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For The Lonely Author

The Lonely Author

calls his broken women his butterflies.

He writes lovely poetry for us

and bleeds with every word.


The Lonely Author

wants us to soar and roar.

He wants us to shine

and see our inner beauty.


The Lonely Author

would like to save us.

He would like to heal our wounds

and mend our broken wings.


The Lonely Author

has a pensive heart

and grieves for the butterfly he could not save.

He silently mourns for her.


The Lonely Author

wants us to reach for the sky

and touch our dreams.

He gives us hope that we can.


The lonely author

writes beautiful words

that I cannot equal.

If I could, I would try.


The Lonely Author

understands brokenness

because he was once broken.

He is a man among men.


Happy Birthday to the Lonely Author

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