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Time can be measured in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades and centuries.
Time steals youth, while simultaneously granting entry into the golden years.

Everybody has a “time card.”  When it’s punched, your time is up.

There are the familiar phrases such as “I don’t have time…if only I had time…give me time” as if it’s something tangible but you can’t touch time.

Losers’ explanation (in the after time) for not stopping at Krispy Kreme was “I never felt like I had time.
When I asked my daddy if he would come to see me, he always said “one of these first few days, when I have time.
Do those statements actually mean “you weren’t/aren’t worth the time?

We can’t travel backward or forward in time, except in dreams.  We can’t buy time on the corner.  We can’t order time on Ebay.
Time can’t be awarded in divorce decrees.  Time can’t be wrapped up as a gift and put under the Christmas tree.  Time can’t be a birthday present.  Time can’t be won in a weekly drawing.

Loved ones can be denied time due to selfish behavior.

Time that has passed can never be retrieved.

Timeout is used as punishment.

Time can be your friend and it can be your enemy.

Time reflects its ravages on a face in a mirror.

Time can be taken for granted.

Time can be apportioned and spent wisely.  Time can be unforgivably wasted.

Time spent with somebody you love can be exhilarating.  Time spent alone can be excruciatingly painful.

Time can seem like an eternity while waiting.

Time is supposed to heal all wounds but often, it only serves to prolong the agony.

Time is fickle.  It can grant a long life or it can grant but a brief stay.

Time.  Technically, it’s just another four letter word.

39 thoughts on “Time

  1. FYI…..Brothel is a high class whorehouse. More than two in one area makes a “red light district”. ……TIME now to say goodnight.


  2. Aah.. it is always the time wasted on a narcissist, that stings the most… and I “only” wasted 4 years of my life on that… Even if it is not much compared to you, and some other people.. I can still feel bitter about that… but, lately I am starting to think: “Shall I sit here, and waste MORE time on being bitter…? That’s crazy. Then it is like the narcissist is stealing even more time away from me..” If you know what I mean.. 😊 Hugs!


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