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Crazy Dream

Last night I dreamed that I was driving down the road….with Loser.  It wasn’t nighttime but it was darkish.  I was stomping on the gas pedal, trying to get it into “spit and git it mode.”  My car has a little knob that will put it into all kinds of driving modes, like snow, economy, sport (the leave ’em laying in the dust mode) and something else that I can’t remember because I never use those.

I looked down and the car was in drive so I didn’t understand why we had stopped moving.  I saw a bunch of people standing on the drivers’ side of the car and I rolled my window down.  A dark-haired woman came up and started to hand me a card while she said “we have an excellent lawyer.”

I looked at her and said “did somebody hit us?”  She answered with a long, drawn out “yes.”   There was a truck, sideways in front of my car.

I looked over at Loser and told him to call 911.  He had that grimace on his face that always meant “I want you to do it.”  I told him that he was going to have to get used to doing things for himself…that I wasn’t going to be around to take care of business anymore.  I told him he was going to have to call the insurance company as well.  He sat there, like a stump, like he always did so I said “maybe she can learn how to take care of things for you.”

I got out of the car and there was a huge hole in my bumper.  Suddenly, this man circled “Allstate” and said “this is who your case has been assigned to.”  I looked at Loser and said “did you get his insurance information?”  He nodded and grinned like he had just won the Pulitzer prize.

I knew my car was going to have to go to the shop to get fixed but my concern was how Loser was going to get around.  WTF?  It was MY car, not his and I was concerned about him.

Somehow, we made it back “home.”  One of my children must have created a diorama in a box.  There was a stuffed black bear and all sorts of greenery.  I was looking through the hole and I saw something move.  It was a tiny black bear and it was alive.  I remember thinking that I didn’t know stuffed animals could give birth to real animals.

I turned the box upside down, and the little bear fell out.  It was about three inches long.  I picked it up and petted it for a few minutes.

Then I woke up.


36 thoughts on “Crazy Dream

  1. Wow! This might sound crazy but I wish my dreams flowed as smoothly as yours did (this one at least since I haven’t read about any of your other dreams that I can remember lol)! Mine are usually just a jumble of crap that makes no sense to me and I can never see anyone’s face or hear their voice 😕


    • I used to have all kinds of “prophetic” dreams but then I stopped for several years. Now, they’re back and Loser seems to be invading them. It’s funny though….I’m never fond of him when he shows up. LOL


  2. OMG, your car sounds like mine. I drive a Land Rover that has a knob for mountains, mud, uneven ditches, through water and woods………..I never leave the flat pavement. If I ever leave the asphalt for the woods, I’ll bring you a big bear large enough to eat Loser.


  3. You just knew I’d show up for a dream post, right? This one is a pretty easy one.

    The car represents your life, and you being the driver- obviously- means that you are the one controlling your life, and your decisions. Of course, all your decisions are being made for the benefit, or based on the wants/needs/desires/preferences/demands/foibles/ridiculousness of “Loser”.

    Even after you believed your car (your life) was wrecked- or had a gaping hole in it- still, all your time, effort and energy was being spent concerned with “L” and what he was going to do, what he needed, what he might not be able to do, etc.

    The last part is SUPER interesting.

    Now, since the bear is symbolic of strength and healing- and the fact that you saw it in a diorama (a kind of “example of”)- to me, this would signify that you are witnessing (looking at) strength and the healing of others, from an outside perspective (looking through the hole).

    That you thought, “I didn’t know stuffed animals could give birth to real animals”, say that you are- or will be- surprised that true strength and healing, or anything good at all, could come out of a situation you see as dead/lifeless, or as the cause of your emotional death/lifelessness/numbness, etc.

    Yet, still…the best part… Through your disbelief, you still pick up the tiny, infant, hope of strength and healing (you pick up the little baby bear from the box)….and you begin to nurture it (pet it).

    Super, awesome, hopeful dream… At least, in my opinion. 😁 Love it.

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    • This was a pretty cool analysis….except for the part about Loser. I wish that piece of pig-shit would stop invading my dreams. I got him out of my life but I can’t seem to get him out of my dreams. I do know that while we were in the car together and even though my concern was for him, I hated his fucking guts. I remember feeling that in my dream.
      I need to check out that dream site. The next night I dreamed I was either at the doctors’ office or the hospital and they were asking for my social security number. I was refusing to give it to them unless they could provide a law that required me to do so. That was an interesting dream.
      Thanks so much for the interpretation. I hope the latter part is right! 🙂

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      • Which dream site do you mean? I can never seem to find a good one. I do all my dream interpretation intuitively… along with my angel guides, of course 🙂

        On a side note: I believe that, while you may have got “L” out of your home/life, he will continue to show up in your dreams, and continue to invade your consciousness, until you can learn to be accountable for what happened, and learn to genuinely forgive him. Completely. (meaning you can get to a place where you can sincerely offer him a blessing…well, at least, not wish him ill. LOL)

        Unfortunately, in order to heal, one must let go of all that rage and resentment. You have to let your heart and spirit shatter, grieve your lost dreams, and then- watch, as your ‘Self’ puts you back together, bigger and better than ever. (Coincidentally, the post I have scheduled to publish today is about just that! LOL)

        If, for some strange reason (couldn’t imagine what it might be), you find that you’re having troubles with true forgiveness and acceptance, then keep an eye out for when my brand new Earth Angel Academy releases it’s free online course, “Forgiveness 101”.
        It’s a pretty damn amazing process that will walk you through How to Forgive…even the unforgivable.

