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Another Versatile Blogger Award

sparkling versatile blogger


  1.  Display Award
  2.  Thank the person who nominated you
  3.  List 7 facts about yourself
  4.  Nominate up to 10 bloggers

A big thank you to survivednarc for the nomination.  She is a wonderful blogger, poetess, story teller and supporter.


  1. I was once commissioned by Mary Kay Cosmetics to be a hand model.  Two days before the photo shoot, I was washing dishes and stuck my left hand in a glass.  The glass broke and I was left with a two inch gash.  My career ended before it began and I still have a pretty remarkable scar.
  2.  The first time I was ever kissed by a man was on my twenty-first birthday.  I didn’t like it because he didn’t ask.  He just grabbed me and kissed me.
  3.  I am incapable of brain freeze due to thicker than normal bone covering the nerves on my soft pallet.
  4.  When I thought I was “married” my signature was so unique that nobody could come anywhere close to duplicating it….not even somebody who was known to be an excellent forger.
  5.  For years, I drank a gallon of milk a day.  I bought eight gallons at a time and if I got down to three, I started getting the heebie-jeebies and would go buy five more.  I gave it up three years ago and have never had another sip nor have I ever given it a second thought.
  6.  My house is decorated in shabby chic style.  All my furniture is white and each room has a different accent color.
  7.  I had natural childbirth with all four of my children.  Even the episiotomy and subsequent suturing was with no anesthetic.  The anesthesia they used in those days was ineffective on me.

My Nominees:

  1.  hermangini
  2.  euphoriciraqisinglemom
  3.  myworldshattered
  4.  crystalempath
  5.  elizabethhelmich
  6.  emmagc75
  7.  heleftnowwhat
  8.  bluesky
  9.  lesliemeeks
  10.  megan

14 thoughts on “Another Versatile Blogger Award

  1. Oh thank you for the kind description of me. *Blushing and going to stand in a corner*.
    Wow, how crazy about the hand modelling! It is almost like it wasn’t “meant to be”… Great facts! 🙂 Oh, I still have a couple of awards thingies I have to write, have been putting it off… well, it’s weekend soon, then I can get busy with that. Congrats on yet another well deserved award, friend!


    • It seems like nothing was meant to be….LOL. Now, I know I was destined to be the queen of England but those ancestors of mine got lost and landed on the wrong continent! Damn relatives.
      (That must be why I can’t find my way out of my own driveway sometimes!)


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