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Just Some Thoughts

After I started posting about my family, I thought about how nice it would be for Loser if I posted all of the stories his daddy told him…five million times.  (The ones that I had to sit there and listen to…five million times, while being ignored.)

Those stories brought smiles and hearty laughter to Loser that neither his children nor I could ever summon.  It’s as if Losers’ entire being was captivated.  He was completely swallowed up in the moment and during those moments, time stood still and nobody existed but he and his daddy.
Those stories commanded his undivided attention and if interrupted by the simple statement, “dinner’s ready,” the result was a disdainful, snarling attack.
Loser can’t remember something that was said five minutes ago so he was certainly not blessed with my total recall and had said more than once, “I wish I had your memory.  I really wish I had your memory.”

If he was following my blog (which I’m sure he is not) he could simply hit “print” and he would be able to relive at any point, all those sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, sometimes difficult and sometimes glorious times his daddy talked about.
He could travel in his daddys’ footsteps from boyhood to manhood and it would be a joyous, unforgettable journey.

I guess a decent human being would do that….just for Loser.  I would want him to do that for me, if the situation was reversed.

It would be a such a wonderful gift, for him to have those stories to read and reflect back on and I know that he would treasure it.

So, for Loser, if you’re out there…..here are your daddys’ stories.

My name is J*** C**** H***, S*.


***Oh, well.  I guess I’m not a decent human being***

6 thoughts on “Just Some Thoughts

  1. My blog is quasi-anonymous, though several of my friends and former co-workers know about it. None of my family does, nor especially does my ex-wife. Sometimes I have fantasies about her seeing it, and more than not I often wish I could write something to correct the record about something she’s recently said about me. But I hold back mostly because I’d rather not go down that path too much, especially in my blog. Still, I admire you for writing as candidly as you do. You’re much braver than I am. Keep writing — it’s great therapy. 🙂 – Marty


    • I guess it helps when you know that nobody in your family would even consider reading it (especially Loser.) But you are right. I am honest about everything…including my “fucked up family.”
      I have often wished that my children would read it…just so they could get a tiny insight of what my life with their “beloved sperm donor” was like. 😦


  2. Word from the wise (that would be me)……not only does your ex read your blog, but so does your children…..It may be on the sly, in a dark room with the shades drawn, wearing dark glasses with a brimmed hat on, but it happens……”.De Nile is a river in Egypt”.

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    • How I wish you lived near me! I wish my children did read it. They might acquire an understanding of just what my life was like while they were young and ignorant to what was going on. They might get an understanding of what that man they love and respect so much….is really like….and his WTC as well….but alas, I don’t think they do.


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