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Talent Blog Challenge – Day 3

A big thank you to makingtimeforme for the nomination.


  • This challenge is for five days.  On each day, name a positive talent that you have and why it’s such a great thing.  Also, let us know how you can use this talent to help other people.  (Also, you can post once with five things if you only want to do it for one day.)
  • Tag whoever you want to participate.  There is no minimum or maximum amount of people you need to tag.  If you want, you can tag everybody.
  • Have fun and realize that you are talented.
  • Let BG know if you’re participating.  She would like to see your answers.


I used to run my own doll, toy and teddy bear “hospital.”  My youngest daughter slept with this teddy bear when she was a tiny little thing.  She still slept with it when she grew up.  She had a boyfriend and he had a dog who apparently didn’t care for the bear and tried to eat it.
She brought it to me to “fix.”  I looked at it and told her that I wasn’t a “miracle worker.”  She was so sad so I knew I had to try.  It had been years since I had “operated.”
After I told her I couldn’t do it, I fixed it and gave it to her for Christmas.  She was thrilled.  Her boyfriend looked at it and then looked at me as if to say “are you fucking kidding me?”  He almost fell off of his chair.

Here are the “before” and “after” pictures.

Today I tag:





13 thoughts on “Talent Blog Challenge – Day 3

  1. Wow! That is so amazing! I almost fell off my chair too!! Hahaha. This is so great. Hilarious, too. The first picture, I am thinking: Oh no, this teddybear is going to Teddybear Cemetery. And the second picture, he looks like he has not only had surgery, but been staying at a Health and Spa center, rejuvenating. He even has rosy cheeks!! This made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing it!! 😀


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