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Old Joe – Part Four

It had really started getting cold and when I walked to old Joes’ house, he’d be waiting for me on his front porch, all wrapped up in an old patchwork quilt that was full of holes.  He told me that his mama had made it years ago and it was like an old friend.

Old Joe looked out over the field and said “I reckon the snow’s fixin’ to set in.”  I said “how do you know?”  He took a deep breath and said “they’s a smell in the air.”  I said “what does it smell like?”  Old Joe smiled and said “it smell like snow.”

Old Joe said “did I ever tell you about the time I made a snowman and it come to life?”  I said “you did?”  Old Joe said “yessum.  It come to life and started a jumpin’ around and then it took off and runned down the street.”  He said “that’s how come they’s a pond down yonder and if you look real close, you can see his hat down to the bottom of the water.”

I said “old Joe, can we go look?”  Old Joe said “not today, Miss Abby.  The pond’s done froze up.”  I said “if I make a snowman, will it come to life?”  Old Joe said “well, you have to say the magic words on it.”
I said “what are the magic words?”  Old Joe said “star light, star bright, first star I sees tonight, wish I may, wish I might, have this wish I wish tonight” but you can’t tell nobody ’cause if’n you do…he won’t come to life.”

I heard the cowbell ringing and told old Joe that I had to get on home.  As I was leaving, I turned around and said “old Joe, I love you.”  Old Joe said “I loves you too, Miss Abby.”

The next morning I got up and the ground was covered with snow.  I asked my grandma if I could go outside and make a snowman.  She said “little bit, its powerful cold outside and I’m afraid you’ll catch your death.”  I begged and promised I wouldn’t.  My grandpa walked in and said “little bit, it colder than a well-diggers’ yes ma’am out there.  Are you sure you want to go out?”  I said “I want to make a snowman!”
My grandma finally said “well, wrap up real good before you go out and don’t stay too long.”

I didn’t have galoshes or mittens so I had to put on my grandpas’ socks.  My grandma put scarves around my neck and my grandpas’ toboggan on my head.  They laughed and laughed and said I looked like a tick about to burst.

I went out and worked and worked rolling snow balls until they got big enough.  When they got big enough, I couldn’t lift them.  I ran back in the house and asked my grandpa to come out and help me.  He picked up the snowballs and stacked them on top of each other and then said “this is going to be a fine snowman, little bit.”

I ran in the house and asked my grandma if I could put one of the scarves around his neck and grandpas’ hat on his head.  She said “you can put one of the scarves on him but your grandpa needs his toboggan.  She gave me some buttons for his eyes and mouth and I found some sticks for his arms.

I thought he was the most beautiful snowman I had ever seen.  Now all I had to do was wait for nighttime and say the magic words.


To be continued……………………….




9 thoughts on “Old Joe – Part Four

  1. Bless, so sweet, I feel a sad ending on the verge though 😞. Old Joe, I like you….I look at the sky when the sun Is surround by a haze like cloud, I know it will snow, my daughter laughs, but sure enough hours later snow ….
    The magic of childhood, we should never lose it, our inner child is burning it bright for us. If we look closely.

    Lovely Laurel, as always xx


  2. Toboggans in southern U.S. Meaning a warm hat is so cute! I had to google it because in canada that’s what we call sleds, so they’re still winter things, but totally different. We call warm hats toques (pronounced two-ks) and I thought they were usually called beanies down in the U.S. Never heard the term toboggan for anything like this! Soooo cool. Thanks for opening my mind as usual


  3. Aaw! This is heartwarming, even if it was so cold there! I get a little bit worried about old Joe sitting with a quilt with holes in it, when it’s so cold! I am glad the girl had some warm clothes at least! They have such a bruatiful friendship. I am glad they got to tell each other how they feel! 🙂

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