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Isn’t Life Fun?

Something continues to baffle me.  It’s the communication between these “OW” and the wives of the husbands who are and were cheating with them.  These OW are searching for their lovers’ wives on websites and sending them texts and emails.  These OW are sending the wives or soon to be ex-wives, pictures and notes, “reassuring” the wife that “he belongs to them now.”
What exactly does that say about these OW?  Does it say that they are jealous, insecure women who are afraid that these men, who are telling them they love them, really don’t?  It is their way of trying to taunt us and make themselves seem to have some kind of value when in fact, they have none?  Immoral, unethical women have no value nor do the men they are whoring around with.  When you lose your honor…you lose everything.
There are OW and scumbag ex-husbands who threaten wives with lawsuits for telling the truth about them.  Do they really think they are that entitled?  Do they really think we should protect them? 
I know Loser thought I should “care enough” to want to protect him…..and his “celebrity status.”  That’s the mark of a true narcissist.
My sister went through that with her husbands’ OW.  I always called my sisters’ husband “tricky” and he lived up to that name.
This OW would call her and say “hey girlfriend” and then expect to have a friendly conversation.  (The sad thing is that my sister actually talked to her every time she called.)
There were times when tricky called my sister and asked her to meet him for lunch and when P**** got there, the OW was with him, waiting to “chat.”
The OW persistently called.  I guess she was trying to keep “her frienemy close” so as to not piss her off while waiting for the divorce to become final.
She called P**** one day with the usual, cheerful “hey girlfriend” and asked her what the progress was with the divorce.  When P**** told her that they had been divorced for almost two years, the OW almost went insane.  Tricky had told her that P**** wouldn’t give him a divorce.  Too funny.
A couple of months later, tricky lost his job.  Suddenly, the phone calls stopped.  Suddenly, the OW wasn’t so “desperately in love with him anymore.”  All the gifts, trips and expensive dinners were about to dry up.  The steady supply of clothes had already stopped when tricky moved out.
P**** is one of those women who buys the best clothes, gets tired of them in a few weeks and replaces them.  Tricky was telling her not to give them to Goodwill because he knew a “needy person at work” who could use them.
Imagine P****s’ surprise when she found out that tricky was giving her clothes to the OW.  Again, too funny.
In reality, we shouldn’t care what these OW (and I don’t even like to refer to them as women) do or say or think.  We should just laugh at them.  I don’t care what Loser and the WTC do.  I don’t care where they go.  I don’t care who they visit.
I just think about how, where and WHY they “found each other.”  THAT, in itself is worthy of a hearty laugh.

7 thoughts on “Isn’t Life Fun?

  1. and the OW spy on the wives. Some even try to copy them. Whatever they do, they will never be as the wife. It is interesting that so many husbands go for something way below the level of their own wife, academically and looks and grace. There is a trend. Either their alter-ego (the dark one) or, as you wish, having a break from challenging life and go for the cheap and easy. As most OW are after money, they will admire all what husband does…His wife would expect higher standards. It is pathetic really


  2. Personally I find the work place whore the most disgusting. She has eight or more hours everyday to ply her trade with her chosen mark. Some because they want to trade places with the wife, others just because it’s a game to win out over the wife. They have no regard for the devastation left behind…….The whore in an adulterous relationship has no job security so she has to try to get rid of the wife, thus the affair advertising. If she throws it in the wife’s face then the wife will kick husband to the curb. Lucky whore…she got a cheater….match made in hell……Your sister has some kind of gene that I don’t have, could never share conversation or food with the whore.

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    • Exactly. That’s what Losers’ WTC was hoping I would do and she got her wish. Loser would have been content to have both of us for the rest of his miserable, pathetic life.
      As far as my sister….I don’t have that gene either but what I did have was the blinding trust in the man I married. Never occurred to me that the woman he brought home to live with us was there for a reason. Fools and idiots…and I was the biggest one of them all.


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