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I Remember When…



A gallon of gas cost 25¢

You could buy a brand new car for $1,200.00

A radio was not standard equipment

There were no car seats for children

You took your car to a fillin’ station

At the fillin’ station, they pumped your gas, washed your windshield and checked your oil

Your car keys were always in the ignition

A car with an out of state tag caught everybodys’ attention

No bank would finance a used car

A new car loan was limited to three years

Exxon was Esso

Nissan was Datsun

A piece of candy cost a penny

A fountain coke cost a dime

You could go to a Saturday “matinee” for a nickel

A bag was called a poke

Dollars were called foldin’ money

Minimum wage was 85¢ an hour

You had to manually change the channel on your television

There were only three stations

All the programs were in black and white

You got a signal with rabbit ears wrapped with tin foil

Policemen would give you a ride home

There were no female police officers or firefighters

There were no ambulances

You went to bed with your windows open and your front door unlocked

The doors to churches were never locked

There were mock air raids every Tuesday

Your answer to a question from an adult was always followed with ma’am or sir

All school work except math had to be written with a fountain pen

Your source of information came from the Encyclopedia Britannica, the Dictionary or the local newspaper

Teachers drank on break

All Christmas trees were real

A handshake was as good as a contract

The commode was an outhouse

The shower was an aluminum tub and a garden hose

Fresh water came from the well

You dug your dinner out of the ground

Letters were hand written

Postage stamps were 4¢

You paid your bills with cash

You had one special “Sunday go to meetin’ outfit.”

Having only one pair of shoes was normal

Pantyhose hadn’t been invented

There was no fast food joint on the corner

Houses were heated by a lone fireplace

You could leave your children in the toy department while you did your shopping

Water fountains were marked “Black” and “White”

Signs in buses said “Blacks to the rear”

Signs in movie theaters said “Blacks to the balcony”

People kept bowls full of cigarettes on their coffee tables because everybody smoked

There were smoking sections in school

Doctors and nurses smoked while you were having a check-up

You could buy a pack of cigarettes when you were six years old

Pregnancy was a dirty word

Girls weren’t allowed to wear pants to school and their dresses had to hit mid-knee

Boys had to wear a tucked-in, button-down shirt and pants with a belt

No facial hair on boys was allowed and their hair couldn’t touch the top of their ears

Tennis shoes were only allowed in the gymnasium

A sofa was called a lounge

The living room was called the front room

The must have toys for girls were Barbie, Miss Revlon, Sleepy Baby and Dam dolls

The must have toys for boys were sling-shots, coon-skinned caps, the latest Matchbox car and a cap-gun

There was a mailbox and a telephone booth on every corner

It cost a dime to make a call from a phone booth

There were two-party lines in houses and you could listen to the other persons’ conversation

Your phone number was only five numbers

People with mental disorders were sent to the “nervous hospital”


What do you remember?






















16 thoughts on “I Remember When…

  1. Milk was delivered to the front porch every morning. Bread was delivered every day at noon. Both used a horse and cart. Ice was delivered once a week and put in the refrigerator. We had no TV. The green grocer drove a big green truck and parked on the street and everyone lined up to get their fresh produce. We preserved all our fruits every summer and became excited to eat apricots in winter. Seeing a television in a shop window and people sitting around in their fold up chairs outside. Eggs came from your own chooks. Aaahhhh……I must be old. Lol.


      • I still can the excesses of our summer fruits and veg for winter consumption. I de-skin and de-seed excess tomatoes in late summer and freeze them to be used in winter. We usually run out about February though, so go without fresh tomatoes for a few months in our climate. My kids helped me garden and can for years, just like I did with my grandparents. The gardening and canning habits skipped my parent’s generation as they opted for the convenience of store bought packaged products. I am kind of nostalgic and cherish my memories with my grandparents. I still send my son off with canned goods when he goes home to Brooklyn. CF, I love that the milk and bread were delivered by horse and cart in your lifetime in Australia! Now that is something! I love milk from a jar! xxx


        • Aren’t those memories glorious? What I wouldn’t give to go back to a simpler time. Remember when you could pick things like strawberries out of the yard and eat them on the spot? There were no pesticides on them. I used to drink out of the garden hose and not think twice about it.

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          • One of my great aunts owned a strawberry farm about 15 minutes from where I currently live. Completely organic back then. My grandpa and I used to go out and pick flats of berries for Grandma to can. I would get such a sick tummy from eating so many huge sweet berries! ♥️🍓🍓🍓


            • LOL. My grandmother would send me up the cherry tree to pick cherries for a pie. Sometimes, there would actually be enough after I had eaten most of them….and crabapples. I would eat them by the ton. My grandmother was always afraid I would get a stomach ache but I never did.

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  2. putting tin foil on the antenna of the television and moving around the antennas to get the station to come in better. If it was an important football game to my father, he would have me stand near by and when an important play was getting ready to happen, he would have me hold into the antenna with one hand, and stick out my other arm in order to get the signal to come in better, and make the picture clear,,,,so funny


    • That is hilarious. I remember holding the antenna so Loser could watch Duke basketball. I hope it is a good memory for you. Do you by any chance remember the “film” you could get that made your television “color?” It was blue on the top, the middle was flesh colored and the bottom was green. THAT was hilarious!


  3. Ooh I remember phone boots everywhere! It was kind of cool! I remember clothing stores ans such being closed on Sundays when I was a kid. (Stores are now open all weekends). I remember how society over here was much more into looking after people, that “people meant more than money”, at least that was the feeling here in the 1980’s. You know, the Scandinavian/Nordic “social safety net for all”, was pretty famous back then. (It has changed, now money means almost everything in society). I remember I was a bit afraid of the ladies serving me lunch at school… I have always thought that since the government pays for school lunches, that is why those ladies serving it, always made a comment if they saw you throwing away some of your food on the plate.. lol, funny memories.. sorry maybe they were a bit personal and not from a general viewpoint😃


    • LOL. I forgot the “blue laws” and when the 7-11’s were first opened. Open from 7 to 11, even on the week-ends but you still couldn’t buy anything that wasn’t a “necessity.” That’s hilarious about the school lunches…and I too, remember when people and family were more important than the almighty buck!

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