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Old Joe – The Storyteller – Chapter Two

My friendship with old Joe continued throughout the summer.  I just loved listening to his stories.  One day he said “Miss Abby, did I ever tell you the story about our pig named Oscar?”  My eyes got wide when I said “you had a pig named Oscar?”

Old Joe said “yessum.  You sit right here while I go get our lemonade and I’ll tell you all about him.”

He began the story with “now, Oscar had two wooden legs.”  I asked him why he had two wooden legs.  Old Joe, said “well, Oscar was a very special pig.”  I said “he was?”

Old Joe said “oh, yeah.  One time our house caught afire while we was sleeping.  Oscar come runnin’ in the house just a squealin’ and making all kinds of racket.”  I said “what happened?”  Old Joe said, “he woke us up and saved our lives.”  I said “is that how he lost his legs?”

Old Joe said “well, now wait a minute.  That’s not the end of the story and that’s not the only thing he did what was special.”  I said “what else did he do?”
Old Joe said, “one day when I was little, I was out playin’ in the yard and I tripped and fell down the well.”  I looked at him and said “you did?  How did you get out?”

Old Joe said “well, Oscar seen me and runned all the way back to the house, just a squealin’ until he got my daddy to foller him to the well.”  I said “did your daddy get you out?”  Old Joe said “he sure did, thanks to Oscar.”

I said “but old Joe, why did Oscar have two wooden legs?”  Old Joe looked at me and said in a most serious voice, “why, Miss Abby!  You don’t eat a pig like that all at once.”

Again, I saw the twinkle in his eyes just before he started laughing.  I said “old Joe.  You were tricking me again!”

As he poured us another glass of lemonade, I said “old Joe, where is your mama and daddy?”  He said “my mama and daddy are in Heaven, child.”  I said “how did they get there?”
He said “well, the Heavenly Father called them home.”  I said “do they live up there?”  Old Joe said “they do now and someday I hope I will too.”

I asked old Joe if he thought Oscar was with them.  Old Joe smiled and said “I reckon he probly is.”  I said “do you reckon that’s where your friends went after they went away?”  Old Joe said “I reckon and I reckon your mama and daddy are there, too.”  I said “can we go see them?”

Old Joe said “well child, when the Heavenly Father calls us home we can go but you don’t want Him to be calling you just yet.  You’re still a young’un.”

Old Joe looked up toward the sky and said “I reckon He’ll be calling me directly.”  I was pouting when I said “well, tell Him you don’t want to go.”

A few minutes later I said “old Joe, did you ever see that automóbile again?”  Old Joe said “no, I never did and I ain’t never seen another one but I seen an airplane once.”  I said “you did?”  Old Joe said “yessum and it was flyin’ so high, it looked like a bird.”  I said “where was it going?”  Old Joe said “I don’t rightly know but it was goin’ somewhere, I reckon.”

School was going to start in a few weeks and I told old Joe that I wouldn’t be able to come see him as much.  He said “that’s alright.  You go on to school and get all the learnin’ you can.  There’s a big ole world out there, just waitin’ for you.”

Then he said “what you reckon you wants to be when you grow up?”  I thought about it for a minute and said “I don’t want to grow up.”

Old Joe laughed and said “everybody gots to grow up, child.”  I said “then, I guess I want to be a swan.” Old Joe said “a swan!  Why you reckon you wants to be a swan?”

I said “I want to be a swan so I can fly.”  Old Joe said “you can’t be a swan.”  I said “why not?”  He said “because you a little girl.”

I said “okay.  Then I want to be an airplane.”

To be continued…………………

26 thoughts on “Old Joe – The Storyteller – Chapter Two

  1. Oh. Laurel. This is most wonderful story. My dads name is Joe and it reminds me of my daughter when she was little talking with Her grampie and still today. I don’t see too many children connecting or doing homework with , asking advice, doing dances for grandparents. I am happy mine appreciates her Old Joe too. I recall one of her friends called her gramma boring and annoying, mine looked at her and said that is mean to say. We talked about it after, and agreed we both knew her gramma and she was lovely and chatty and full of wonderful stories. It is all in the genuine appreciation we have of others. Such a beautiful story, against made cry and laugh. I could see Oscar as you told your story. You gave him much personality too.


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