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My Adventure – Part One

I decided to take a road trip so I headed to Casadega, Florida.  That city is supposed to be the “capital of the mediums.”

I booked a room in the only hotel in the city.  When I arrived to check in, the lady at the desk said “now this is a haunted hotel so you need to keep care of your glasses and room keys.”  I don’t wear glasses so I kept the key in my wallet, in my purse.  Those little tricksters didn’t find them.

It was a nice little room.  The sink was in the bedroom and there was no television or coffee pot or little refrigerator but I really didn’t care.

There was a cute little gift shop so I wandered in to see what they had.  There were pendulums out the wazoo, some incense and some voodoo looking things.  There was also some nice, expensive jewelry.  I sprang for a new pendulum, since Pearl seems to have died or something.

The next step was to go visit one of the “renowned” mediums.  There was a list in the local book store, with times when they offered appointments.  I found myself giggling but called one of them.  He said he could see me later that afternoon.

I walked around and sat around until it was time for my visit.  He lived in a run-down shack looking house (as did they all, it seemed.)  I went in and he had me fill out a card with my name and email address, which I didn’t really want to do.  I was thinking I would be getting a bunch of junk mail from him and all the other psychics in the state.  (I don’t think I’m going to have to worry about that.)

After he held my hand for a few minutes and said his prayer, he asked me when my birthday was.  I said “you’re the medium.  You tell me.”  I don’t think he much appreciated my implications that he was a mind reader.

He asked me if I was always losing things around the house.  I said “no.  There is a place for everything and everything is usually in its place.”  He explained that a little girl was taking things and hiding them from me.  I re-emphasized that I didn’t lose things.

He then told me that the females would “come through” on my left side and the males would come through on my right side.

Now.  Here comes the good stuff.  He looked at me with such soulful eyes and said “I sense that your mother is with your grandmother.”  I said “I’m not surprised.”  He said “your mother is sending you great love.”  At that point, I said “nope.  Not MY mama.”

He said “has she passed?”  I said “yep.”  He asked me how she died.  I didn’t say anything so he made a circular motion around his chest.  I said “nope.”  So then, he circled his abdomen.  Again, I said “nope.”

I guess by then he figured he should just go ahead and ask me how she died.  I told him she died of a brain bleed.  He quickly came to his own defense and said “well, that can affect the heart.”  I said “nah….usually when you have a brain bleed, it affects your brain and most peoples’ brains are in their head.”  (I know there’s always that pesky little exception but I don’t think mama was one.)

He said “you’ve been married two or three times.”  I said “nope.”  He said “but you’re divorced.”  I said “yep.”  He said “I see a connection from your ex to you but I don’t see a connection from you to your ex.”  (That was the first thing he said that was maybe true.)  He said Loser was in pain and it was in his lower back.  (Like I cared.  He’s probably trying to do something he can’t do anymore and it’s killing his back.)

Later, I realized that he was guessing that I had been married three times because I wear three gold bands on my left thumb.  (If anybody asks about them, I simply say “they belonged to unfaithful husbands who are no longer alive.”)

He asked me if I had any children and their ages.  He said “you have Indigo children.  They’re all college educated and highly successful.”  I said “nope.  You missed the mark on that one.”

Well, he was batting zero when it came to my children and my mamas’ love so he decided to talk about my daddy.  He said “I sense that your daddy was your greatest protector.”  I said “nope, wrong again.”  He was clearly bewildered by now and said he sensed that my grandparents weren’t really there for me. I said “boy, you must have taken LEAVE of your senses.”

He was clearly pissed and asked me if I believed in a higher power.  I said “I absolutely do.”

He looked at me with an almost anger and said “I cannot break through your shell.”  (Typical….it had to be MY fault.)

I was so hoping that either my grandparents or my little brother would “come through.”  I wanted my grandparents to tell me they were looking after me.  I wanted my little brother to tell me that he forgave me for killing him.  I guess they aren’t and he doesn’t.

So much for mediums.

