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One of the bloggers I follow (learningtolivelikewater) talks about her pendulums.  I had been thinking about getting one for a while but a thought was as far as it went.
After reading her post one day, I bit the bullet and ordered one.
I did the research on the internet on how to use them and cleanse them and “train” them.  I was anxious and curious but also had more than a little trepidation.  I didn’t want to think I was getting involved with some sort of voodoo but I confess that there are times when I wish I knew a powerful voodoo high-priestess.
It was suggested that you name your pendulum.  There was no specificity as to whether it should be masculine or feminine.  The name Pearl sprouted into my mind.  She is amethyst and I had a little box that was made of turtle shell and lined with purple velvet.  I thought that would be a good home for her.
I did as directed and asked two simple questions to see what the “yes” and “no” answers were.  The first question was “am I a woman?”  Hmm.  Pearl just hung there like a limp noodle.  (Maybe I should have opted for a mans’ name.)
I’m pretty sure that I am indeed a woman but considering my childhood…who knows?  Maybe some secret amputation happened that I don’t remember…although I have naturally birthed four children.
I worked and worked with Pearl and I think I finally woke her up.
I believe Pearl goes back and forth for yes and in a circle for no.
I continued my questions by asking if I would be alone next Christmas.  Alas.  Pearl said yes.  No surprise there.
Suddenly, I couldn’t think of any questions to ask.  I considered asking about my son but I was afraid of the answer.  I did chuckle as I asked her if Loser and I were soulmates.  A nice little circle started to form and became pretty consistent.  No surprise there, either.
Then just to confirm, I asked her if I still had any love for Loser.  I was waiting for objects to start flying around the room and windows to start blowing out when Pearl started whirling around like a tornado.  I don’t think there’s much room for doubt with that answer.
After several more attempts to have Pearl answer questions, it became crystal clear that Pearl doesn’t have any idea.  She is either all over the page or continues her lifeless dangle.
I’m not sure if you rest one elbow on a table (as one youtube site suggests) or if you just hold it out in front of you (as another youtube site suggests.)
I think it’s also pretty clear that I am obviously not in touch with my Chakras, whatever those are.
Pearl will shimmy and then just barely swing back and forth.  I considered that maybe she doesn’t like her name.  I asked her if she did and got the same “don’t bother me now…I’m sleeping” response.
I guess I’m not the pendulum kind of gal.  Maybe I am so shut off that not even a gemstone can break through.  I’ll just keep her in her little box and wait for life to take it’s own course.  I’ll continue to wonder and mull things over in my mind and I won’t ask Pearl any more questions.  It’s pretty bad when you feel like even a pendulum has deserted you.
The story of my fucking life.

24 thoughts on “Pearl

  1. Nice post. Have you ever thought that maybe you’re not supposed to know the answer yet. Also, a male name may have been more appropriate don’t you think? A man does swing! Well, I guess that depends on the man. lol Sorry. I hope you are well my friend.


  2. I had the same problem with my Pet Rock……but once it stared talking I couldn’t shut the fucker up……that led to buying ear plugs….vicious cycle….Glad you survived Christmas, now on to New Years.


  3. I don’t always get answers either. Sometimes it lays there unmoving, then begins to vibrate at a high rate of speed and then the answer comes. Sometimes it’s weak, sometimes it’s vehement. i don’t subscribe to the elbow injury the table. Even though it steadies the atm I think that interrupts the flow of energy. Bring able to achieve a meditative state first always seems to help me, because it’s a state of listening not directing, and I think it’s important to be listening too whatever the universe is trying to tell us. I think the mind needs to be pretty clear for the energy to flow through it smoothly. But that’s just me. Big hugs….

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