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Tell Me Loser Isn’t A POS

I got a message from my youngest daughter this morning at 1:05 a.m.  She forwarded me a text that was sent to her from Loser.

It reads:

“Wow, N****.  You really are your mom’s daughter, aren’t you? That was brilliant!  Totally self-absorbed bullshit…but brilliant!  I got to see three of my children.  One of them not only didn’t show up but didn’t bother to tell me she wasn’t coming.  I would have come to you, if you had just let me know.
I don’t understand, N**.”

This was in response to the fact that he wanted to see the grandson (I****) that he suddenly has such a great affection for (after five years.)  As soon as Loser found out what I****s’ IQ was, and to continue the pretentious “caring” to impress his WTC, he suddenly found him to be worthy of some attention.
I**** had a fever and N**** didn’t want to take him out.  The next day, they had plans that didn’t include Loser and the WTC so they, again, were not able to connect.  When N**** talked to Loser the first day, his response was “boy, I bet that makes your mama real happy.”
I mentioned that to Sam and he said “he didn’t say that.”  I said “well, I have a photographic memory so, yes…he did say that.”  Sam said “no, what he said was ‘your mom is a bitch.’

So…is Loser comparing her to me as in “MY self-absorbed bullshit” or is he accusing HER of displaying “self-absorbed bullshit?”  He’s saying that when he described himself as being the most selfish human being on the face of the planet?

I wonder if he would send this kind of text to his WTCs’ daughter?

I want to forward that text to my two oldest daughters, who constantly said “dad NEVER said anything bad about you.”
I want to say “it’s a good thing you chose him…otherwise, YOU would be the recipient of this kind of nasty, verbal abuse…but since it’s toward the sister that you have no use for, it’s okay, right?  And it’s further okay because it was said by Loser…the Machiavellian king of the castle!

22 thoughts on “Tell Me Loser Isn’t A POS

  1. Your youngest daughter sounds awesome! However, self-absorbed is not you.. It is one of her characteristics, unfortunately inherited from “loser”.. But not when it comes to her ma! I imagine your relationship with her is based on loyalty, trust, and a wicked sense of humor-not to mention both of you being GO-geous…if not a bit damaged by asshole men…I’m pretty sure she laughed at the text, and in turn, thought you would too.


    • My youngest daughter IS awesome. She very well may have laughed at the text but the fact is….Loser once again, bullied one of my children and he did it because that child remains loyal to me. It just shows what a narcissist, piece of shit he STILL is.
      And yes, our relationship is based on loyalty and trust. I just hate that she has to suffer because she cares about me.


    • I didn’t think of it that way…it really is a compliment, isn’t it? LOL
      About the middle one who refuses to speak to me, he gritted his teeth and growled “she’s just exactly like you.”
      Obvious, he doesn’t know his children at all….the scumbag.


  2. Classic narcissist…. yuck! About Loser, that is…. sorry you had to hear about that from him… you see, all contact, even indirect contact, is annying/hurtful, etc. If you feel it is possible, you could tell your daughter that you have severed all contact and prefer to not hear anything about Loser.. but at the same time I understand she seeks support from you when he’s behaving like a douche, like that… hugs.

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