I went back to the hotel and sat on the front porch…just thinking about what the guy had said, when I saw this woman walking around…or kind of just flitting around.  I had seen her everywhere.  She was a jovial type and came and sat down near me.  It looked like somebody had taken a rather large hole-punch to her front teeth.  They were clearly rotted and each front tooth looked like a crescent moon.

I had heard about the “devils’ chair” and I asked her if she knew where it was.  She gave me directions so I decided to go take a peek.

I love looking at old cemeteries.  I find myself mourning for the people there, especially the young ones.  There was a grave that was enclosed with a tiny wire fence.  There was a simple upright rock but it didn’t have anything etched on it.  On the grave was a little yellow plastic bus with people in it, a superhero figurine and a few random toys.  I looked at it for a while and wondered who was there.  It breaks my heart to see little ones who never had a chance to live or love or experience anything but then again, they may not have been able to handle what lay ahead of them so they just decided to leave.

I finally found the chair and it was a stone chair that was built into the wall that surrounded the grave site.  Rumor has it that if you leave a beer on the chair, the next morning the can will be empty but not opened.  I didn’t have any spare beers on me so I didn’t leave one.  Another rumor is that if you sit in the chair you will be dead within the year.  I took a picture of it and I’m not sure I should have but the real story is that a man had it made so that he could have somewhere to sit when he visited his dead wife.  That kind of love….I don’t understand.

devil chair

I went back to the hotel and saw the “flitty” woman again.  I was surprised to find that she was the “resident” Tarot card reader.  I thought “okay.  I’m game.  Let’s give it a shot.”

As Julia Roberts said to the snotty sales women in Pretty Woman……”big mistake….big….huge”.

46 thoughts on “My Adventure – Part One

  1. Loved your answers!! I’m too much of a skeptic for this type of thing plus when I was little my mother was into this and would seek readings on the regular.

    I did go to a church last year where a prophet was selecting members of the congregation at random. The interesting thing is there were a group of young women there who were residents of the local women’s shelter. As he was prophesying to a couple of these women I was sitting there thinking “I wonder if he’ll peg me as one who was previously abused” – he didn’t but it took it a step further.


    • You want to share about what he said? I knew the medium guy was a fake as soon as he started talking about my mama. I know they’re good guessers but most people haven’t had a life like I have, so he was a BAD guesser.

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      • Sure, but please understand I don’t believe that all people who profess to have a God-given gift are fakes but I felt weird from the beginning because as my cousin and I were sitting there I kept thinking “please, please don’t let him call on me.” Not only did he call on me but he led me to the front of the room and began to ask me questions. He was trying to get me to say that I couldn’t see (because who wouldn’t have noticed the white cane, I mean I was the only person in the room who had one). Since I sensed where he was going I answered the questions very generically. Then he finally came right out and asked about my sight and I quickly gave a high level overview and qualified it by saying that my life changed dramatically in ways I hadn’t thought possible (this was a positive comment). He still went through the trying to heal me phase and I just remember feeling irritated. When he was done and removed his hands from my eyes he asked me what I could see and I told him there was no change. It just did not feel right to me.


  2. You are hilarious with the medium! I wish I was a fly on the wall, I’d be snickering the whole time, watching him dig his own grave. I’m sorry you didn’t get the messages you were hoping for from your loved ones, the ones you actually wanted to hear about. I’m looking forward to reading about what the lady came up with…


  3. Love your response to the 3 rings you wear lol!
    The chair in the cemetery..oh be still my beating heart 😍
    The medium…well, what a wanker! And yes, naturally it was “your fault.” You should bottle the power you seemingly have over the supposedly powerfully gifted 😤

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  4. Hello friend… um can I ask your advice about something? 🙂 Do you remember, a while back, I said that I would perhaps write a little love story.. Well, I have written the first part. But, I feel that it is quite silly, lol! Do you think I should still put it up on the blog? 🙂 Haha. Stupid question, perhaps, but I just feel so unsure. It feels wrong to delete it, too… 🙂


      • Alright, I see. I just didn’t want to scare away my readers, haha! Perhaps not everyone likes love stories. 🙂 Oh well, they can just skip it. Um, as usual, this seems to become a series…. lol. I have two suggestions for names for it. One is a normal name and the other is a bit weird. So I want to ask what you think of the names…. Ok, the first is “An Unexpected guest”, and the other is “Sultry Southern Sunday” (in that case, it will only be posted on Sundays, which is a bit of a shame… I also find this name very silly, lol)…. What do you think? 🙂 Thanks for the advice.


