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This Is Bizarre!

Today I decided to delete my profile on the dating site.  When I logged in, there was an alert showing a new message.  For fun, I decided to look at it.  I figured it was from another motorcycle riding, beer drinking, animal shooting pool player.
OMG!  It was a(nother) message from a man I have apparently been corresponding with since March 10th.

He’s 6’6″ tall, is an architect and looks like a fucking model.  He has silver hair and a face like Adonis.

His first message was “you’re beautiful.”
I would have wanted to respond with “oh, my Lucy!  So are you!”
But apparently I had already responded with a demure “thank you.”

His last message was “have a beautiful day and happy Easter.”
I would like to have responded with “thanks.  Let’s go hide some eggs..somewhere.”
But again, I had already responded with the same demure “thank you.  You as well.”

Where did this man suddenly come from?  Since I don’t use alcohol, I know I wasn’t getting drunk, sending messages and then forgetting about them…especially somebody who looked like him!  (And why did he show up today?)

I’m thinking somebody has put another mans’ picture on the site and is pretending to be him…BUT….how is it that I have been messaging back and forth with him and didn’t know?

(Kind of wish he was real.  He is strikingly handsome!)  LOL

Any ideas?


51 thoughts on “This Is Bizarre!

  1. It screams con to me, you probably didn’t reply as he wished to his actual photo. So he thought after a period of time, to change it out and see if he gets different response….don’t reply to him….I am wary of such things and such men and dating sites, in general. Plus, I have a suspicious mind, why I always caught men in their lies😏
    Just keep contact with your high school friend and delete the rest. Think of it this way, if it seems of be good or true, then it often is ❤️


  2. If you don’t remember messaging him, then you didn’t. Obviously the picture is a fake and the real guy is a dud. Thinking he might have had another pic and profile up that you messaged and he swapped around. No doubt in my mind that you can chew him up and spit him out……give him a run for his money.


    • I can play with the best of them. I still don’t know how he would pull that off…I mean with my picture next to the messages that I supposedly sent to him.
      Yeah, instead of being Michele Obama….I might be Hillary Clinton this time. LOL


  3. OMG How wonderful. A real life mystery. He’s seen your picture and thinks he has been contacting you. What area of architecture? What has he been involved in designing? Then you can check the company used and his credentials. So, so exciting.
    Right, you better do that now as your readers are holding their breath.
    Good luck


    • I don’t doubt it…or it’s a picture from the past. One reader commented that he had gone on a date and when she showed up, she looked nothing like her picture.
      That doesn’t bother me as I have no intention of actually “dating” somebody on this site. What bothers me is how I have been communicating with this man and not knowing it. That’s kind of scary 😦


  4. Um, it may be that your subconscious “makes” you forget him, because you think he can not be real, or that you fear having more contact with someone you could actually start liking…. that fear can be enormous, after being in a destructive/abusive relationship… the brain’s autoresponse is to protect us from more hurt… it shows in your answers to him, also, it is almost like you are being a bit “chilly” towards him, perhaps to push him away, who knows… 😉

    If there is ONE thing that stood out for me, it is his usage of words in the beginning…. “You are ‘kind of’ beautiful”, is a very strange way of gicing someone a compliment…. usually, people just say “You are beautiful”, or, if they want to use a milder word, maybe… I dunno, pretty, or cute, or something… but the usage of “kind of”, would strike me as a bit odd, as though he is baiting you with a “half” compliment…. it doesn’t have to be a red flag, but could be… my ex narc pulled all kinds of those sort of strange compliments, in the beginning!!
    That said, i think you should talk to him more!! And find out what kind of person he is. If you talk for a while, do not hesitate to ask him to send you another recent picture of him. (That way you will be more sure that he is real).


    • Damaged or not…..if I had seen that picture, I would have immediately responded. LOL
      I went back and looked and he did indeed say “you are beautiful.” I guess I was so shook up, I lost my mind for a minute….LOL I KNOW I wouldn’t have forgotten somebody like him…..I wonder if somebody has hacked my computer. Deb said she thinks “S” is reading her posts….I asked her how she could tell but she hasn’t answered yet. Do you know?

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      • Try talking to him, see what happens.. 🙂 I do not really recall exactly what D. said in her posts right this moment, I do remember replying to it, though, lol. So many thoughts today, sorry. My memory plays tricks on me sometimes!


        • Oh! You bet your sweet bippy I’m going to talk to him…LOL
          I’d still like to know if somebody is messing with me as far as this site….I don’t know how this happened. As many post as I’ve had, describing the men who have messaged me….do you think I would have overlooked this guy? And, all of the “alleged” messages showed up today! Weird.


  5. You’re smart to be cautious about the picture. I remember being really attracted to one woman, and we agreed to meet at a coffee house. When I showed up she looked NOTHING like her profile picture. She recognized me first obviously, and when I mentioned that she looked nothing like her picture (sadly, she was morbidly obese) she said, “Oh, that’s from many years ago. I should update it.” Um, ye-ah! I wasn’t pleased. So careful!


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