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Back Home

I finally got back home.  It was a long, white-knuckle driving trip.  I just can’t wait to have to do it again.  UGH.

My jaw looks (and feels) like I took a left hook from Rocky.  I’m not one to take pain pills so it’s been just a tad uncomfortable…but I’ve suffered much worse.

I’m supposed to see my high school friend today and tomorrow.  I wonder what he’ll think when I show up, looking like I ran into somebodys’ rather large fist?

I’m surprised at the swelling and bruising.  My jaw bone is so hard, the dentist said it was like trying to drill into concrete.  My bones should be like chalk.
When the swelling goes down, it will be okay.  The tooth he broke is one of my back molars so I won’t look like Bubbas’ sister/wife.
I’m supposed to be taking an antibiotic but I didn’t feel like stopping at the drug store yesterday.  I just wanted to get home.  I don’t think the incision is infected, although my jaw is unusually warm to the touch.

I decided to catch up with my bloggies and checked my comments.  I found one in my “trash” folder.  I thought I’d share it with everybody, since it was for me and “everyone reading this.”

“Dear laurelwolfelives, and everyone reading this,  I just discovered this site in my current searching for someone to help us, as there is nobody else that we know that can offer us any help.  I am Arwin, and my mom and myself are really in dire straits now.  We have overdue debts to our landlord and haven’t paid the house rent for 2 months now.  If we don’t pay it, we might be evicted and be homeless.  Please, if there is anyone that can help us, can you please donate 600 dollars or any amount each of  you could, to my fundraising page here https://fundrazr.com/c17Re6?ref=ab a5cX12
Please help for my mom’s sake.  I’d be in deep gratitude forever if someone can help us now in our most urgent time of need.  Thanks everyone.”

So….should we all kick in a few dollars to help this poor child and his mama out of this dire situation…or should I say “let’s play?”

This is the third one of these I have gotten.  The first two came to my regular email.  Maybe they have read on here, that I am Southern and you know what they say about “them hillfolk.”  (Most of them just fell off the turnip truck.)

I would have to approve it to respond and then, when I got through playing with them, I’d have to figure out how to block them (and I don’t know how to do that.)

I despise this kind of thing and I want to beat them at their own game….let them think they’ve found a kitty cat and then turn into a lioness.

I guess that’s why my palm says I’m a protagonist.

29 thoughts on “Back Home

  1. Please take the antibiotics, don’t take any chances that close to the brain. Guess you can’t be accused of having a glass jaw.


    • LOL….well, that jaw withstood a hit from Loser when he weighed 250 pounds and I weighed 98. I’ll try to remember to get the antibiotics tomorrow….after all, I have a hot date with a potential serial killer and that takes precedence. LOL


    • I had heard about “trolls’ but not about scammers. People will do just about anything, won’t they? Just remarkable.
      Thanks for the good wishes. I hope so, too. I have a date tomorrow with my high school friend. Should be interesting. LOL

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