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Happy Easter

I had no idea that it was Easter this weekend until just a few days ago.  I just lose track of time now, I guess.  Holidays really don’t mean anything to me anymore so I’m not surprised.

Every Easter, I would tell Loser that I had never gotten to go on an Easter egg hunt and one thing that I had always wanted was one of those hollow chocolate bunnies with those googly eyes.
I don’t know why I was hoping that one year he might surprise me with one of those bunnies and my very own egg hunt.  It never happened, of course.

I remember all the Easters of yesterday, when I painted and colored eggs for my children.  I made sure they had elaborate baskets (not the ones you get pre-made) and that those baskets were full of goodies and a bunny rabbit made just for them.  I always included something special, depending on what they were into that particular year.  I stuffed them with their favorite candies and sometimes, they got their own movie in their basket.  I loved to watch them looking for the eggs I had hidden all over the yard and hearing them squeal with delight every time they found one.
There was always one special egg that, when found, garnered a special prize.  The prize?  A hollow chocolate bunny with googly eyes.

They don’t remember any of that, though.

I told my son to “pay attention.”  I said “if your girlfriend just casually mentions that she’d like to eat a slice of pizza while sitting on a park bench, remember it.”
I said “if you remember something like that, she will never forget something like that.”

If Loser had just cared enough about me to pay attention now and then, it would have been so easy for him to fulfill one of my lifelong, never realized childhood dreams.  It would have been more special to me than a diamond ring or a pendant or a bracelet and it would have been a memory that I would have treasured for the rest of my life.
But he didn’t.


Happy Easter Everybody!


22 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. I’d buy you one of those chocolate bunnies in a heartbeat! 😉 Hopefully you will experience the joy of having someone “pay attention”. You deserve that and more. 💙


  2. I’m with you on this! There were small things that meant so much to me so many years ago that had the Abuser just paid attention he would’ve made me ecstatically happy for a short period of time over things so small… The Mister and I and the kiddies just finished dyeing hard boiled eggs and the Mister’s parents are in the process of hiding them in the yard now. They also bought the kids and even the Mister and I baskets filled with candy and kites for the kids. It’s the small things that mean so much… I’m sorry you didn’t get those things back then with the Loser 😦 Happy Easter Laurel!

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    • Oh, Angelica. I’m so glad Misters’ parents are so nice. You will remember this and so will your children. I was probably being selfish when I wrote that blog. What mattered was how special I made if for my children. They may not remember, but at least they don’t have to remember that Easter was “nothing special.”


  3. What an amazing piece of advice you gave your son…hopefully he will embrace that! And I’m sorry, sweet Laurel. You should’ve gotten that big ole’ lovely bunny with googly eyes. Big Hugs…and Happy Easter. xo


  4. You are so right, it’s the little things that mean the most.

    I wish you were here, we could eat chocolate bunnies together!! Happy Easter! HUGS


  5. The narcs don’t listen to our needs, wants, wishes and dreams… they are too busy thinking of themselves. I remember hoping for some special surprises, too… never happened with Narc. Lol.
    You deserve a huge chocolate bunny! I love those kind of bunnies, too! 🙂
    If I lived in the area I would have popped by and put a little mysterious box outside your door with a chocolate bunny in it! 🙂
    Easter hugs!


    • I would have loved that! Thank you so much for the thought.
      You know, Loser probably would have remembered something like that for his fucking mama….or his tramps…..like I say….I should have been a drunk or a tramp! LOL

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  6. Awww, Laurel, that made me tear up – I’m sorry Loser was such a loser and that he didn’t listen, just once. You deserve someone who surprises you every day.

    Sending love and the biggest virtual googly eye chocolate rabbit ever! ❤ x


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