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What Do You Watch And Why?

What kind of television shows do you watch?  What (if anything) does it say about you?  If you enjoy watching comedies, does that mean you enjoy laughter?  If you enjoy watching love stories, does that mean you love and are loved?  If you enjoy watching reality shows, does that mean you wish you were doing whatever they are doing?

I have been asked by a few fellow bloggers what I watch on television.  I respond with the usual “anything having to do with medical/fire/police/ems.”  It’s not that I enjoy blood and guts (I’ve seen that in real life.)  I think part of it is that I understand the “jargon.”
I understand the “codes” and I can immediately spot a mistake in the portrayal of how a certain department reacts….such as removing a knife from somebody and then slapping on a bandage (which is a no-no) or arbitrarily “shocking” somebody and miraculously bringing them back to life.  The heart has to be in a certain rhythm to be shocked and if it is in asystole, you can shock it until the cows come home and it’s not going to do anything.

I watch the History channel but I have found myself limiting my viewing to documentaries about war.  My daddy served in World War II, so that interests me and of course and I lived through the era of the Cold War, the Vietnam War and the Iraqi War.
I used to watch the Discovery channel until it became a platform for more reality shows.  When I realized that there wasn’t much to “discover” anymore, I stopped watching.

I NEVER, EVER watch a comedy.  I could barely tolerate them before.  If there was nothing else on, I would simply turn the television off.  It would be no different if there was a “love story” on.

I do watch Jeopardy.  There are times when I smugly answer every single question and chide the contestants for not knowing the answer.  There are other times, when I can hardly answer a single question and wonder if I have gone completely stupid.
I never watch anything political.  Those talking heads make my head spin all the way around like the little girl on “The Exorcist” and makes me want to projectile vomit putrid, green sputum.

I have spent money on television series, such as “Criminal Minds and Dexter” but I have never even opened them.
I remember when there were “mini-series” on television and I couldn’t wait until the next episode came on.  There was “Shogun, Rich Man Poor Man, North and South, Of Captains and Kings, and The Last Convertible.”  I watched them all but they have gone the way of the dinosaur.

I always liked movies about true events and real people, whether loosely based or factual but even the “feel good” ones are difficult to watch now.  I loved the movie “Door to Door” based on Bill Porters’ life but I don’t watch it anymore.  I loved “Radio” but it takes place in the town where Loser and the WTC live.

Some of the movies I loved to watch, like “The Last Of The Mohicans (with the touching last line “once we were here”), Backdraft, Ladder 49 and Gone With The Wind” are just too sad.  I’m sad enough.

I never go the the movie theater.  The last movie I went to see was “Red” and Loser took me.  I really enjoyed it but I have a hard time watching it now because of a certain name of a certain woman.  It makes me want to gag.

I listen to music all the time but sometimes that is difficult.  I love the sixties music.  I can understand the words and it brings back memories of my first boyfriend and my high school years.  I still listen to it, but have the remote control close, so I can mute a certain song when it comes on.
I love some of the “big-band” era music, even though I wasn’t around in its hey-day.  I don’t listen to modern-day music….I wouldn’t know a Taylor Swift song from a Katy Perry song and I NEVER listen to rap.  I do love classical music, especially the haunting melodies of a cello.

I sound like I’m a hundred and eighty-nine years old (and most of the time I feel like it) and it may seem that I am living in the past.  I wouldn’t disagree on some points but I prefer to think of it as being nostalgic.  After all, nostalgia means “pain from an old wound” so I’ll just sit here and pick at the scab a little while longer.


39 thoughts on “What Do You Watch And Why?

  1. Speaking of mini-series. Our son was watching Lonesome Dove on TV the other day. They were playing the episodes one after the other on some channel. It brought back all those old memories of getting home so as not to miss the next installment of a mini-series. Such a different world back then.


  2. Hmmm….don’t watch regularly but do have a few. Love Downton (seems to be a consensus on that one) and Midwife. Enjoy the british cooking shows from time to time, and an occasional home renovation show. LOVED True Detectives (season 1 and 2…tough watches…). My sons got me to watch Mr. Robot – fascinating. And though I don’t enjoy comedy shows regularly, I absolutely LOVE Big Bang Theory. HUGS, Laurel!


  3. Interesting that you said Dexter, I don’t watch many crime series but that one was really good, like a thriller/drama and quite original style too. As for feelgood movies!! I saw one recently which I loved, it was just so warm and made me get some small hope again about life etc. I didn’t find it cheesy at all really, simply heartwarming. It is called “The intouchables” in English, though I think you may need subtitles cause I think was in the French language. It is about a man who has lost all hope, sort of. And how he makes the journey to rebuild it… I will say no more if you decide to watch it. 😊 Hugs.💜


    • I think he was a bit of a serial killer, wasn’t he but he only killed bad guys? I’ll look up “the intouchables.” I thought at first you were talking about the “untouchables.” THAT wasn’t heartwarming…unless you call catching Al Capone heartwarming..LOL

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      • Yes, Dexter was a serial killer and killed off only murderers and such.. But it kept me n my toes, looking in dark corners at home (lol!) more than most other series, it was really quite good, nce you gave it a chance. (With TV series, I found the rule: Yu have to give it at least 3 episodes, or you do not truly know whether you will like it, I found SO many series where I was unsure by 1st episode, and 2nd, and then3d (r sometimes 4th: BAM, I was hooked!)…. anyway, No not untouchables haha that is right, it is “The Intouchables”. And I assum if you download from some authorized movie site or buy the dvd, they will most likely have the English subtitles, cause I think the movie became quite popular. 🙂


        • I should give Dexter a try, I guess. I don’t know if you have ever seen “L.A. Confidential but it was one of those movies that I tried to watch so many times. I just couldn’t get past the first half hour. I finally stuck with it and it is one of my favorites now. It just moved too slow, I guess but it is a terrific movie.

