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The Dating Site – Just For Fun

I’ve been following a couple of bloggers who have tried or are trying the dating sites.  I decided I would give it a shot, just to see what kind of responses (if any) I would get.  I wanted to “play.”

On my “profile” I was specific about what I was looking for, such as:

“If your idea of a date is going to a bar, shooting pool and drinking until closing time, you are not for me.”
“If you sleep with your pets, you are not for me.”
“If you are a beach person, you are not for me.”
“If you spend most of your time on a motorcycle or watching races, you are not for me.”
“If you are not at least six feet tall, you are not for me.”
“If you live hand to mouth, you are not for me.”
“If you are looking for a wife, I am not for you.”
“If you are not educated, you are not for me.

I tried to make myself look as much like a snob as I possibly could.  I wanted to see if anybody who responded could actually read.  I thought I might get one or two responses, questioning my position as “queen.”

I had a meeting with my CPA and when I got back home, I had 18 messages.

Some of them were as follows:

  1.  “I’m 5’10” which rounds off to 6′.” ( He has a motorcycle shop.)
  2.  “I’m 5’7” but I can wear cowboy boots.  Looking forward to meeting you, sweetie.”
  3.  “I’m not a beach person either….at least not Myrtle Beach….I love the other ones.” (Which is it?  Don’t care for them or love them?)
  4.  “I love your face.  It’s beautiful.”  (this guy is 5’6″)
  5.  “Damn girl! Are you really 65?” (girl and really was misspelled.)
  6.  One of them left no message…just a picture of himself…shirtless.
  7.  Ones’ name is the same as Losers.  Losers’  WTC didn’t seem to mind that he had the same name as her ex.  Loser didn’t seem to mind that I had the same name as his first victim…um ex.
  8.  Another picture of a shirtless man. (it took me a while to figure out that I was looking at his nipples.)
  9.  One more message from a man with the same name as Loser….he’s 5’10”.  I swear, he says he’s “highly educated” but apparently he can’t read, either.
  10.  This one says he “loves my honesty” then tells me he’d like to take me on a motorcycle ride across the country.  Maybe I should be honest and say “um…can you read?”

I’m not going to check any more of them today.  They’re coming in faster than I can click on them.

I’ll probably only do this for a few days.  So far, I don’t know if it’s more hilarious or…..just plain sad.

54 thoughts on “The Dating Site – Just For Fun

  1. It all makes sense now. I’m glad I read these posts in reverse order because now I finally understand what is going on with the responses you are getting. While your ad is crystal clear it is being seen by the respondees as a challenge. Each of them thinks that they are the one who can break through your carefully crafted expectations. I love this I just might have to give this a go.


  2. Oh my😂
    Well – it is certainly a learning experience..
    And we are always learning.. You are wise and full of good love for someone worthy of you.. So enjoy the laughs
    You will know when it’s right❤️


  3. Omg made me laugh, this topic is never ending blog 😀 firstly are you 65? secondly did you include a real photo and real name? Thirdly, why are there so many asshole is the world, that one was rhetorical, btw……the answer would take too long anyways 😉 it would appear most of them cannot read what his stated as do’s and don’t s…I rofl at your # 7…did the fella spell girl, gurl….cringe 😑
    So funny Laurel, keep it up 👍

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  4. That’s why I don’t date guys! *smirks*

    You could put a quick filter kind of thing going on to check immediately if they read your profile. Kind of like a game?
    At the bottom or somewhere in the middle of the profile (not in the first lines at least!) add something sort of: “If you read this and really want to contact me, address the email/message to me with this specific word: “something something” to prove you are Human and can actually read!” Something like that.

    See how many would be able to spot that check.

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  5. I’ll fight you to the death for any one of these men…..step back woman. I’m pretty sure I’ll marry the one with the nipples on his neck. ROTFLMFAO.

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  6. Hahaha um… You have to keep responding on this. You’re so adorable. I will warn you- it’s fairly common for people to share shots of their junk. You haven’t got one yet, but it really is YET not if. Gird your loins momma.

    Also- what is it about guys pretending they are tall. 5’10” actually usually means 5’8″ and thats super wrong. Get over it.

    I love the many bikers who think you’re joking.

    And yeh- just… Beware the images. I’m worried about your genteel sensibilities.

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    • I just told survived that when I first looked at the picture of his nipples (it was sideways) I could see his neck and I thought it was his hooter.
      It I get a picture of anybodys’ junk, I’ll just point and laugh. LOL
      Yeah, motorcycle riders who lie about their height….don’t understand it. Do they not realize that as soon as I saw them (should I choose to meet them) I would get in my car and leave? UGH.

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      • Oh Laurel, you made me laugh. This really made my day! I so needed to laugh! This stuff and the ridiculous websites such as hook-up .com and booty call.com and those that teach people to cheat without being caught and those that teach the unemployed and uneducated with fake boobs to become successful gold-diggers….all that stuff, we should just be able to laugh about it! But of course it is also lame and sad and just plain stupid.

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        • I’ve never heard of those sites. Yikes. One of my blogger buddies had a man who owned a pineapple farm (somewhere in BFE) talking to her. It really is hilarious. I’m glad I made you laugh.though. I have no idea what I’ll find to day but I’ll keep posting about it for a while. 🙂

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  7. This is wonderful and hilarious at the same time!! 😀 I LOVE no. 8!! About the nipple! I could picture you squinting at the computer screen, trying to make out what you were looking at! 🙂

    It is maybe 1 out of 50 people that could be to one’s own particular liking… for people that have been through destructive relationship, I believe we are even more “picky”, so maybe 1 out of 100, that we would even consider dating… 🙂 A tip that I got (and which I believe in) is to do searches yourself, ie actively search for profiles of men that seem desirable to you. There should be some sort of advanced search function on the dating site that lets you fill in height, age, etc, if you are “browsing” around on the site.. Oh I am getting totally carried away, I see…. you said it was only for fun, sorry for all my advice etc. Hee-hee! I was just so excited. 🙂 Hugs.

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    • I know, right? I have to keep it in the back of my head to NOT look for somebody who is just like Loser….taller than average, highly educated, charming, can form a complete sentence….and a complete and total ASSHOLE.

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