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Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award

sisterhoodxcf1Thank you to makingtimeforme for the nomination.


  1. You have all the resources needed to change ONE thing in the world with a snap of your fingers.  What would you change for the better?
    I ‘m not sure I could confine it to just one thing.  I would end homelessness, mental illness and prejudice.  None of those things should ever be present or acceptable in any society.
  2. What is the most attractive feature or trait a woman can possess (physical, mental or spiritual?)
    I would say honesty and integrity as well an inner beauty.  Physical beauty shouldn’t matter.
  3.  What is your next big self/life/career improvement project?
    To try to gain weight and start living again.
  4. What dream location is at the top of your next five-year Bucket List and why.
    I would like to go to Las Vegas, stand in front of the Bellagio and watch the fountain.
  5. To be or not to be?  Pick one and finish the phrase.
    To be a person who wasn’t a complete and total waste.
  6.  Who are three women/sisters in your life you could not make it to this point in life without?
    My RBS, my friend of more than thirty years and my youngest daughter.
  7.  What is your favorite movie?
    Gone With The Wind.
  8.  You are an explorer of the sublime: what is your fancy?−outer space, the bottom of the sea, Mt. Everest?
    Outer space.  I’d like to find Heaven.
  9.  Three things you love about you and/or your life?
     I like that I have honor and integrity.  I like that I keep my word.  I like that I am true to myself.  I like that as Loser once said “there’s never been a torture invented that could make her betray somebody.”
  10.  Reflect on your lifes’ experiences and lessons…then think of a young woman or girl who is roughly ten years younger than you.  What is the most important lesson you have learned to date that you would like to share with her?
    Never let a man take away your power.

I nominate all my fellow bloggers to join the Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers!


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