Field for being mad as hell for only getting supportive actress roles as mothers or grandmothers,
            Sandra Bullock for standing tall after her arsehole spouse showed what shit he really was.
            Hugh Grant, for cuteness, but even more for his self-deprecating British humour (yes, he can deliver a line), but even more for him taking on Ruport Murdoch and the corrupt politicians who sold their soul, Hugh Jackman for being cute, talented and a great person and Aussie
            I also love Maggie Smith.

            The bad:
            The false: Madonna (she did show her labia majora at age 50, that is either brave or sick, probably thought they were in great shape…had to show the world) , Jolie (false), the arses on reality shows including “Dragon’s Den…(liars) and they are arrogant, they are attention seekers…can’t believe people fall for that circus.

            Sorry, this was suppose to be a fun post….
            maybe I should watch Notting Hill again….loving Spike and Honey!

            So, to me beauty is the behaviour that shows through the exterior.

            Sorry, did not want to come off as lame!


            • NO! These are great! Helen Mirren for sure…pure class….and Maggie Smith (especially in the roll of the Dowager) was my favorite.
              I agree about Sandra Bullock. I remember her speech about that asshole “having her back.” She was as big a fool as I was.
              I really don’t follow Madonna so I don’t know what she shows, although I’m not surprised. LOL
              Jolie…homewrecker. I’d take Rosario Dawson over her.
              Don’t know much about Hugh Grant except that question from Jay Leno…”what were you thinking?” LOL
              Thanks for playing! 🙂


    • This WP template would only let me reply to this initial comment, so this is a bit out of order, but I ADORE Hugh Grant and personally I still believe that whole thing with him was a publicity stunt… tired of his squeaky clean rep, he was. Maybe I’m delusional, but MY Hugh would never do such a thing. 😉

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      • Me and Bobby sat at the pool together at the Bel Air hotel in Los Angeles, just the two of us in 2009 (Blue Eyes and I were there for our 20th wedding anniversary), me reading a book, RR eating his breakfast in his bathrobe. I couldn’t believe how much he had aged, but I had to remind myself… he is years older than my parents and was 73 at the time. He was such a beautiful beautiful man, but I will always think of him walking away from Barbra Streisand in The Way We Were, me sobbing, and hating him. This was a fun post though, including reading all the answers!


        • I am so jealous! When I ran EMS, we would do “standbys” for movies. I was one year too late to do the standby for “The Legend Of Bagger Vance.” I could have had more than coffee with Bobby. LOL
          I can’t watch The Way We Were anymore. It’s just too sad….but they were mismatched from the beginning. You could tell, though, that he was always going to love her and she was always going to love him. 😦

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