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Karma Is A Bitch

You know how they say Karma’s a bitch?  WELL, SHE SURE IS, and she’s being a bitch to me.
The other day, I discovered a small pinhole in a copper pipe just at the entrance to my basement.  My handyman came over and patched it up.  Then, we noticed the floor was covered with water.  He traced that back to a kink in the de-humidifier hose.

Just now, I went to the basement to gather up some stuff and the whole floor in what used to be a kitchen is covered in water.  Even the cabinets were full of water.  I had all of my quilting books and magazines in it and they are ruined.  Everything on the floor is ruined.

I try to be a decent human being but how long am I going to have to pay?  I am convinced that I am never going to stop paying for killing my little brother and I know I have a white-hot hatred for Loser but Goddamn!  I guess this is what I get.

I think I’d be better off being a scumbag.  They never have to pay and Karma never visits them.

35 thoughts on “Karma Is A Bitch

  1. Sometimes bad things just happen. They are called trials. Some last longer than others. It has nothing to do with you being a good or bad person (which you are not a bad person!) But I agree with lonelyauthor, I think you could use more positive vibes in your life. Positive attracts the same. As does negative. 💙💙💙


  2. Maybe this is the universe’s way of helping you move forward. The quilting hurts you. But you carry it in your wagon of woe everywhere. It didn’t sound like it wrecked your machines or fabric if there’s some of that floating around downstairs…. But just the books. It’s the universe pushing you to let go of that wagon. Maybe not forever, but if all it does is hurt, mourn losing the books but be grate ful it’s not something you’re currently finding peace through. Maybe take some pictures of the spines so you remember the names of the books. If you ever heal enough to sew more, you can start fresh, no bad juju

    This is terrible. It’s got nothing to do with who you are. And that horrible story you tell yourself, about your brother. You didn’t kill him. Accident. Never your fault. If anyone’s, it’s your moms.shes the grown up. She couldn’t admit that to herself, so she blamed you because it was easy and she was evil. But sometimes shit just happens.


    • It did enter my mind however briefly…”those were all the quilt magazines that Loser gave me for Christmas one year, that meant so much to me.”
      My hardwood floors are ruined and so are the baseboards. I’ll weather this…I have to but like annasnow said after she came home to a house full of water…”at least we have the means to fix it.” And, you know what? That is something that I am truly grateful for….truly grateful.

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  3. When the water heater in my basement blew a leak I was out of town and came back to a sauna of ankle deep water…….I didn’t kill my brother (nor did you) and I don’t know Loser, I just had a leak. Nothing to do with karma, just piss poor pipes. We’re blessed that we can afford to fix it. You’ll get some great stories out of it……can’t wait to read them.

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    • I already got a story about it….I’ll post it tomorrow. I’m just glad I found it. I never go in my basement….I’ve always said “hell, there could be somebody living down there and I’d never know it.” LOL
      My house is getting re-plumbed tomorrow….should be fun!


    • It would if I turned it in but I won’t. My rates would go up and they might even drop me if I did. I’ll just eat it. Besides, they only cover the damage from the pipes….not the pipes themselves. I’m having the house re-plumbed tomorrow. It’ll be difficult but it’s got to be done.

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      • Ahhh, that sucks 😦 But please don’t think it’s karma… in Egypt there’s a belief that things going wrong in the house diverts disasters away from things going wrong with your health…

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  4. Bad things happen to good people- unfortunately.
    But be assured Loser will get his turn. Don’t put yourself down, I know it’s hard but you are a good person who doesn’t and has not deserved the poor treatment you got from those you loved. Hugs.

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    • I never really have cared for Leonardo…I don’t dislike him but he never appealed to me…however….I do think he was ROBBED of an oscar for “what’s eating Gilbert Grape.” I had never heard of him and when I saw him in that movie, he did such a marvelous job of acting, I actually thought he was mentally handicapped….I thought he was wonderful.

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  5. Laurel, I get this. I really do. But.. I am hoping that this is not Karma… I think this is just a case of bad luck. And that sucks too!
    I think Karma is so busy dealing with all the scumbags here on Earth, so she is just overworked. She needs more resources from her boss, to make time for all those she has to visit. That is my hope, anyway.

    I had similar thoughts yesterday, as you do in this post… then I watched a movie, “The Revenant”. It is quite a slow building drama but has some “action scenes” too. I found the movie quite inspirational, actually. The movie is about survival against all odds. And also about revenge/hatred. It is set in the 1800’s, I believe, in the US, in the wilderness. Beautiful scenery. I did feel a bit better after the movie oddly enough. And my need for revenge had subsided a little bit… Although, it keeps popping up in my head every now and then that “gaaaah, why doesn’t HE get to pay for all he did to me”. Hugs.

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    • Is that the one with Leonardo DiCapprio? I haven’t seen it but I did see a trailer with him getting eaten by a bear, I think….Yikes.
      I know the world’s not about fair but why can’t that kind of thing happen to pig-shit Loser and his WTC? Because….they’re entitled…that’s why.

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      • Yes, that is the one! And boy, does he get to deal with a LOT of shit coming his way, in that movie. I actually found myself thinking: Hmm I ain’t got it so bad, when watching all of his struggles.. lol. It was quite inspirational in a strange way. There are not too many “scary” scenes in the movie, well the bear was scary, of course.. 🙂

        I have no idea as to why shit like that doesn’t happen to the narcissists… all I can think of is that perhaps they get taught a major lesson in the after-life? While you and I sit and play harp and make jokes on a cloud, my ex and Loser are downstairs together getting a good whipping with a burning whip, for the next 1.000 years? 😉

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    • Oh Laurel, that is awful….can surname cover cleanup for your….it isn’t your karma, you are good and Decent person, it is life cruelties that touch good people….to test us…sometimes far too much. I had same thing two years ago in basement, small hole in pipe, I was filing Olivias pool outside, it took three hours to fill, flooded basement with all my boxes, furniture and you name it, got it all cleaned up and salvaged what I could…but damn it was stressful…..something worse will happen to loser, his wont be by water…..he day will come, with no wishing or Ewing on your part ….life is bitch too often ❤️

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