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A Crying Child

I found this picture of me this morning.  I remember when it was taken like it was yesterday.  Mama had dropped me off at my grandmothers’ house.  I was begging her to take me home.
When she took this picture, she was smiling and said “maybe if you were a good little girl, this wouldn’t happen.”

I think this is going to be my last blog.

me 30001

27 thoughts on “A Crying Child

  1. What a piece of sh*t woman and mother..no, that’s not right..no real woman and/or mother would treat her children that way…so, what a piece of sh*t


  2. Oh Laurel, that is a heartbreaking story! That girl should have had hugs and unconditional love and not have had to worry about anything else than climbing trees and picking daisies and that sort of thing.. 💜 I do hope that this is not your last blog.. hugs! 🌸


  3. I’m sorry that you were raised by a mentally ill mother….I’m sorry that you were married to a mentally ill husband…..I’m sorry that some of your children show you no compassion for the mental abuse that you endured……I’m thrilled to have found you and your beautiful writing……I’m honored to call you my cyber friend…..I find it awesome that the little girl in the picture is a survivor and was strong enough not to let a bunch of sick, pathetic, fucking assholes take her down……Looking forward to your next post..


  4. Oh, I’m so sorry, that sucks. But.. Don’t stop blogging, make it private if needed. It hurts yes, but that’s to let it out. Maybe consider volunteering at a hospital with kids, give them a moment if happiness. It will counter your sucky childhood. I work at a hospital & everyday I’m grateful for my health, some days that’s all I had. There was a time my kids said I was mean, my ex had them convinced I was a bad mom, we had no $, since he spent it . I was beyond depressed, but at least I was upright & breathing & healthy. Don’t stop, just recoup


  5. Laurel, this broke my heart. I am so, so, sorry love. Truly you have experienced some real evil in the world. If this is really your last post, I hope you find peace and joy because you deserve that. Please don’t be a stranger. Sending you love and hugs.


  6. Bless Laurel what a sweet photo of you ❤️ the memory attached to it, it very sad. Why is this your last blog, I thought you enjoyed writing. Your words are meaningful ….do you need to time alone, I will miss you. I am just getting to know you and your are a beautiful person, so kind and supportive despite your own struggles…I hope you are okay xxx


  7. I want to hug that cute innocent little girl. I want to take the grown woman she grew up to be and hold her and tell her she is love and wanted. And if she no longer blogs, she will be dearly missed.



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