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Dead Bodies

Last night I dreamed that I was standing in my bedroom looking at two bodies wrapped in plastic, lying on the foot of my bed.  I didn’t know who they were and it looked like they had been carved out of soap or something.  I thought for a second that I should go ahead and call the police.  I don’t think I killed them but who knows?

I “googled” what that meant, and true to my life, it doesn’t mean anything good.

I am hoping it’s because of what I was watching on television.  First, I was watching “Forensic Files.”  It was about a man who killed his wife (physically, not emotionally) and put her in the freezer.  He rented a wood chipper, hacked her up with a chainsaw and ran her parts through the chipper.

Now, that’s the kind of man you want to take home to meet the folks!

The second was about John List.  He murdered his wife, his children and his mother.  He went on to live a fairly long, mundane life until he got caught.  By then he was so old, how much punishment could he possibly suffer?

Again, that’s how Karma works, isn’t it?  Give the wrongdoers and murderers a long, healthy life until they’re so old that retribution means nothing.

64 thoughts on “Dead Bodies

  1. Laurel can you delete my comment to you regarding other blog, ie do not post it in case someone is lurking about to report back….one nevr knows who there is in someone’s pocket so to speak, delete thisone too, thanks sweetie… I will reply a generic reply you can post


  2. Dreams can be far too real at times, I dreamt I embraced by professed healer, but then found out his healing for me was actually my extermination. He claimed he was fulfilling prophecy for his master, the devil. This was based on real,life events that spilled into dream, both equally terrifying. Let’s say, soothing feeling, not so much.

    I need no interpretation on mine. evil exists and hides itself in plain sight.


    • OMG! That freaks me out! I remember dreaming that Loser was watching people literally tear me apart…and he was standing there…smiling.
      Little did I know that in years to come, HE was the one who was tearing me to pieces…bit by bit.


      • Yes, prophetic in so many ways…I nevr dismiss dreamss and their true meanings, sometimes we nevr know till it’s too late…


          • I wish I didn’t recall mine, they are more often the. Not distubing and answer questions I ask in real life….especially repeated dreams. Evil exists outside of nightmares.


              • I deleted all post off my blog other day….next horrific one I will submit it to you…..should, be tomorrow morning 😉


                  • Thank you my dear, I do know it is safe with you all, I learned my lesson where the safe places are ❤️ I will rebuild myself again slowly, I need an under construction sign tattooed on me 😏


                    • And…you know you can make it private. Only the people you invite can see what you write.
                      I’d say do it.
                      Being “under construction” is fine but you will eventually have to start building. 🙂


                    • Laurel after you read this can you delete my answer to your question, one nevr knows who is lurking for. Or her belongs to report back, etc


                    • I know what you mean. One of his followers berated me when I suggested that he might just be a lonely, old man, sitting in his room doing research on narcissism.
                      And, I ruffled his feathers a few times when he more or less challenged me. I didn’t care.
                      If he was deleting your comments, there was a reason and it wasn’t the “comments” of other followers. You struck a nerve and he couldn’t deal with it.
                      He NEVER answered any of my questions. THAT is an indication right there…I wasn’t giving him fuel…and neither were you.


                    • OMG! Are you kidding me? He said he knew where you were? He could have been using that as leverage to “control” you, though.
                      I told him that he was NEVER going to get me to buy one of his books…that I was NEVER going to provide fuel for him…etc.
                      I have deleted all of your comments and I will delete this one after you read it.


                    • Well, I know it is possible to trace an “IP” address but that only gives you the server, I think….not an actual address. I think he is in the UK. The way he spells certain words (behaviour and favourite for example) which ironically is how I spell it and have to correct it all the time. I asked him why, if he was SO smart, he wasn’t a Rhodes scholar (knowing the criteria required) and when he told me…I immediately knew he was in the UK.


                    • It scared me to death the first time I blogged something. I didn’t know how to highlight or indent or underline anything….I was just flying by the seat of my pants and my pants were loose! LOL


                    • It’s been freeing, in a way. I can say things on here that I couldn’t or wouldn’t say anywhere else. I figured people wouldn’t read it because it was mostly so sad…but then I realized there are so many of us out there. It’s quite (sadly) a sisterhood…and brotherhood as well.


                    • Yes, misery loves company, but Moreso, we heal is common groups, as we understand, and help each other…


                    • Oh gosh yes sorry, I forget the actual meaning of that adage….I meant that we can commiserate together over a common ground….yes, you bring laughter, insight and support to your readers.


                    • It is why I did online dating I was frustrated with the men, but your take puts a ew enjoyable spin on online dating you put the fun in funny 😀 these men are unreal, which makes it it even funnier cause they think they are being real and cool and gallant of sorts 😊


  3. LWL! This: “It was about a man who killed his wife (physically, not emotionally)” is such a fab insider joke! I mean, I wish neither of understood this, but now that we are all here, I love that it’s only us who get it 🙂


  4. Ahem. Another interpretation then.

    To dream about dead bodies implies that you are feeling detached from those around you. It may also mean that you are feeling emotionally drained. To see a decomposing body in your dream refers to a situation that has long been dead. It is time to move on.

    To see or find a bloody dead body in your dream refers to a situation or issue that you can no longer avoid. You need to make an important decision and act on it immediately.

    Um…. since I do not know what a carving out of soap really “is” in terms of a real word… I looked up both sculpture and statue…see if any of those fits. 😀


    To see a sculpture in your dream indicates that you are refusing to accept things as they really are. You are afraid that you are not presenting yourself in a positive light or image.