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          • Yes you could give Dexter a try, and see. If you do need other tips in other genres, just holler! This past year when I was in the narcissistic harem I was so down/low, that I could do nothing more than my job and TV series, so I daresay I know quite a lot about the good ones..and I usually only watch the “quality” ones, who have 8/10 in their gradings). I do not recall seeing L.A. confidential…hmm I must think… Anyway, do give The Intouchables a chance, it is really heartwarming for people like you and me (who sometimes lose hope). Hugs!! 🙂


  4. I’m stuck on competition cooking shows. I cant really even say I watch them, I just put them on while I do different things around the house. I hate the silence, and I can check in or rewind if it is interesting. So cooking channel and food network. David says he is at his max of that, lol. I do like big bang theory, yes a comedy, but I am a physicist and to me it is just hanging with my people, they are as close as I can get to my old physics buddies in school.


    • I watched one of those cooking shows once. It was some kind of cake thing. I was glued to the television for just that once. I never watched it again. I think one of the reasons was because somebody had to get their cake across town and used an ambulance. THAT really annoyed me…but I guess when a lot of money is at stake, you do what you have to do.
      Not being a cook (anymore) I don’t watch anything evolving food. I used to watch HGTV when they had quilt shows on but they have gotten so squirrely that I stopped. I understand the “big bang theory” shows’ attraction. I guess that’s why I watch the medic shows.

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        • They probably did but we were not allowed (under penalty of losing our certification) to use the ambulance in any capacity other than an emergent situation. I sure would have liked to have a piece of that cake, though 🙂


    • I know! I absolutely hate movies where you figure out the ending at the very beginning. I will sometimes watch Dateline ID and I have even watched a few of the “hoarder” shows. I can’t wrap my arms around that one…I still think it’s for show, although my children (who are medics) tell me that they have been in houses like that. YUK.


  5. I enjoy Brit murder mysteries and eras-gone-by dramas. When a show is both, I’m in Heaven. I’ve exhausted Netflix, Hulu, and youtube. I literally have no more options. Sad? 😛 I swear… Midsomer Mysteries are the best murder-detective show out there. My reasoning skills/intuition really developed – it’s weird that a show did that. (200 episodes… almost all of them are the length of a movie though: a little over and hour and a half.) I can’t get through Miss Fisher’s Murders though… it’s not complex enough. I try to watch them because it’s the only show left but it’s disappointing to work out who the murderer is in the first 10 minutes, hope all throughout that it could.not.be.that.easy and then find that it was.

    My unwinding nonsense shows are Teen Mom and Real Housewives of the OC, NY, and NJ. I’ll often forget about them though and then just watch a full, just-gone season at once.

    If I’m really low, I watch Brit cleaning shows… and the big estates with hoarder-owners are my favorite. lol

    I used to love political and war movies and shows but it’s really hard to take them as entertainment with all the inaccuracies or just flat out falsehoods. It’s a bit like how I imagine French people felt about them when all the movie theatres in WWII only showed Nazi-propaganda films.


    • The PBS channel here is starting to re-show Downton Abbey. I have toyed with the idea of watching that. It was all the rage when if first came out. I don’t recognize any of the shows you mention but they sound interesting. 🙂


  6. I grew up listening to a lot of 60’s-70’s, and it was definitely not the ‘thing’ amongst my friends, but I didn’t care. Do what You enjoy. I can tolerate a certain amount of the CSI type shows, but I’ll admit I get bored just a quickly with the terminology, and I’d rather watch the sarcastic a-hole House.
    I do love to laugh, and watch a few comedies, but I’d rather listen to stand-up, way better. Mostly action stuff, or great drams, no reality garbage or click flicks please! You can feel your brain cells flying out the window. 🙂
    Oh, and I’m with you on the political stuff too, it’s as close as I get to having a complete breakdown.


    • It’s funny you should mention House. I watched that religiously. My sister said “I know why you like him so much….he’s just like Loser.”
      Thanks for reading. I’m glad I’m not the only one out there that loves my sixties!

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        • I know. What’s wrong with us? LOL
          I think it’s the intelligence that attracts me. Other things can be overlooked (for a while, until they become unbearable) if you are in awe of knowledge. The caustic thing is brutal, especially when you are the recipient and can again, be over looked for a while.

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          • The intelligence is always what attracts me…sigh. I’m a sucker for a man with a good vocabulary. We (I) tend to make excuses for their lousy behaviors, but I’m learning. So are you, from the sounds of it!


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