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More Of My Sons’ Art

I found these other pictures of my son’s artwork.  I am astounded.  To be honest, they hurt my brain a little.
I hope you enjoy them.

The first one is titled “The Unexplained.”
The second one is titled “Lady On My Mind.”
The third one is titled “Unknown.”
The fourth one is titled “Four color and Three.”
The fifth one is titled “Thursday.”
The sixth one is titled “Jealous Moon.”
The seventh one is titled “Wasn’t Thinking.”
The eighth one is titled “Pseudo Moratorium.”
The ninth one is titled “Red Doors.”
The tenth one is titled “Worm Window.”
The eleventh one is titled “Pseudo Drain line.”


8 thoughts on “More Of My Sons’ Art

  1. Damn, damn, double damn……..your son is one talented dude. No doubt he got that from you….”Red Doors” speaks volumes. Thanks for sharing.


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