  5. Wow that guy was way off. They are used to reading people who have not come from abuse. When they get a person that was abused their whole lives, they have no idea what to do. They cannot make their usual guesses.
    I guess we are too weird…or he was too fake 🙂

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    • LOL He was supposed to be one of “the best” but like you…..I think he was clearly guessing and I sort of figured he would be. It’s real easy to surmise that somebody has “suffered a loss”….he just didn’t have a clue what loss I had suffered….LOL
      At least he didn’t charge me. Now….the Tarot card reader……SHE was interesting….

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  6. Here’s the thing about psychics…..If they’re real and truly have the gift they would never be out in public charging for they’re services. My Mama took me with her once to the SC backwoods to see her “reader”. Scared the shit out of me. It was a sharecroppers shack sitting under the biggest old tree I had ever seen and really creepy. There was no grass, and lots of large tree roots. Mama told me to stay in the car (she didn’t have to tell me twice), because there was no way in hell I was getting anywhere near the outside of that car. This old woman came out to meet Mama, that I thought had to be a hundred years old. The car window was down and I could hear what she was saying. She broke a small limb off that big tree and started making circles in that dirt. After a few minutes she told Mama that my teenage sister was pregnant and my daddy was cheating on her. She said other things but at eight years old those two things stuck with me……..Guess what… my cheerleader sister gave birth eight and half months later to the football captains son( she didn’t know she was pregnant) and two years later I became a child of divorce because of my dads cheating. Many years later I asked my mom about the old woman. She told me that there are people born with the gift, but they would never talk about it or charge for it .Word of mouth will lead you to them, but never ever offer payment……True story……Growing up in the south can be some scary shit.

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    • Holy shit balls! I didn’t pay this guy anything and I kind of figured he was a phony….of course the snob in me was thinking “if this guy’s so good, why is he living in a shack with holes in the walls?”
      The Tarot card reader was a lot more interesting….I’ll post about that today.
      (Wonder if that old lady is still alive?) LOL

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  7. Haha, sorry or laughing… but some of these “mediums” obviously aren’t the real thing… I am sorry you had someone who couldn’t read anything “right” when it comes to you. I always keep thinking though, that there probably are a few of these people out there, who can actually read and see things bout you, and even your future.. the problem is, finding out who is real and who is not…. (sort of like when dating men, no? Ha ha). 🙂 I have been meaning to e-mail you but haven’t gotten around to it. But I will probably, later tonight or in the morning! I have some question for you. 🙂 Hugs.

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  8. Omgosh. What a shyster. Yes, they to tend to place blame on their clients by saying they are unreceptive. I’m either guessing that the second medium was just as bad or spot on, but time will tell. 😃

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      • Lol…good. He probably knew better. Ah…the tarot is creepy accurate most times. I used to play around and the same cards (or cards with similar meaning) had a way of coming up. I paid twice to have readings and they were accurate too. Now I’m really intrigued.

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      • I hope the bad didn’t come true. Before i was into it, an aunt had hers read. The psychic(?) who did tarot said she saw lots of feet under aunt’s table. Aunt laughed and said she had 11 siblings. The psychic got angry and said “this is YOUR table.” My aunt later had 6 kids. Same aunt had a son who was getting married. At the same time, her brother was ill. She asked the psychic if bro would be okay. Psychic said a sign would tell her. Aunt was doing the corsages for son’s wedding and her bros fell apart. It is freaky. That doesn’t even include my experience. Some would call it coincidence. I don’t know. I hope that not too much of the bad in your reading came true.


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