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Beans And Cornbread

Last night I found half a bag of dried beans.  I put them in a bowl and covered them with water.  When I woke up this morning at the butt crack of dawn, I threw them in my crock pot.  I used to make “beans and cornbread” all the time.  They were requested by my sister and her boyfriend when they came to see me and Loser always requested them, too.

Maybe that’s why I stopped fixing them.  But fix them I did and I thought I would run up to the grocery store and get some cornbread mix.  It was hard to find a parking place but for some reason but I thought it was because it was Saturday.
There’s a section where you can get already cooked vegetables as well as vile crap, like chicken or cubed steak.
I stopped and asked them if they had any cornbread but they were out.  They said they had corn muffins so that was good enough.  I bought three muffins and started looking around the store for anything else that might appeal to me.  The store was literally crawling with people and they were loading up their carts like they were expecting a hurricane.

I got my muffins and an onion and was heading up to the check-out.  It took a few minutes to get to the cashier and when I got there, I asked what was going on.

Apparently, a “monstrous storm” is going to hit us.  I rarely turn my television on and when I do, I never watch the news or the weather.  After I heard that, I decided that if we were going to be socked in for a few days, I should get some real food…so I got a box of microwave popcorn and a bottle of Texas Pete.  I don’t even remember picking the bottle up and if I went back tomorrow, I don’t think I could remember where I found it.  Don’t ask what the correlation is because I don’t know…I don’t even like hot sauce.  On the way home, I thought “snot buckets!”  Loser always wanted hot sauce in his beans.

I was questioning my sanity (once again) and that made a smooth transition into a positive thought.  I was thinking, “Loser has never been in this house and he never will be…and he will never again put hot sauce on the beans that I make.”

I filled a small bowl with beans (sans hot sauce), cut a few pieces of onion and had half a corn muffin.  It was pretty good, I will say.

I was swapping messages with a fellow blogger the other day and I told her about my sisters’ and my friends’ refrigerators being crammed so full of food, you couldn’t even see the back.

My refrigerator has a pitcher of water in it..and that’s all…but as of today, my water pitcher will no longer be lonely because it has the companionship of an onion and a bottle of hot sauce.  Now when I open the door, my refrigerator light shines like the eyes of a proud mama!


The answer to the ? post is….the criminal walked away…and we did indeed meet again.

(I was going to add my little touch of humor and say “I shot the criminal and then I shot my partner for being a wiener….I mean…who lets a criminal get a choke-hold on them?”)

24 thoughts on “Beans And Cornbread

  1. Laurel!!! I salivated just READING this post! Just choosing to cook what you like, for you, is a great step forward. What a beautiful thing, watching you – the lovely, courageous, amazing-writer-story-teller emerge. Keep writing!! And cooking 🙂 HUGS.


  2. Oh.. I wrote a quite long comment but it disappeared it seems. .. so I will just say I loved the post😊 Eat more of them yummy beans, so glad to hear you eat other things than Boost… 😁 g’nite.


  3. That food, beans and cornbread, sounds like a good meal! ☺ I am sorry I did not mean to, but I had to laugh when you wrote you were buying “real food” and took popcorn and the hot sauce?😊 I hope you made a lot of be answer and cornbread anyways, so maybe you had some leftovers the next day.. aah: the criminal walked away.. is he Loser, then? Or am I just slow in the head, forgive me, it’s almost 2 a.m. I love your posts lately!! There is a bit of a new and shiny Laurel, in these new posts!👍g’nite.

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    • I’m glad you laughed at the popcorn and hot sauce. You know, the story wasn’t about Loser. I wasn’t even thinking about him when the idea came to me…nor was he a second thought to the other story I have always wanted to write. If I was going to write a story about Loser it would be about a POS, SW-screwing, bat-shit crazy, fucktard, limp-noodled, narcissistic, sociopathic pig. I’m sure I left a few adjectives out but you get the picture. LOL.
      Thank you for liking my posts. 🙂

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      • Good that there are some stories that you can have that are not about him! I feel that strongly, that we do need our own stories; the narcs do not need to get the spotlight still, constantly. Of course we can write about them too as our therapy. I find it can be like purging the soul from evil, 😉 but it is also nice to see that we have completely different stories within us. Our own personality and soul which claim some spot in the limelight for a change.. 😃

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