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Do you ever think about words…really think about words?  We all use them.  Some of us read them and some of us write them down.
Words can be assaulted with mispronunciation.  They can be ambiguous.  They can be invented to reflect the times.
Words can form sentences that can make chills run down your spine.  They can propel you into the future or turn back the clock.
They can be woven into touching stories that pull at your heartstrings.  They can give accounts of horrific wrongs that incite anger and feelings of wanting retribution.
They can be rhymed into poetry.
They can be long and they can be short.  They can be ugly and they can be painful.  They can be beautiful and they can be haunting.
Words can be tender and they can be abusive.  They can be strewn together to form familiar phrases like “I love you” or “I hate you.”
Just a single word can evoke an extreme emotion.
Words can be powerful and they can be inspiring.  They can be so disgusting that they literally make you cringe.

They can send messages of congratulations and well wishes.  They can send messages of hatred and violence.  They can send messages of everlasting love and they can send messages of final goodbyes.
They can cause laughter and they can cause tears.  They can make you feel like royalty and they can make you feel like garbage.

The same words can be used over and over but with each individual author, they can tell a completely different story.
Words can describe people as if they can be seen.  They can describe pain as if it can be felt.  They can tell about love that will bring back memories so real, it can be relived in the moment.  Words can describe the sound of music as if it can be heard.  They can describe food in a way that makes you take a deep breath and think you can taste it.

Words can flow like a gentle stream.  They can gush like a geyser.  They can have the perfect cadence of a drum roll.  They can lull a child to sleep.  They can be cathartic.

I have always loved words.  I love to understand them.  I love to define them.  I love to spell them.
Words are constantly flying around in my head, screaming to get out.  Most of them are trapped by a wall of indecision, self-doubt and unworthiness.
Words can be used to describe what has been and they can describe what will be.

To create something that is indelible…something that is so stirring to somebodys’ blood that it has a lasting impact is probably only attained by a very few but I’m beginning to understand why some people have such a burning desire to write a book.  It’s because of words.
I know the names of all the great authors and the titles of the books they have written.  I know much of the content.  I know this because I lived with Loser for so many years.  Out of respect for him, I acquired an almost reverence for books but in a passive way.  I would never deface or destroy one but I still have no desire to read one.

I don’t appreciate books but I do have an endearing love of words.

36 thoughts on “Words

  1. I always liked to write, but never enjoyed reading that much, especially books.
    On top of that, I always preferred numbers to words. It felt easier, more precise, more logical, more powerful. Then I went to college. Lol.
    Still… it’s pretty hard to write poetry with numbers 😉


  2. Ah, yes. Words. The power to hurt, to heal; to build or destroy; to calm or agitate; to power to build trust or destroy faith. When we’re starting to write words in preschool, we have no idea the power of the words at the tip of our pencils.
    Well done, Laurel.


    • Ah…wouldn’t that be wonderful? Should it be about the life I had or the life I wish I had? It would be difficult to write a book about the life I wish I had…I’d have no experience to write about. 😦


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