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I just got a response.  Here it is:

Hello Dear Beloved,

Thanks for your mail and your concern, In my last mail to you, I introduced myself and gave you a summary of the present predicament i have found myself and how i lived my life (financial-wise).  My failing health has necessitated my present over view of life and the meaning of life itself as it relates to day-to-day living, Even surgery which is a last resort has been done but the cancer has already spread into the stomach and intestines, which had indicated to my doctor that i would not last for the next four months according to medical expert.  Telephone calls from me cannot be possible at the moment based on doctors advice.  I am currently in Airyhall Day Hospital, Springfield Road Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

I prayed to the Lord to give you the grace to complete this divine project for the benefit of the less privilege. I also would like to let you know that this is a straight forward and legal task.  I hope my first email did not embarrass you?  if it did, I apologies for this. The fund in question is privately kept with a financial institution and i want to put it in capable hands for disbursement, my relatives have plundered so much of my wealth after my wife death and my illness got deteriorated.  I cannot live with the agony of entrusting this huge responsibility to any of them, for this reason i have decided that within the confines of my hospital room and the privacy of my computer (to which i have internet connection) to look for a suitable person to transfer ownership of the deposit to, and after claiming the funds, disburse 80% of the funds to the various charitable organizations of your choice in various countries and then retain 20% of the money for your effort. It is for this same reason i have randomly searched through the internet email directory to find somebody who has the predisposition to accomplish the task of passing on a privately kept fund of 8,000,000GBP (Eight Million Pounds) to charitable organizations as he or she deems fit, since i cannot do this myself due to my failing health. It was this random search that yielded your contact email address which i sent you my first email.

Please, i want you to understand that this benevolence is in fulfillment of my desire and decision which i am persuaded to actualize. This fund is designated for humanitarian and Charity services with special emphasis.  This must be disbursed with every appropriation accountability and prudence to the glory of God (Philippians 3-13-14) I’m dying and i have distributed most of my earthly possessions to various individuals, groups and organizations.  This deposit is the bulk of what is left.it is unknown to my other relatives.  If i do not find a suitable person to disburse the funds as i plan to, then on my death the financial institution where i deposited the funds would have to notify my next of kin to claim the deposit as stipulated on the deposit agreement. And from what i have seen of how they spent the other fund i designated for the same purpose, leaving the fund in their care would be a colossal waste of all i have worked and lived for.

If you will be capable to handle this divine project, please reconfirm your full information immediately so that i can swear to an affidavit on oath from the High Court Of Justice that will officially and legally approve you as the next of kin to this funds amount.
(8,000,000) claim/received from the bank so that even if i am no more, your claim to the Funds will not be in doubt. I will be sending you the certificate of deposit of this fund immediately after the affidavit is ready.

Full name
Your Country
Contact Address

All the necessary documents required to get the funds out of the bank are in my possession, I will be sending them to you after me must have come to an agreement and all i require from you is your total honest cooperation to carries out my very last wish/WILL indeed.

I await your prompt response to this mail, i will send you my picture immediately. I receive the information from you. Please always remember me in your daily prayers and may the Good Lord add more anointing upon you and give you more wisdom to handle this to his own Glory (Philippians 3-13-14) Ensure you reply this letter and the needed information immediately so that i will take my final decision.

Mr. Dennis Jefferson

Here’s how I responded:

My poor dear.  You’re last email didn’t embarrass me at all.  Please don’t think that way.  I think it’s horrible how your family wasted that money.  My heart goes out to you.  I think it is monstrous the way people try to take advantage of unsuspecting victims.  Being a religious person, like you, I am just outraged by this.

I will be glad to help you in any way I can.

Here is my information:

Full Name:  Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama
My Country:  The United States Of America
Contact Address:  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D.C.  20006
Telephone:  202-456-1414
Sex/Age:  Female/52
Occupation:  First Lady

I do so hope to hear from you and I am anxiously awaiting your picture.

All my best.


45 thoughts on “GAME ON!

    • I put something on Craigslist one time and got the scammer who wanted to pay me three times what I was asking for. I went along with him for three or four days and when it was delivery time…I gave him the police departments’ address. THEY ACTUALLY WENT but as soon as they saw an officer walking toward them, the beat feet! LOL

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  1. Lordy, Lordy…..miss Michelle 😀 omg, wonder how clueless he is….how dare he use Scotland to perpetrate such a scam, sacrilegious …most of these are still Nigerian based aren’t they?
    8 million pounds, couldn’t he have made it a larger some to seem more plausible 😜
    Wonders will never cease in the lows people will sink too….sadly people will fall for this, that’s why they keep doing them 😕

    Good job, Laurel 👍


      • I know, but people must for them to continue to do it…one tried to get me with buying a wedding ring I was selling….I had a friend with a dating scam, he used model site photos of man, she showed me emails he sent her, took him awhile to get to his scam, big build up to it……scammers and narcs…..is there no end to the deceit out there?


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