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Another Scam

I got another email from one of those scammers.  It said:

“GREETINGS, MY name is Dennis Jefferson, I am 59 years old,  I’m diagnosed with esophageal cancer because it went unnoticed, I have just been informed by my doctor that I only have a few months to live due to cancer illness,  I have decided to WILL/donate 8 Million Pounds to you to promote charity works,  Please reply for more details on this noble project of mine.”

What I said:

“Dear Mr. Jefferson,
Bless your heart.  I am so sorry to hear about your illness.
Please, how can I help?”

What I really meant:

“Dear Scammer,
What an idiot.  I really don’t give a shit about your pretend illness. By the way, over here in America, we put periods after sentences, not commas.
Let’s PLAY!”

18 thoughts on “Another Scam

  1. Always, always report these scammers to authorities, lol…on the commas. I knew a fella who never used a comma, it drove me bonkers. This one uses too many, is there no happy medium….Laurel that was set for a psychic joke for you 😉


  2. Hahaha!! Oh lord. Laurel you are SO funny. Have you thought about being a comedian? 😀
    Oh by the way, I do not think you should reply to these scammers, they have all sorts of hacking gadgets that can perhaps more easily hack your e-mail the more contact you have with them… (I have no idea how that works, but a tech savvy friend once told me so)… “Bless your heart” = still laughing about that!! 😀


    • You’re the third person who has suggested that I be a comedian! LOL
      The last one I got from the poor Marine stuck in Afghanistan and wanted me to keep 25 million dollars for him….prompted me to call the FBI. I called and they talked to me but never asked for the email or the information. They weren’t going to do anything about it.
      Shit. Maybe I should change my passwords? Or call the FBI back and tell them I responded to it? YIKES!

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      • Oh, a marine! I have a thing for military men… I wonder if he was hot… hmmm.. 😉
        Did you seriously call the FBI? 😀 haha, cool, if you did! Or maybe you are pulling my leg. Lol. I thought the FBI only dealt with crazy serial killers and whatnot.

        What I have learned about e-mail scams: You should never open their e-mail, at all, cause there “could” be a “worm” in there. (I know, sounds disgusting, right). A computer worm, sort of a virus that can worm its way into your computer and make it a mess. So I never even open scam e-mails, I delete it without opening. Just my advice for ya. 🙂 You could change your email password if you are worried. Hugs.


        • I really did call the FBI. I tried to change my password but “Outlook” is so complicated. I even tried to shut it down once but I couldn’t figure out how to do it.
          This was a straight email…no attachment to click on.
          OH! I just got a message from him!
          I’ll post it!

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          • Yes, there are quite many steps to do that, it is way too complicated, I agree.
            Oh, no, there doesn’t have to be an attachment, even. It is just some built-in, invisible feature, in the email itself, as I have understood it (when it is one of those “worm” viruses). So do be careful. 🙂 I will however love to read his response. Lol


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