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The Truth About Lies

Lies fly around like those Florida “love-bugs” in May.  It is rare to see a love-bug flying alone.
Lies rarely fly solo.  There are always offspring.
One lie leads to another lie and that lie leads to yet another lie.  They attach themselves to each other until they snowball and take on the size and characteristics of a huge landfill.
Landfills can be covered with lush, green grass but underneath is a smoldering collection of discarded, valueless trash.
Lies have their own blanket of lush, green grass and their sole purpose is to cover up and suffocate the truth.
That truth then festers, rots and becomes fertilizer, feeding the newly added crop of lies that are constantly being added to the mix.

Everybody lies.

Lies can be innocuous.  A child will lie to get something they want or to avoid punishment and in this modern-day age, the humorous denial will be recorded by the parents and end up on YouTube or Americas’ Funniest Home Videos.

Lies can and do destroy friendships.  They can and do destroy relationships.  They can and do destroy marriages.

Lies come in different sizes.  They can be (as we say in the South)…”whoppers” or they can be “little.”  They come in different colors.  We all know about “little white lies” but others can be destructive and leave devastation in their path.  When they annihilate, it doesn’t matter what size or color they are.

Why do people lie?  They lie to spare somebodys’ feelings.  They lie to avoid confrontation.  They lie to escape retribution.
Some people lie to hide misdeeds.  Some people lie about finances and assets.  Some people lie to hide adultery and betrayal.

Some people are so comfortable with lying that it becomes second nature because it’s so easy to deceive the believing, trusting person they’re lying to.
Some people use humor as a tool when they’re lying.  “Many a truth is said in jest.”
Some people are so adept at lying or side-stepping the truth, they become expert deflection artists.

I love to listen to lies when I know the truth.  There is an element of satisfaction when I can read their faces (i.e. Loser) and know that every single word that is being uttered is a bold-faced lie.
When Loser lied to me, it left me torn between wanting to look at him and smugly smile or kick him in his sagging, useless scrotum.

I have the reputation of having unquestionable honesty and integrity and it’s a well-known fact (in what’s left of my inner circle of friends) that if you lie to me, we are through.  I impose and enforce that rule without exception but the truth is, I am a liar.

I have lied in the past.  I lied when I secretly sent the children a card or a gift and told them it was from Loser.  I lied for my children to keep Loser from screaming at them or slapping them.  I lied when I let my friends and family think I was in a happy marriage.  I lied to Loser by making him think that I still cared, just long enough to get everything I wanted.

I lie and I lie regularly.  When somebody asks me how I’m doing, I smile and say “fine.”  I lie.  I’m not fine.  I’m damaged.  I’m hurt.  I’m bloody angry.  People piss me off.

It’s truly paradoxical…I’m an honest liar.

35 thoughts on “The Truth About Lies

  1. It’s been several days since I have seen a post from you and I get all pent up that you’re off somewhere having an ensure and learning to knit or something, forgetting about us.

    Anyways. Lies are everywhere. And I don’t for one moment think you can be married without a few lies. There are some things you don’t say (your chewing noises make me want to vomit) and there’s white lies (nah it doesn’t bug me when you don’t shave your legs) and there’s hurtful lies that don’t matter but then … The lies swell like a bloated dead carcass and lines blur and white becomes grey as grey becomes Crimson or indigo and then black, and your soul is gone.

    no matter what… If you told the truth, if you lied… Things will end the same with a disordered person even if the truth is known. Even when they tell the truth, they have already twisted you so much that it hits everything else wrong. Still feels like it’s the worst.


  2. Yes, we all lie and if we say we don’t, we’re lying. However the compulsive liars are the ones I just don’t get. I mean don’t they know that we know that they’re lying? I’d almost find it comical if it wasn’t so irritating.


  3. Everybody lies.. but most importantly, never use a lie that could hurt anybody.. Unless it is a narcissist that has hurt you a thousand times. I do believe, that is one of the few lies that will make even the angels in heaven look the other way 🙂


    • I never felt bad about making Loser think I still cared. It just pumped up his ego and that’s what he needed. He lied to me for years by telling me he was a faithful husband. (I took care of it later. There was no mistake as to how I felt about him.) 🙂

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