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My Sons’ Art

I was looking through the pictures on my computer and ran across these pictures of some of my sons’ artwork.  He draws these free-hand with plain magic markers.  I thought I would share them with you.

The first one is “Unnamed.”
The second one is “Heritage Not Hate.”
The third one is titled “Instrument.”
The fourth one is titled “Lines. Some Curvy. Some Straight.”
The fifth one is titled “Losing My Grey.”
The sixth one is titled “My Sisters’ Diamonds.”
The seventh one is titled “Origin of Species.”
The eighth one is titled “Pisstons.”

scan0001 (2)





scan0003 (2)



scan0005 (2)

scan0029scan0016scan0004 (3)

23 thoughts on “My Sons’ Art

    • In the “before time” I would have already had a quilt made. I ran across a picture Loser drew when he was in college. It was titled “goodbye youth.” I reproduced it into a quilt….and then threw it away. There was no way he was getting it. I hate that he has the ones he has. He sure didn’t and doesn’t deserve to have them. Oh, well. They’ll probably “disappear” anyway.
      Maybe I should make a quilt from my sons’ art and then give it to his son.


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