        After everything you’ve endured, you don’t deserve to have to live a moment longer with toxic emotions festering inside you, destroying your inner-peace and holding you back from reaching your full potential for happiness. You deserve peace, joy, and love… and all that rage (which, being an intuitive empath, I can feel from here, by the way-LOL) definitely gets in the way of all that good stuff.

        Just a thought… one that I think could change everything for you 🙂 ❤


        • I just read whatever pops up on Google, as far as dream interpretation.
          Yes, I am still consumed with rage and no….there will never come the day when I forgive that lying, rotten, soul-destroying piece of shit.
          All I want is for him to realize that he is nothing but a waste of human life…..that’s the way he treated me and his children.

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          • The problem is, Sister, he will NEVER realize that… and refusing to forgive him is simply YOU drinking poison but hoping HE will be the one to die.

            The hard truth is he couldn’t care less if you forgive him, or not. He will never know,and it won’t affect him, or his life- in the slightest bit- should you choose to withhold forgiveness.

            The ONLY person that is hurt, debilitated, and punished….is YOU, dear sister. And, honestly, haven’t you been through enough?

            Every woman, inevitably, experiences pain in life. YET, only she can decided whether, or not, she will suffer from it and, only she can decide whether she will choose to make that pain her legacy- or if she will transform it into her power.

            I pray that you soon choose to end your suffering. You don’t deserve it. And, even more so, I pray that you come to understand that forgiveness isn’t an act of benevolence, done for “L” … but, instead, it is a gift of great love, compassion & mercy, that you give to YOURSELF.

            And you’re worth it. I promise.

            I really, really, REALLY hope that you check out my “How To Forgive…even the ‘Unforgivable’.” course, once I publish it. It’s free, and it teaches you my process of how to forgive anyone, for anything, thus, freeing you from all the rage, and pain, and hurt you’re feeling, from denying yourself the merciful & miraculous healing that forgiveness grants.

            Forgiveness is the first, and (I believe) most important step towards a full recovery & towards healing trauma. So, again, I sincerely hope you’ll at least check it out and give it a shot. For no one else but you… and the potential relief it could give you.

            After all, it costs you nothing, and you lose nothing by just trying… not to mention- You owe it to yourself to fully recover, heal, & come back bigger and brighter than ever.

            Why? Because here’s the secret: if you don’t forgive- if you choose not to heal yourself fully, and move forward- stronger and more resilient than ever- to live the best, and happiest, and most rewarding, fulfilling love-filled life ever…. then, he won. He will have the satisfaction of knowing that he was “superior” enough to break your spirit- not just your heart- and that he was important/significant/all-powerful enough to consume you with all the festering rage, hate, bitterness, contempt, and shame that he pawned off onto YOU (that stuff isn’t yours)- just so HE could move forward and live a joyful life, while you carried around all his shit forever.

            See, karma is a very high-vibrational spiritual principle. You’ll only ever see it work in your life, if YOU are willing to live at a high-vibration, as well. (That means taking the high road, and learning to forgive him).

            By forgiving “L”, you give him back all that poison, that he’s commissioned YOU to carry for him.

            And, really, don’t you feel he deserves to have what’s his?

            (I do!)


            • Nah….forgiveness is not in my repartee….and he’ll never know either way. He used to literally scream at me “I want you to fucking forgive me!” That wasn’t a request….it was more abuse. I know for a fact that all he has ever wanted was my forgiveness….so it would let him off the hook for the “guilt” he felt. Fat chance. The best revenge for me, is to let him have his tramp and be miserable.

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              • So…forgive him in secret. Withholding forgiveness from him, is withholding love from yourself.
                Not to mention, if you don’t ever forgive him, you’re damning yourself to be scarred and angry and traumatized for life… To never fully heal from what he did.

                And you deserve so much better…

                (Of course, I wouldn’t judge either way- but, every now and then, I’ll still encourage you to forgive… Only because your life is far too precious to allow it to be totally devoted to one asshole who did you wrong. Plus, I just can’t stand the thought of you hurting for one second longer than necessary. Still… I’ll drop it……..for now 🙃😉❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️)


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  5. Time for you to go to Dreammoods.com! 🙂 This dream seems too important to not interpret, in my eyes. Just saying. Look up bear – teddybear- driving – car accident etc. And make that the next post! 😀


  6. That’s such a nightmare! Have you looked up your dream to see what it represents? There are many factors here to consider. One I found interesting is stuffed animals giving birth to real animals. Maybe the dead will rise ? As in you’ve been “dead” for so long, you’re reborn ?

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