    To see people you know as statues in your dream symbolize a lack of communication with that person You feel that the relationship is inflexible, unyielding or going nowhere. Alternatively, it may represent someone you idealize and admire. You are putting someone on a pedestal. Perhaps the dream is analogous to their statuesque and nice figure.


    To dream that you are in the bedroom signifies aspects of yourself that you keep private and hidden. It is also indicative of your sexual nature and intimate relations.

    Ok…. there was NOT anything to find regarding “fallen” breasts not in any synonym that I could think of, either…… lol…..!!! BUT, anyway:


    To see breasts in your dream symbolize primal nourishment and your need to be nursed and care for. The breasts represent motherhood, nurturance, and infantile dependency. Alternatively, breasts indicate sexual arousal and raw energy.

    There you go! Hope some of it is interesting. Searched for and copied here by youts truly, from Dreammoods.com.

    🙂 Hugs.


    • LOL. The boobs one…I may have dreamed that because I’ve been packing up my “motherhood” for my children. (not my boobs but things I need to return to them.)
      I figured the dead bodies might be Loser and that WTC…..so, it would make sense that a lack of communication is what I want. I’m certainly not putting them on a pedestal….unless I get to do what they did to Husseins’ statue! LOL

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  5. If I would have watched those shows I probably wouldn’t have been able to get to sleep, let alone dream about dead people. But seriously though this conversation with The Narcissist’s Wife is interesting.


  6. …or just maybe… They are given a long,healthy life because, their inner suffering,pain, misery and torment, are far greater than any punishment or torture that the mere human mind could devise.

    I know that’s how it is with a particular woman I know. She believes she deserves punishment and judgment, and is therefore being subjected to just that. A long, healthy life, void of all but abject misery.

    As they say, “only the good die young.”


    Two bodies (perhaps a man and wife? Ahem) lying dead in your bed. I’m feeling that it’s a metaphor for “killing off” old feelings about your marriage, or that your feelings toward that union, or maybe even the husband and wife individually, are “dead”.

    I’d say that it meant you were attempting to disconnect, or kill off feelings, or ideas, that you had about yourself at the time of being in the “wife” role. Implying that there were aspects of yourself that you were not exactly thrilled about. Some part of yourself that you maybe felt ashamed of, and were attempting to disown. As if, “you didn’t even know” who you were then.

    The bedroom and bed are symbols of your private thoughts, feelings, motives, habits, and your private life. Also, the bed, an obvious nod to sex, and your sexuality and sex life.

    To me, the part where you said they looked like carvings out of soap, is a very loud sign that you are attempting to de-personalize the situation (thus carvings-inanimate objects, not actual, feeling people), and the fact that they may have been made of soap, to me, suggests that all your efforts are for the purpose of cleansing your self of the situation. Trying to feel clean and new, not like the people you don’t recognize on your bed.

    Hope it was ok to offer the interpretation. I love dreams. They often simply show us what our inner-innocence wants us to work on loving more. Whoever you were, in the past, is just as wonderful, and perfect and deserving of love as every other version, or edition, of yourself. And, in order for any aspect of our self, or life, to stop haunting us and causing distress, we have to learn to accept that aspect, without judgment, knowing that God (Divinity, Source, The Universe, Cosmic Awareness, Or Whatever name you use) doesn’t make mistakes.

    Everything about you- past, present, and future- is perfect, and deserving of all the compassion and love you can possibly muster for it.

    Once we can do that, all things that caused so much stress, and suffering, for us, can finally be “laid to rest”.

    – and that’s my totally unsolicited, pseudo-intellectual opinion, interpretation, and psycho-analysis, of your dream…that you did not ask for. LOL (*facepalm*)

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    • LOL. I thought it was probably Loser and that WTC. I really don’t care what happens to him, her or them. They looked like they had been carved out of soap or lard or something. There was nothing definitive about them….it was almost like they had melted.
      Loser and that WTC are immune to any kind of retribution. They get it all….money, trips, my children. Yay them!
      I used to dream all the time but I have either stopped or just don’t remember them. I do remember dreaming that my boobs had “fallen.” They were like balloons and they kept falling down to my waist! LOL. I’ve never had droopy boobs but having them fall was a hoot. I kept picking them up and trying to stuff them back into my bra. I’d be curious to know what THAT meant! LOL
      And…feel free to comment any time you want. 🙂

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      • Thanks…. Hahaha…. Well, like I said. Sometimes, I think, that life itself- regardless of what material, or relational things we seem to have- is the punishment, for some people.

        Having things and people in your life, that have value beyond measure, yet never being able to enjoy or feel any benefit from it. Kind of like a person who loves chocolate more than anything, having the flavor taken away from them.

        Thy could hoard all the chocolate they wanted, steal it, demand it, and even feel entitled to it….. But, no matter how much of it they stuffed in their face….they can never feel, taste, or enjoy, the experience of eating the delicious treat.

        That’s how I picture life, for the narcissists. More punishment, than reward. LOL


        • WOW! What great metaphor! I remember Loser getting teary-eyed and saying “I’m not happy.” I said “why not? You’re retired, you’re shacking up with your WTC and we’re getting divorced. Why in the world would you not be happy?”
          He just looked at me and said “I’m not happy.”
          I just thought “GOOD, ASSHOLE.” LOL

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