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Another Lovely Blog Award

love blog award

I was excited to find that I had been nominated for another Lovely Blog Award.  A big thank you to makingtimeforme for the nod.  She is a mother and a former teacher, who reaches out to other bloggers to offer support.  Her blog name may be “makingtimeforme” but she always makes time for others.  She recently started including teenagers and asks for their takes on any and everything.  Give her a read.  You will enjoy her blogs.


  1. Thank the person who nominated you.
  2.  List the rules.
  3.  Name seven facts about yourself.
  4.  Nominate up to fifteen others.
  5.  Leave a comment on one of their posts to let them know.


  1.  After I raised my four children, at fifty-three years old, I began working for the EMS system.  I kept a lot of people alive until I got them to the hospital but I never saved a life.  Only one patient died in the back of my ambulance.  He was a DNR so all I could do was hold his hand until he took his last breath.
  2.  When I was forty, I blew out my knee playing soccer with my daughters.  Six weeks after total knee reconstruction, I was back on the field.
  3.  I have had breakfast with Ted Kennedy, lunch with John Kenneth Galbraith and dinner with Robert Penn Warren.
  4.  I can comfortably “stand” on my ankles and turn my feet around, one hundred and eighty degrees so that they’re facing backward.
  5.  My leg has been broken four times, my arm has been broken once, my cheekbone has been crushed, five of my fingers have been broken, my nose has been broken twice, my little toe has been broken, seven ribs have been broken, both wrists have been broken and my skull has been fractured three times.


These are all such wonderful, supportive bloggers.  If you’re not already following them, give them a read.  Their stories and poems are heart-wrenching but full of hope and compassion for others.

  1. survivednarc
  2. creativerational
  3. savingshards
  4. Angelica Kidd
  5. dtaylor
  6. ajpprobrien
  7. blogofamadblackwoman
  8. boldblindbeauty
  9. kcrambles
  10. gentlekindness



16 thoughts on “Another Lovely Blog Award

  1. These are so interesting, Laurel! Of course, some are really sad because of your history. But it’s just further proof of what a true warrior you are! Roar on lioness! 💙


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