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A Hankering

Yesterday, I had a hankering for something to eat.  Yes, Hell had indeed frozen over momentarily.
It has been a nightmare, dealing with plumbers and holes in my walls and floors but it’s getting done and my Boost just was becoming hum-drum.

I hopped in my car and drove to the grocery store.  Here’s what I came home with.

•  A box of chocolate covered cherries.
•  A little container of chocolate covered raisins.
•  3 chocolate covered doughnuts.

I don’t even like chocolate.  I must have been “suffering with my sickness.”  That’s what my children used to say when I did something completely off the wall.

So, I waited to go into hyperglycemic shock at worst or gaining a few pounds at best when I tore into the box of doughnuts.  I ate one of the doughnuts and two raisins.  They were horrible!

I don’t know what I was thinking…well, obviously I wasn’t.  I threw them out.

Open Boost, insert straw and well….suck.



27 thoughts on “A Hankering

    • I have just lost my taste for so many things…it seems like everything I used to love, now just doesn’t mean anything to me. I used to love chocolate covered cherries….I guess my brain remembers it but what good senses I have left, have shunned it to the point of repulsion. Yikes!

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          • Years ago I went through depression and like you I couldn’t eat. I lost tons of weight, to the point everyone thought I was suffering from anorexia but I wasn’t it was just my depression and food became a source of anxiety for me…making the whole food intake more difficult. I got scared at one point because my weight kept dropping drastically. My whole life until I was 20 I was more on the chubby side. I’m 5’2 my weight would be between 52-54 kg, at 20 I was 50kgs and when the worst of my depression hit I dropped to 40kgs… I’m very bonny so my bones protruded and my cheeks sunk in my face. I looked gaunt. It would give me bouts of panic attacks if I tried forcing food in. I eventually got better and got a handle on that. I’m much healthier now, still slim but I’m at a healthy 47 kgs now.
            You’re appetite will get better it just takes a little time for your soul to heal.


            • I don’t think it’s anxiety. I think about food all the time but I just don’t get hungry. It was almost like I gave it up. When I give something up, I don’t ever think about it again. I did it with coffee…I did it with milk…I’ve never eaten fast food or drunk soda.
              I’m pretty bony but I hide it with clothes. 🙂


      • Well, having a repulsion to chocolate is good for your waistline I guess!

        Now is the time to treat yourself to new delicacies…ones that will be associated with the happy memories of your future. ❤ (I've just read your dating site messages – hilarious!). x


        • I kind of wish I could learn to love coffee again. I just gave it up one day (in the before time) and never had another thought about it. It was a staple with me…a pot in the morning…a pot in the afternoon and a pot at night. LOL

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