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We’re Meeting Tomorrow

I just talked to my friend.  We’re meeting tomorrow for lunch.  He offered to drive to see me but I told him I would rather just come there.

We’re going to the restaurant where our high school reunion was held.  It’s a nice place and will certainly be quieter than it was that night.  He sounds so excited and so “good ole boyish.”

I went back and looked at his picture on the dating site.  His hair is dark now….and he is tall….and he is Scottish so he is light-skinned.  He is everything the Tarot card reader warned me about.  Yay!

Now, I have to figure out something to wear…something that won’t make me look like a skeleton.  I wore a skirt to the reunion so my legs didn’t show.  I don’t want to get dressed up like it’s something special.

So…tomorrow at 1:00.  Time to take some ibuprofen and ice my jaw.  Oh, shit!  I just remembered…what the hell am I going to eat?  Do you suppose they have some Boost?

And by the way, when I checked that dating site, I had nine more messages.  I think the best one was from a guy who said “I’d like to have you.”  My response?

“You know what the great prophet Mick Jagger says…..you can’t always get what you want.”

25 thoughts on “We’re Meeting Tomorrow

  1. Hmmm….Laurel. Sounds like it could be an interesting day. I hope the lunch is enjoyable, and the conversation too. (Soup? Smoothie?) Let us know how it goes!!! And Tarot warning be damned…HUGS!


    • I guess we’ll see. Tarot cards and dreams….when I dreamed about the dead black cat, one of the meanings was “bad luck continuing.” Sure seems like it….the horrendous experience with the dentist and last night, I dropped my phone and although it’s in an otter case, it broke. I can call out but I can’t hear anybody calling in. Yay! What’s next? It may be time to shut myself back into my house and close the blinds. LOL


      • No, no, no! You are a powerful force for the world…and don’t let anything deter you from venturing out 🙂 That really does suck about the phone/otter case – those things cost a fortune! Today…today you will have some victories. Can’t wait to hear.


        • I’m actually looking forward to it….not going with a sense of pessimism…although with a little trepidation.
          I’ll make sure I have my gun. LOL…but actually, the place we’re meeting is right next to the fire/police station.
          I’m not really scared. It’ll be good to catch up. 🙂

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  2. How exciting! I hope the tarot lady was wrong. Maybe the restaurant will have a nice smoothie? 😉 I love how you responded to that message from the dating site! Ha,ha!


  3. Maybe one of the kitchen staff can puree your meal. 😉
    I laughed out loud when you described him from his pic in comparison to what Tarot lady said. Good luck and stay safe. Looking forward to reading about the adventure.


  4. How nice! Well, just wear whatever you feel most comfortable in and which you think suits you. I agree, not something that looks like you went to New York or Paris to buy it just for this day. 🙂
    I can’t get over the fact that this man matches how the tarot woman described the man you should stay away from. Lol. I hope she is wrong and that he is a nice person who you can have a good time with!! 🙂 It will be so much fun to read about how it went. Good luck and have fun! Just eat something light there or something that won’t upset your stomach. Perhaps a salad or something like that…


    • I don’t have stomach problems….I just have a mouth full of stitches. I don’t eat much anyway….I can’t hold much. I could probably eat some soup. LOL
      It is funny, isn’t it? Maybe he became a serial killer after high school….or an angel of death. (He does work at the hospital.) LOL

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      • Oh, you mean the tooth problem! I thought it was more about the fact that you do not eat much normally. I hope you can find some soup, then.
        Lol! I hope he is not a serial killer. I would guess that he is not, but just in case, maybe you shouldn’t go home with him or anywhere out in the woods or so (lol) until you feel you have gotten to know “the person he is now”. But, I think if there is anything strange about him, it is probably more likely that it is something along the lines of what the tarot woman said: drama etc….. it will be fun to see how it goes! 🙂


        • Oh…there’s no chance I would go home with him….probably ever! If he has anything in mind other than just being friends….he’s barking up the wrong tree. I have pretty good intuitions (except when it comes to a narcissist….mainly because I didn’t know what one was at the time) so I’ll be on guard…and I’ll definitely post about it! 🙂

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