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The Story Of A Little Girl

A little girl looks at her mama and asks, why don’t you love me?
Her mama answers, what in this round world have you ever done to make anybody love you?

A little girl wants to be told she’s pretty.
Her mama and her sisters tell her she’s ugly.

A little girl asks her daddy why he doesn’t care that she is bruised and battered.
He tells her it’s because her mama said she was sassing her.

A little girl wonders why she’s never asked to go to a slumber party.
The other girls say, because you’ve got marks on your legs and your face is always swollen.

A little girl wants to go to college and tells her guidance counselor.
Her guidance counselor laughs at her.

A little girl prays every night, asking God if he will make somebody love her.
God says no.

A little girl grows up.
She becomes a young woman.

A young woman often goes hungry.
But she has somewhere to sleep.

A young woman dreams of finding her knight in shining armor.
She thinks he will love and protect her.

A young woman thinks she has finally found him.
She is wrong.

A young woman gets married.
Her husband ignores her.

A young woman is lonely and tells her husband.
He screams that he has to work and tells her that she’s being selfish.

A young woman gets slapped.
She thinks she deserves it.

A young woman remembers being told to just shut up and have the fucking kid when she was in labor.
She deserved it.  She asked for a sip of water and interrupted her husband while he was reading a book.

A young woman has four children.
She raises them by herself because she has no choice.

A young womans’ mother-in-law gets drunk and abuses her.
Her husband hears it and says nothing.

A young woman becomes a middle-aged woman.
It happens quickly.

A middle-aged woman waits for her turn to be noticed.
That turn never comes.

A middle-aged woman gets jerked by the arm and belittled in front of friends.
She deserved it because she made her husband angry.

A middle-aged womans’ husband is unfaithful.
Her husband admits it and calls her a fucking bitch because she is hurt.

A middle-aged woman finds out that she has been given an incurable disease.
Her husband tells her to get over it.

A middle-aged woman almost grieves herself to death.
Her husband acts like nothing has happened.

A middle-aged woman becomes an old woman.
It happens almost overnight.

An old woman is so damaged she can hardly function.
Nobody understands and they make fun of her.

An old woman wants to fly away but she can’t.
Her wings have been broken.

An old woman’s husband picks up a bar-hop and is unfaithful again.
He thinks it’s okay because his wife won’t let him touch her.

An old woman asks for a divorce.
Her husband says no because he wants his wife and his bar-hop, too.

An old woman leaves.
She is accused of desertion.

An old woman looks in the mirror and says to herself.
I have never known how it feels to be loved.


An old woman sometimes wishes that a little girl, who never wanted anything more than to just be loved, had died.




29 thoughts on “The Story Of A Little Girl

  1. This breaks my heart. Everyone failed you. Nobody should ever have to live like that. It may not feel like it but it just goes to show how strong and mighty you really are. You survived all of that. And you will survive anything that comes next. (((Hugs)))

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  2. that is utterly sad and it made me teary…. I have seen such little girls whose moms are too busy prettying up themselves they don’t have time for their girls and god forbid if the daughter is fat or bit dark in shade then she is labeled for life as ugly and fat.
    this is a wonderful piece of writing..


  3. Laurel, my heart breaks reading this. You were a diamond among rocks. Regardless of how broken you feel, the fact that you are still capable of loving and receiving love is a testament to your ability to heal. That you can show care to strangers and feel cared for by them, that’s a strength. Dear Lioness, you are finding your roar! And that is beautiful. You are beautiful. Sending you all my love. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

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  4. Ohhh Laurel, this makes me sad. No one should go through life feeling alone and unloved. All those who neglected, abused you have no idea of the beautiful jewel that you are. They couldn’t love you because they all are rotten and know nothing of love. You on the other hand have so much love boosting from you that it made them nasty to see your shine amid their darkness.
    You are loved…it may be from strangers but it is love no less, don’t forget that. Hugs sweet Laurel. Xx

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  5. You are loved. From far away and over the anonymous lines of texts, but I feel and hear your words like they are already a part of my soul before they’ve been written. It doesn’t mean much, I wish I could help and heal all this garbage that you did not deserve. But you are loved, now.

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  6. Laurel, this is so very sad. It really is heartbreaking. Abuse and neglect your whole life basically. I wish you peace. I wish I had something better to offer. But I do wish you peace and happiness. I hope it comes your way. Xo

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  7. Such a sad and heartbreaking read! I want to tell that little girl that she is worth so much just by existing here among us! If that little girl were a little girl that I knew now, I would take her to the movies and treat her to candy and laugh with her and give her a big warm hug!!

    And to the woman who is now older I would say that she has a friend, and to make the most of all the time left… Hugs! 💜

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