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The Sentence

I got the word tonight from the man my son is staying with.  Twelve months probation, six months suspended license, fifty hours of community service, a DUI course, plus fines and court costs which will reach into the thousands.  He mentioned “needing rent money” but I didn’t respond.  I have paid J*****s’ rent twice.
J***** doesn’t even have a job and if he did, how is he going to get to work and to the community service?  The price you pay, I guess.

I feel the call, begging for money coming.

9 thoughts on “The Sentence

  1. I bet it is a relief he didn’t have to go to jail.. but Yes, I think like you, it is going to be hard for him with the fines and community service without the car.. I fear that if you help with the fines etc, he may interpret that as an okay to do same things again, and asked for money again… If you still felt you wanted to contribute in some way, perhaps a bus/train ticket that lasts a month or so, so he could get to community service. Of course you do not have to pay anything… The risk with the situation is also that even bus pass, he could try to sell to someone, to get alcohol, if he relapses etc. Oh what a mess. Hugs!! Take care of yourself in this tough spot.


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