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My Adventure – Part Three

After the flitty woman rendered me paranoid about the life that lay ahead of me, she decided to read my palm.

She said I was a “water sign” (or whatever it was) because I have long palms and very long fingers.  She said I was fiercely independent (well, after having been married in name only for forty years and raising four children by myself, I pretty much had to be.)

She said she could tell I didn’t want to be tied down because my index fingers on both hands “strayed” away from the others.

She said my ‘love line” showed that I was a protagonist.  She said I was a “justice seeker and an avenger.”  Yep.  I hate injustice more than anything…and Loser pointed that out to the judge when he was trying to get him to deny my petition for divorce for adultery (in favor of his because he was the one who was injured after years of trying to “save me.”)

I want justice for everybody, no matter what the offense.  I want justice for abused animals.  I don’t give a shit what the excuse is….I want justice.

She looked at my lifeline and said “oh…you have help.”  (I know what your lifeline is and my life should have ended years ago, if you believe in palm reading.)

She said the last three years, I had been doing something to help my lifeline.  Hmmm.  If dropping down to 94 pounds is helping, then I should have done that forty years ago….oh, wait.  I did.

She said I wasn’t mired down with possessions and I really didn’t care about them.  She’s right but I told her about my collectibles over the years and she said “but what about them now?”  I told her they were packed away and I really didn’t care enough about them to get them out and they were really only a replacement for an absentee husband.  She said “but even when you were collecting them, you weren’t collecting them for status.”  She was right about that.

She talked about the “head” thing but I had lost interest by then, so I asked her again about the “tall, light-skinned, dark-haired man.”  (I’m not above trying to get a freebie…LOL.)  She smiled and said “there’s going to be too much drama for you and you need to stay away from him.”

End of palm reading…end of adventures.



27 thoughts on “My Adventure – Part Three

  1. Who was the help?
    Hmm..some of what you wrote is like me in many ways…only I dont have the help part..lol. 😉
    Staying away from guys is a good idea. If I had to do it all over again…forget marriage. Period.
    Before I got married the first time, I actually had a bank account and savings.
    I had saved up money to take a cruise ship to England. I wanted to see London then.
    Then I met the first one…..
    My money was gone before the month was over.
    My parents never told me there were idiots and losers out there.
    I learned the hard way.
    And this one constantly lies about money and everything. Life sucks.
    His ancestors were know to be honest…haha..well thats blown now. 😉 they would roll over in their graves if they knew.


    • She didn’t specify what the help was….I thought it could be that I removed myself from my children because it was so painful to have them living in the same town and they wouldn’t drive ten minutes to see me but they would drive ten hours to see Loser and that WTC and that drunken grandmother. Maybe the blogging was a help as well.
      Yep. No more marriage for me either….NEVER…besides, Loser is never going to stop paying alimony until either he dies or I do. LOL


      • Lmao. I like the alimony part 🙂
        Well, just look at it this way…maybe it’s a blessing they stay away.??? They might take after their father.
        Or is it his money? Either way, they chose it.
        Let it go and start enjoying life if you can. 🙂
        I wish I could.
        I’m great about giving advice. ..lol ..now I need to apply it to myself.


        • I’ve said goodbye to everything and everybody. If my children want that WTC and that absentee sperm donor in their lives…they can have them.
          I’m going to see where it goes with my high school friend….maybe somewhere…maybe nowhere….either way, it’s okay.


  2. Interesting. Seemed like she got some things right! 🙂
    End of palm reading, but perhaps not end of adventures. You still have many adventures to come in life, I believe. Like… what are you going to do about the highschool friend? 😉 Hugs.

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