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Talent Blog Challenge – Day 5


Many thanks to makingtimeforme for nominating me for this challenge!


• This challenge is for five days.  One each day, name a positive talent that you have and why it’s such a great thing.  Also, let us know how you can use this talent to help other people.  (Also, you can post once with five things if you only want to do it for one day.)

• Tag whoever you want to participate.  There is no minimum or maximum amount of people you need to tag.  If you want, you can tag everybody.

• Have fun and realize that you are talented.

• Let BG know if you’re participating.  She would like to see your answers.


I guess I’ll combine my sewing and quilting.

First: My Sewing

I used to make all of my daughters’ dresses.  I used to make my own as well.  One year I made Loser seventeen suits with the caveat that when he started making enough money, I would never make another one.  I don’t have anything left that I made with the exception of my very first coat.  I have never had the heart to get rid of it.  It still fits, although it is severely “out of style.”  I loved this coat.


purple coat

Second:  My Quilting

The only pictures of quilts I have are ones that I have already posted but I’ll post them again.
One is the quilt I made for Loser, using his daddys’ ties.  The other one is his “me” quilt.  I put things that represented his life.  Everything on the quilt was drawn by me, cut out and individually sewn on.

I guess my quilting is the only thing I’ve ever done that has actually “helped” somebody.  I gave several of them to homeless people when it was cold.

Today I tag:





36 thoughts on “Talent Blog Challenge – Day 5

  1. So beautiful things.. I believe such beautiful things can only come from a beautiful soul!!!
    I will still be here on the day that you say that you have taken up quilting/sowing/painting, any of those, some day. And it will be a glorious day, when even an angel will shed a tear. 🙂
    See, soon, if i keep working you like this, you smply won’t be able to resist making new form of art by fabric or paint, to show us on the blog…. 😉
    I know, I am cunning and creepy that way.
    (All that was a joke. But I do hope you take those things up again!!!) xo


    • LOL. Sometimes we need a kick in the butt! I remember the joy it used to give me. It was the only thing that made me feel worthwhile.
      I love the reference to the angel shedding a tear….I would think they have been shedding tears and if the day ever comes when I actually do something….the angels will sing.
      (Well….I used to believe that way.)

      Liked by 1 person

      • I believe with all my heart that you can find that joy again. it doesn’t even “have ” to be something that you used to do. It could even be trying just one new thing that you are curious about doing, but never did… Piano? Astronomy? Dancing class? Yoga class? karate class? Art class? Hikers’club.. I don’t know. Just anything that will give you a new experience. I am aiming towards that, I just don’t have the money right now, cause of the upcoming trip/possibly trips even, but I will do as soon as I can. 🙂 We can always try and change things. We can always try. 🙂 Hugs.


        • I have pretty much run the gamut. I’ve made porcelain dolls, china dishes, furniture…I have taken Karate but I never took a class for anything else. I just did it.
          I always thought I’d be good at stained glass work. I never took a class but I figured it out and it was fun.
          Those other things just don’t interest me….I did my fair share of hiking when I was younger and had to walk to school and then when I was older and had to walk to work. LOL
          I taught myself to crochet and knit and I even taught myself to tap dance. So…..

          Liked by 1 person

          • But I know one thing that you still have left to do, and that you dream about a lot! = Travelling… 😀
            So…. save up money, join online travel forums, search for all kinds of info (often you can find travel companions there too)!
            And perhaps some time we may even meet up and travel somewhere together. I do not think I will have money this year, due to the other two trips I have planned. But perhaps next year.
            🙂 Laurel, the globetrotter. I like that!


    • I’m sure I could re-plumb my house but I just don’t want to.
      I did love that coat. I made several more. I’m a little snobby(?) I made coats to match my outfits..but since this was the first, I kept it.


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