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I Couldn’t Resist

The dating game continues.

First, the good ole boys.

56 years old.  5’6″ tall.  His message is “you have very strict rules.”
“Yes I do.  If you don’t like them….move on.”

53 years old.  6′ tall.  He lives in New Jersey.  He’s an animal lover and wants a relationship.  His message is “Hi.”
“Could that possibly be your condition?  High?”

59 years old.  6’4″ tall.  He’s a truck driver.  He loves mud trucks and NASCAR.  His message is “I hope you have an nice Easter to.”
“To what?  I think you should get into your mud truck and head for the race track.   (By the way…I won’t be riding shotgun.”)

67 years old.  6’2″ tall.  He’s into beach bumming.  His message is “I’d like to take you out to dinner if I knew where you were.”
“There’s a reason you don’t know where I am.”

76 years old.  5’10” tall.  He likes fishing and camping.  His message is “but you’re so pretty.”
“Did you forget the first part of the message?”

54 years old.  5’8″ tall.  He has lots of pictures of himself.  In one, he is spread-eagle in a chair with just enough of his panties showing to tease.  His message is “I hope you like what you see.”
“I sure do!  Come on over!  Don’t forget to wear those shorts and those tidy whities….I’ll provide the chair.”

NOW for “Mr. Beautiful.”

I just kept thinking “this is so bizarre.”  My mind has traveled to all sorts of scenarios, including “somebody” faking a profile, which I think is the most logical explanation and I think I know who.
Sam and I were chatting (samlobos) and I decided to look up “older male models.”  Zsa Zsa Gabor (you know, that sex and the city thing)…there he was!  He is a pretty man!

Now…let’s play.

I messaged him this:

“I’m so disappointed that I didn’t get a message from you today, especially after the nice Easter wish I got.  I realize you live in Pennsylvania but I have my own airplane and I could fly up there anytime.  Or, if you’d like, I could arrange for my chauffeur to come pick you up and bring you down here.  We could dine in or out, depending on what you’d like.  Later, we could enjoy a Margarita while relaxing in my hot tub.
I hate to sound forward but I am so anxious to meet you.  Looking forward to your next message.

What do you think the odds are that I’ll hear from him again?  LOL



40 thoughts on “I Couldn’t Resist

  1. Laurel, you are cynical…but be honest…you are kinda addicted to it too 🙂
    Question: What if your dream man is somewhere there, but he has dyslexia? You might have given him the boot before he got a chance?


    • LOL. Believe me….these guys are not what I’m looking for. Some of them might be really nice “fellas” but they’re not for me. If they can’t form a complete sentence or don’t know where 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is, it might be cute for a minute….but it’s not for me.

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  2. Heading to sleep, saw your post, I googled lol..is he the guy with his shirt opened 😏 tell him he makes you all hot and steamy , even pre hot tub ….so this guy just used a google photo , that was clever for you to check models….good detective work👍
    Why must men be so fake and phoney…..insert sobs here…my ex narc would use male model shirtless pics to attract unsuspecting victims to garner fuel and ego stroking, on fb and social media, women like a pretty face and body…..not me…..I like a real man with a great nose…don’t ask 😛. Who makes me laugh and think…..who is clever and woos me with words. I found out, as I get a red flag I hunt it down till I get the facts and then present it to him….he would always admit it, only with the facts. Mind You it was my fault too. Ie I was too demanding of his time, I was jealous , too questioning, didn’t trust him etc……not he was wrong and deceitful.
    I say play this fella a bit and teach him a well deserved lesson on why a man shouldn’t pretend to be that which he is not 😡
    Hook him and reel him In, then gut him….maybe that fishing analogy seems a bit harsh 😉


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