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The Mighty Warriors Club

I had an idea, inspired by two bloggers…Sam (samlobos) and S**** (survivednarc.)  Sam adopted an animal as her alter-ego…the Wolf.  S**** adopted the Lynx.  I decided on the Lioness.

I propose an unofficial club composed of just that…the mighty warriors.  Choose an animal and post it.

I want Sam to howl at the moon and let it be known that she is now the Alpha.  I want S**** to hide in plain sight and let her light shine so bright that it illuminates the darkness that surrounds so many of us.

I have always divided my life into two parts…the “before time” and the “after time.”  The after time was when I realized that because of a life-altering event, life as I knew it was never again going to be the same.

In the before time, I was a warrior, especially when it came to my children.  I let them handle their own problems (and they did it great aplomb) until it became clear that they no longer could.  Then, I stepped in.

There was a common phrase in our house…“obviously they don’t know your mom.”  Everybody knew that you didn’t fuck with my children or you would hear the mighty roar of their protector.

My mighty roar turned into a whimper and then was silenced.  Depression almost caused my extinction.  I had lost my sword.  I had lost my shield.  Betrayal had taken the form of a dagger and had pierced my heart.

I wish the lioness in me could roar once again.

16 thoughts on “The Mighty Warriors Club

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  2. That is very kind of you 😊 Yeah, blanked out name like that works perfectly. 😊 I thought a bit more about the mighty warriors club and I really do like it.. it feels like I am getting a bit stronger just by thinking about that… Thanks for formulating that idea! Hugs.


    • One of my favorite readers (although she is not a blogger) “annasnow” picked a sloth with red polish on her claws! The two-toed sloth can rip your throat open with one swipe! The mightier we are, the more powerful we become!


  3. I’m going with sloth……just the nails alone give me an edge….add swinging through the trees and I rule. Not an ordinary sloth mind you….I would polish those ginormouse nails passion fruit red.


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