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Talent Blog Challenge – Day 1


Thank you to makingtimeforme for nominating me for this challenge!


• This challenge is for five days.  On each day, name a positive talent that you have and why it’s such a great thing.  Also, let us know how you can use this talent to help other people.  (Also, you can post once with five things if you only want to do it for one day.)

• Tag whoever you want to participate.  There is no minimum or maximum amount of people you need to tag.  If you want, you can tag everybody.

• Have fun and realize that you are talented.

• Let BG know if you’re participating.  She would like to see your answers.


I used to draw and paint.  It was a good thing, I guess because I would paint things for the children.  Once I made checkerboards out of their favorite characters.  My youngest daughters’ was “Gem.”  I made one for Loser.  It was a caricature of his face and he was holding the board.

I drew and painted for school projects.  When I was in high school, I drew beautiful women (fully clothed) for boys, who hung them in their lockers.  I guess it was a “good thing” for them.  LOL

I made and painted little movable figures that I sold to a store.  I painted faces on wooden eggs for Easter baskets.

The last thing I drew was a picture of Spiderman for my middle daughters’ step-son.  I drew it as a joke because I wanted to see his face when he thought it was his present.  It took about twenty minutes.  I was astonished that everybody in their family was blown by with my drawing.  (They were probably being kind.)  My daughter and her husband had it framed and it now hangs in their sons’ bedroom.

I don’t have anything left that I painted except a little quilt rack that I made and painted teddy bears on the sides.  It was out in my garage.  It was painted in the eighties and I didn’t put a lot of effort into it because by then, my interests were waning.  (The tape is covering my signature and the date.)

Today I tag:



pink teddy bearsuitcase teddy bear

38 thoughts on “Talent Blog Challenge – Day 1

  1. You, Laurel, are a precious gem!! You are so unbelievably talented and once again I am so glad we connected. I used to love doing artsy things until my kids came along at which point the only time I did much of anything was helping them with school projects and doing side jobs for several non-profits.


  2. why do we never see our own talent? Do we not take it seriously because other people may have downplayed it? You are really good! I picked up my camera, paint brushes and writing again after my divorce and I have found such joy. As long as I enjoy it, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I hope when you are ready, you find that creative side again!

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    • I think encouragement has a lot to do with it….or complacency….I know that after I had painted and drawn and built furniture and quilted for so long….it was almost expected. I’m not one for pats on the back and shallow praise but sometimes it would have been nice for somebody (Loser) to express that he at least understood how much time and effort it took to do those things and show some kind of appreciation.

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      • Who knows. Perhaps one day you just simply sit down and start drawing or painting something. You know that I hadn’t written a creative word for 17 years when I started this blog, and then suddenly there I was, trying to write poetry again… lol. 🙂 If you do paint something again I would just love to see photos of it on your blog!

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        • Maybe. I don’t think it’s like riding a bicycle…but then again, I was never a real artist. I just played at it and it came in handy sometimes. My children have inherited a bit of it…mostly sewing for the older ones and my youngest daughter is quite the little poetess and writer….she just doesn’t do it much anymore.

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