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WOW – A Nomination

love blog award

Yesterday I was completely blown away when I found out that I had been nominated for the “One Lovely Blog Award” by the wonderful “survivednarc.”
She has been a staunch supporter and has offered genuine (not cultured) pearls of wisdom, unlimited encouragement and heartfelt sympathy.  I couldn’t be more honored for this nomination and to also call her my friend…so thank you Alex.




  1.  Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2.   List the rules.
  3.   Display the award on your post.
  4.   List seven facts about yourself.
  5.   Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and comment on one of their posts to let them know that you have nominated them.


  1.   After surviving a brutal childhood, I jumped into a marriage to a neglectful, selfish, narcissistic man and wasted forty-one years of my life with him….but I have four wonderful children who I virtually raised by myself.  A few of them have stumbled more than once and one of them has fallen more than once but they are my children and I am so very proud of them.  Now, I’m trying to work through having been lied to, cheated on repeatedly and given an incurable disease from the one person I trusted more than anybody.
  2.   I used to suffer from the “I can do anything” disease so I tackled everything that interested me, including quilting, painting, woodworking, upholstery, moving my kitchen by myself (including re-wiring and re-plumbing), starting to play soccer when I was forty and becoming familiar with power tools including running a chain saw.
  3.   I am a true blue and loyal friend and have more often than not, been disappointed that it was not reciprocated.
  4.   I went to EMT school when I was 53 and was 1st in my class.  I was the only person in history to ever have a perfect score in the clinicals.
  5.   I am Southern by birth and although I have lived in six different states, my heart never left North Carolina.  I love the gentility of days gone past, when women were ladies, men were gentlemen and your word was your bond.
  6.   I am naive…but not naive enough to “pick up and hold” $25,000,000.00 for a poor Marine who is stuck in Afghanistan.  (He must have read my “I hope this makes you laugh” post and thought he had found the perfect mark!)
  7.   I started my blog because people used to tell me that I needed to write a book about my dark and twisty life.  I don’t know what prompted me to start but it has proven to be invaluable in many ways.  I have acquired so many fabulous supporters and have also learned that I am not alone.  It is gut-wrenching to read what others have gone through but there is a common bond that we all share.  Some of us are further along in the healing process and it’s wonderful to watch the progress and see them come out on the other side.  Some day, I hope to join THAT club.



We’re supposed to nominate 15 bloggers but most of the ones I would nominate have either already been nominated or have made it clear that they do not wish to be nominated…so my list will fall severely short…by 15.


24 thoughts on “WOW – A Nomination

  1. Yay, so happy to see this post up, Laurel! ☺ Thanks for your nod at me in the beginning of it. 😉 I know I sound like a broken record repeating myself…but you will heal more and more, slowly but steadily. And you will write all sorts of other lovely stories, I feel certain of that! 💜


  2. We’re the winners because we get to enjoy your beautiful writing. You have a lifetime of stories, you don’t need Loser. Keep writing….we’ll keep reading…. Congrats.


  3. A well-deserved nomination! Thanks for sharing more about yourself; you should be so proud of your achievements. You’re doing great in getting over Loser and you *will* make it to the other side very soon! ❤ x


    • Thank you so much, Megan. It was really a great honor…I’m just afraid…what happens when Loser is really out of the picture? What am I going to write about then? I’m about as creative as a fencepost!


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