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Talent Blog Challenge – Day 4

A big thank you to makingtimeforme for nominating me for this challenge!


  • This challenge is for five days.  On each day, name a positive talent that you have and why it’s such a great thing.  Also, let us know how you can use this talent to help other people. (Also, you can post once with five things if you only want to do it for one day.)
  • Tag whoever you want to participate.  There is no maximum or minimum amount of people you need to tag.  If you want, you can tag everybody.
  • Have fun and realize that you are talented.
  • Let BG know if you’re participating.  She would like to see your answers.


I was always the “handyman” in our house.  If it needed to be fixed, I fixed it.  These are pictures of my mamas’ kitchen.
When I was running EMS, I had every other week-end off and I would drive up to my mamas’ house and work on it.  It was pretty much falling apart.  The cabinets were made of cardboard (I think) and the tile on the floor had been put down with tar.
I put new cabinets in, and bought a new counter top.  I had to re-wire it (because somebody had cut them all.)  Here are a few of the “before” and an “after” picture.  I didn’t take a picture of the finished floor I put down.

Here’s a tip.  If you are ever hanging cabinets by yourself, cut a “dead man.”  That’s a 2 x 4 the height you want the cabinet and it will “hold” it up for you.

Who did it help?  Loser, I guess.  It made the house more “sellable.”

My handyman days are over now.  I swore I was never doing anything like this again.  Loser wanted to build a house on “his property” and had it in mind that I would do all the drywall and electrical work.  Sorry, Jack….wasn’t ever going to happen!

Today I nominate:








45 thoughts on “Talent Blog Challenge – Day 4

        • They’re attracted to us because we’re empaths. We think we can fix them. We think that just being around somebody who has honor and integrity will somehow “rub off on them.”
          We’re WRONG. They are emotional parasites and are only concerned with what we can do for THEM.


          • Yes, what if the ones that then turn around and call us the narc…..all because I am emotional and express my feelings openly…..I can’t think of a greater insult from narc. Then to be compared to them, they really know how to go in for the kill….with the use of paranoia no delusion, when you figure out their true game. The cruelty and threats are soul destroying…..


    • Ha. He’s is far more impressed with that WTC…”she’s going to college.” He brags about her all the time. He never bragged about me…..it was just something I did. It was expected. It was like “when are you going to fix this? When are you going to fix that?” When he wanted to build a house, he told me what “I could do….drywall, wiring, plumbing….” He would be sitting there, drinking beer, smoking and watching.
      Don’t you know that cheap paste is better than a diamond? LOL


        • I know! What a piece of shit! LOL I wonder who he’s going to call when there’s an emergency situation in their house….a “college student?” He was still asking me about health things….I finally told him to put that WTC, who was so impressive….through medic school. I thought it was hilarious. He didn’t. Wonder why? HA. Sometimes, I crack myself up.

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  1. Shit fire girl, you don’t need a Loser……or a contractor. You are letting your enormous amount of talent sit idle when you should be sharing it. There is a site called Etsy.com that features talent like yours, check it out and make some money. I redo houses for resale with LOTS of help and even a small kitchen is not easy to do alone……KUDOS.

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    • LOL. I know about Etsy. You think I could sell a kitchen? I find that people tend to want the things I make…free. When Losers’ friends DID actually speak to me, it was “make me a quilt. I like flowers.” I made quilts of all of our houses..and I mean bricks, roofing fabric…everything. It was the same thing. “Make my house”…as if (since I was just a housewife) my time and effort was worthless. Nobody EVER said “how much would you charge me?”


      • Of course people want something for nothing. People are also willing to pay for beautiful handmade items. Giving them away or selling them is your choice.


        • Ha. When Losers’ friends would say that, I would just smile and silently think “when Hell freezes over.”
          Of course, Loser got around it by coming home at ten o’clock at night and announcing he needed a present for somebodys’ new baby…the next day….and asked me to make them a quilt.
          I sat up all night, making a quilt for somebodys’ child that I would never meet, not to mention I didn’t even know who the parents were.
          I will say though, that the last time asswipe did that, the guy refused to use the quilt. He actually hung it on the wall. His child is grown now and the quilt hangs on his wall.
          Hmmm….I never got a thank you note, come to think of it. LOL


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